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Mission 42: Make Smart Swaps

By now, you’re eating and moving differently, and your body is changing.

Around this stage, people start looking for more ways to upgrade their diet and exercise protocols.

They’re open to trying new things, but they can be blind to the ways they’re stuck in old habits that no longer serve them.

In this mission, we’ll explore some ideas for switching out old habits for new ones.

Some of these will hardly feel like a sacrifice. Make these changes immediately!

Others might feel like too much work – you can come back to them later and see if they feel appealing then.

The idea here is simply to do the old switcheroo on habits you’re ready to change, to make small tweaks for large gains – which is pretty smart!

Right, let’s start tweaking.

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4 thoughts on “Mission 42: Make Smart Swaps

  1. Terry Currie says:

    Our group responses are as follows: The smartest diet swaps you can make are those that:
    Our problem foods are: Brussel Sprouts; spinach; broccoli; sauerkraut; German potato salad
    Replace with the following: Carrots; peas; green beans; corn; squash; eggplant; fried green tomatoes
    For example, you could replace:
    – Greek yoghurt instead of ice cream
    – Unsalted snack foods under 5% sodium is best for your health: pretzels; peanuts; crackers
    – Sugar on your cereal with milk: dry or with dry fruit– Maple syrup or honey on organic pancakes
    – We bake or grill our food
    – Cream and/or syrup [come in a variety of flavors] coffee with skim cappuccino or latte
    – Honey wheat bread
    – White rice
    – Full-fat dairy with low-fat dairy = half & half or 1% or 2% milk
    – Sugary cereal with oats
    – Lightly butter & salt popcorn: unsalted is the worst popcorn you can eat
    – Chocolate sprinkles on coffee with cinnamon
    There is no universal diet that works for everybody.
    Socializing appears to be a thing of the past. Weekly or monthly socializing with a friend is a must to stay on the correct treatment path. I.e. visit at home; dining out at a healthy restaurant; picnic in the park; hike on park trail; camping; fishing; hunting; crafts; movie night with a friend; emailing; Facebook; attend
    one baseball or football game per year.

  2. Danielle Desjardins says:

    I have been slowly changing quite a bit of those food choices that are mentioned. I eat less butter, cause I am grilling. The chocolate bars, I have been cutting them to a snack bar or even smaller ( I am satisfied now with eating just 2 MiniReese cups instead of eating 12 in the small bags).
    For activity, I have been walking more to places that are walking distance instead of driving. If I need the car for groceries, I will park farther and walk. I haven’t lost weight in a week so I am increasing my walk time as of today of 1 hour to 2 1/2 hours to lose the last 2 pounds.

  3. Terry Currie says:

    For example, you could replace:
    Unhealthy Food, Our Food, Why.
    Ice Cream, Greek Yoghurt, Thicker & stays w/you longer.
    Salty Snack Foods, Act II Popcorn, Good for dieting.
    Sugar on Cereal, Light/Low Calorie Sugar, Better for your health.
    High-Calorie drinks w/water, Lite Minute Maid Fruit Drink, We like.
    Deep Frying w/stir frying, Bad for your health.
    Microwaves [radiation], Bad for your health.
    Baking or Grilling only, Good for your health.
    Full/Fun size chocolate bar, Granola Bars, Better for your health.
    Chocoholics Eat two pieces per day, Better for your health.
    Cream/Syrup in Coffee, Non-Dairy Creamer, Honey is good in hot tea.
    White with whole grain bread, Wheat Bread, The Best for your Health.
    White rice and pasta, Brown Rice & Wheat Pasta, Better for your Health.
    Full/Low Fat Dairy, Skim or Fat Free Milk, Better for your Health.
    Sugary Cereal w/Oats, Use lite sugar moderately, Better for your Health.
    High/Low Sodium Snacks, Act II Popcorn, Good for dieting.
    Coffee w/chocolate sprinkles & cinnamon, Low fat chocolate creamer, Better for your Health.

    Make Smart Activity Swaps.
    Walk to places in that are within walking distance, rather than dessert.

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