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Mission 34: Take Back Your Power

Here is a non-exhaustive list of people and organizations that are not responsible for your weight or your weight loss:

– Your spouse

– Your kids

– Your parents

– Your best friend

– The makers of your favorite dessert

– Your childhood nemesis

– Cadbury or Hershey’s

– Fast food restaurants

– The diet industry

– Your doctor

– The author of the last diet book you read

– Me.

This is great news! If any of the above were responsible then you’d be in trouble – because you don’t have control over any of them (even if you think you do).

But you do have control over you. The one who is responsible. Excellent. *steeples fingers*

In this mission, we’ll obliterate some excuses that may have been holding you back – which will release a lot of energy (excuses are exhausting!).

Prepare to take back your power!

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4 thoughts on “Mission 34: Take Responsibility For Your Weight Loss

  1. Terry Currie says:

    Our group responses are as follows: Here is a list of people and organizations that are not responsible for your weight or your weight loss: Your spouse or roommate; your kids the old adage eat everything on your plate before you leave the table could be determent to weight loss. We feel it is a health issue regarding maintaining a healthy weight. Consider putting the leftover food in a container to reheat and finish later instead of a snack. Your best friend or extended family; Cadbury or Hershey’s; Fast food restaurants; Graters has gluten free ice cream; your doctor; Me. = yourself = self-sabotage
    Steeples fingers the tips of your hand fingers meet
    Here are some excuses:
    – I’m fat because I don’t have time to exercise is an excuse
    – I can’t lose weight because of my excuses except in a wheelchair or bedridden
    – I’m too old to lose weight age should not be a factor
    – Everyone in my family is fat disagree we should not ignore slim people; everyone’s has a different body chemistry; some people can lose weight with no problem and others cannot; another the prescription medications you take may keep you from losing weight = speak medical team for
    – Exercise doesn’t work for me walking is considered an exercise; unless you are in a wheelchair or bedridden; you should walk 10,000 steps a day; How far is 10,000 steps? About 5 miles (8 km)! Depending on the walking pace, it takes about 1 – 2 hours to walk that distance.
    – I’m a carbohydrate/sugar addict I have to have regular or pioneer sugar
    – My life is so tough and food is my crutch Food is not a crutch for us
    – I’m cursed with a sweet tooth. If you have a craving for a sweet just eat a small portion to get the taste out of your system. Or have a piece of fruit in place of a sweet treat.
    Self-criticism is not good for you = negativity
    Goals: Continue to eat healthy foods to ascertain your ideal weight

  2. Terry Currie says:

    My group has made the following decisions:
    Taking control of their weight loss including see a registered dietician, if necessary.
    Eliminating their excuses one by one.
    We are aware of certain medications can cause weight gain. Speak with your doctor to see if it’s possible to lose weight by changing your medication, if no, ask why and learn to stay positive about yourself in any given situation. Ask your doctor to prescribe how you can lose weight or ask to see a registered dietician.
    It is important you change your food to healthy nutritional foods.

  3. Danielle Desjardins says:

    I would have to say that I have taken my power and won’t let any excuses take me off my path. I have a goal and it is set. I am so close, not about to let anyone or any excuses distract me. I am 1 pound away from my goal.:) When I do lose that extra pound by next week, I will have lost 35 pounds.

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