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Mission 16: Win The Exercise Pro-Con Battle

When you think of exercise, do you focus on the costs – the timeenergy, and effort involved? Pretty good way to talk yourself out of it, huh?

In fact for almost everyone the benefits of regular, heart-pumping activity far outweigh the costs.

The problem is that the costs tend to be immediate and the benefits more long-term.

Which makes it easy for our immediate-gratification brains to feel justified in staying home. Again.

So in this mission I’m going to teach you a cool Jedi mind trick (ever seen a chunky Jedi?). This will transform your mental math and help you convince yourself to pull on the leg warmers and get to the gym (for an aerobics class in 1983, apparently).

You’ll no longer be able to get away with writing off exercise as simply a drain on your resources. In fact, you’ll likely never be able to think of exercise the same way again.

So let’s start analyzing.

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5 thoughts on “Mission 16: Do An Exercise Cost-benefit Analysis

  1. Terry Currie says:

    Our group responses are: Cost of exercising: Energy exercise free at RC; one belongs to a local gym; daily walks; walk
    indoors during inclement weather Discomfort great amount of rest; exercising hard sweating then shower
    Time 30 minutes three times a week! Being on a fixed income means money is limited you can join the Y which
    has a sliding fee scale Money due to low income exercise free at RC or Mighty Vine for $1.00 at Ikron
    Benefits of exercising: Energy (there’s ‘overwhelming evidence’ that regular exercise helps reduce fatigue & increase energy)
    Weight loss = yes unless you have a health disease or medication side effects
    Better mood = a good stress reliever
    Better general health = exercising should give you a healthier body or better health condition
    Reduced susceptibility to serious illnesses (heart disease, diabetes) but they can’t guarantee you won’t get a serious illness
    Improved immune functioning = colds, viruses should be eliminated
    Reduced dependence on medication may be reduced speak with your medical team regarding this issue
    Self-esteem Confidence; positive person; feeling good about yourself and your accomplishments
    Improved sleep = each person has a unique body & you may get better quality of sleep
    Improved sense of wellbeing = responsibility
    Boosted concentration! Goals accomplished. The older you get the wiser you get.
    Interesting things jump out when we compare these lists. There are more benefits than costs =
    The benefits are more sustained, whereas the costs are generally transient =
    The benefits are more significant, even life-changing, than the costs. The benefits of exercising to have a healthier body!

  2. Terry Currie says:

    Cost of exercise: Free at RC Exercise Room; a dollar a day at Mighty Vine.
    Exercise regularly for more energy.
    Goal: Weight loss or maintain your ideal weight.
    Exercising will put you in a good mood; maintaining your health; improving your immune system; your self-confidence makes you feel good about yourself; sleep is improved;helps your body get into condition before bedtime with a fatigue to go to sleep; improves your well being and boosts your concentration.
    PRO for exercise: reduce fatique; stronger muscles; more flexibility.
    CON for exercise: not doing it; can take too long if your not used to doing it.
    Terry Tip: If you haven’t exercised recently start out at 10 minutes three days a week and then increase your time as your body permits.
    BENEFITS of exercise: Lose or maintain your weight; healthier body; eliminate future illness; reduce your chance of getting asthma; reduce anger and rage; reduce your stress — control your stress.
    LONG TERM BENEFIT: Regular exercise for healthier bodies; for sense of inner peace or calm; ability to handle conflicts better; manage your own mental state;SHORT TERM BENEFIT: Helping you get healthier; fewer headaches, body aches; more energy for your lifestyle. Fighting apathy.

    BENEFITS: Better mood; weight loss; boosted concentration; improve sense of well being; reduce susceptibility to serious illness; attractive figure for other people; boost in energy.
    LONG TERM BENEFIT: Heart health; eliminating serious diseases as you grow older; stay in shape once you get there; longevity; more energy; higher self-esteem.
    SHORT TERM BENEFIT: Loose weight and decrease by one size; increase muscle tone.
    GOAL: Exercise twice a week to start and then increase to three days for at least ten minutes and then increase your time as your body permits.

  3. Kylie Browne says:

    This is quite a timely mission for me today. My family have been sick on and off all week so Energy (low) and Discomfort (tired) are high on my list of excuses. I’ve organized to meet a friend later to go for a walk while we catch up. I feel better already 🙂

  4. Danielle Desjardins says:

    I enjoy walking so much now that I will find excuses to get out of the house to be able to exercise:) I am sleeping much better. I find that I am not moody and irritable as often as I was. With the weight loss now, I constantly get compliments and my self esteem has gone to a level that I never had before:) I don’t get hot flashes as much as I used to.I have to say that at all levels, I feel great now:)

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