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Mission 39: Deal With The Voices Outside Your Head

As you start changing your behavior, you may find that people around you get uncomfortable.

Once you start losing weight, you’ll definitely find that people around you get uncomfortable.

They might make comments about your weight loss, or criticize your diet or exercise plan, or even try to make you feel guilty about looking good.

How do you respond? How do you know if they’re right? How do you stop insensitive comments from sabotaging all your progress?

There’s a certain equilibrium around you, and when you upset it, there will be consequences.

 In this mission we’ll learn how to:

·         Not take things too personally

·         Keep calm and carry on.

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3 thoughts on “Mission 39: Deal With The Voices Outside Your Head

  1. Terry Currie says:

    Our group comments are as follows: Can’t handle criticism walk away.
    Weight loss: before you lost weight people would not sit with you at lunchtime: they are jealous of you
    & they are definitely not your supportive friends.
    Exercise plan: If you don’t like lump it. It works for me. If you don’t like my exercise you don’t have to do
    Toxic or negative friends; extended family; relatives; neighbors: you have to take them off your
    list. All there trying to do is tear you back down to their way of thinking. You’ve worked long and hard to change yourself and will not go backwards. I will always be a positive person. If you have a neighbor you can’t avoid walk away from them.
    Other People’s Stuff is known as idle gossip.
    Some people will be happy for you, and will encourage the positive change. These people see the changes as being about you – your personal growth and health improvements. This is a positive statement.
    Others will be uncomfortable and resistant. These people’s reactions are about them. You’re bringing up unsettling feelings for them, such as:
    – Dissatisfaction with their own weight-loss efforts
    – Regret that they never persevered the way you do
    – Envy that they didn’t have the success you’re having.
    They are jealous of you. If they want the same result as you they have to continue working at it. Each person has different body chemistry so reaching a desired goal takes longer than other peoples goals.
    Behavior excuses because there jealous of your successes. The old saying, misery loves company.
    People don’t care or think before they criticize.
    You look nice today! I love your new outfit. I love your make up!
    If your finances allow it going to the gym for professional help is fine, however RC has a free exercise room you can use or Ikron Mighty Vine is $1.00 per visit with better exercise equipment.
    The Y has a mentoring program if you spend an hour a week mentoring at the time they say you can have free membership in exchange.
    Enlist people who have the same goals as you regarding losing weight or if your too skinny
    gaining weight.
    Respond to overly personal comments with something neutral, like, ‘Thanks for your feedback’. Then change the subject.
    Don’t let other people’s comments upset you. They are on their own path and dealing with their own issues. Stay focused on your goals and behaviors.
    Your touchstone needs to be a positive person. Someone will be with you through the good and bad times.
    Share your positive experiences.

  2. Danielle Desjardins says:

    I came across people like you mentioned that didn’t seem to be happy about my weight loss and realized that it might be because they were struggling to lose weight and were not successful. It was upsetting me, but I finally let it go. I will not change my behavior to please people. I continue to persevere and change my life for the better:) I have lost 35 pounds and have about 1/2 pound left to go and I am happy to be doing well.

  3. Terry Currie says:

    Positive Statements! Just put a smile on your face and say hello to people — you’d be surprised at the reaction — trigger whether their negative or positive; happy or annoyed! You’re reading their body language.

    Do not criticize weight-loss.
    Regret is self-pity — get over it and turn it into a positive!
    Envy is also jealousy — not everyone will have the same successes — get over jealousy of another person.

    Toxic people toss them aside.
    Respond to personal comments; you look nice today; positive influence; positive role-model.
    Negative comment[s]: take in stride but walk away and make no comment. Let it go.
    Words of encouragement from your support team!
    Be a role model for your peers/extended family — lead by example.
    Maintain your own attitude — Always be positive!

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