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Mission 3: Flick On The Action Switch

Now that we’ve done important work laying the psychological groundwork for success, it’s time to turn to the physical.

We need a goal to aim for, and a way to chart our progress, as we get slimmer.

Having a goal can be empowering and motivating. But when it comes to weight loss, things get complicated.

Many people have negative associations with weight-loss goals – perhaps having lost and re-gained weight in the past, or having failed to reach the number they’d aimed for.

Not only that, but the number on the scale can fluctuate in a way that doesn’t represent either the actions we’re taking or the overall trend in our body shape. It can be demoralizing when we’re taking the right actions and our body shape is improving, but the scales shout ‘failure’!

Because weight – kilograms or pounds on the scale – is such a loaded concept and can be a tricky measure, we’re going to use different ways both to set our goal and measure our progress.

This approach will bypass the tyranny of the scales and put your focus where it brings the best weight-loss returns.

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78 thoughts on “Mission 3: Switch From Outcomes To Actions

  1. Amanda Power says:

    My goal is to drop 2-3 drop sizes for trousers/skirts (i.e. to a UK 18) as this would mean a whole world of options opens up for me in terms of my personal style – which is one of my motivators. I have also set a number to aim for to begin with for my actual weight too but I will be rarely getting on the scales and using the non-weight goal as the focus!!

  2. CoffeePat says:

    My goal is to avoid having to take cholesterol and diabetes medication as I age. My sister is currently on a statin for high cholesterol and her doctor has told her she’s pre-diabetic, so I see myself going down the same route unless I make this change.

  3. Gail says:

    My non-weight goal is to drop two sizes in underwear (dress sizes fluctuate too much between brands, but underwear seems to be pretty uniform ?)

  4. Cheri says:

    My goal is to fit into the red fit & flare dress hanging in my closet that I bought in 2014, but have never worn. I want to fit into it by the time we travel to London in July 2016 as I want to surprise my husband by wearing it out to dinner one night. I haven’t worn a dress in YEARS!

  5. Girlea says:

    Getting in to a habit of riding my bike with and without my kids – this is a goal I am looking forward to achieving. Another goal is to reduce my double chin!!

  6. Kim Baxley Wilson says:

    My GOAL is to walk around the block in my neighborhood without feeling like I’m going to pass out. But before I can do that, I’m gonna need to walk to the end of the street and back 10 times (not all on the same day!!) which is a mile. After I’ve done that ten times, I’ll revisit the goal and start working on getting all the way around the block. It’s REALLY hilly! LOL

  7. Hayley Waterhouse says:

    I have chosen two non weight loss goals. 1. Complete a 5k event and improve my time each month (they run weekly near me). 2. Do 10 push ups on my toes. These goals are challenging but not impossible and I look forward to focusing on them for now 🙂

  8. Terry Currie says:

    Choose as your goal: Fitting into clothes a size smaller; Fitting into a new outfit; Walking up to your apartment without gasping for breath; Being able to walk for 30 minutes non-stop

  9. Micka Ashley says:

    Drop 2 sizes. Being able to walk a relay for life 5k in April with feeling like I am going to collapse halfway through it!

  10. Terry Currie says:

    Our group responses are: Choose as your goal: Fitting into a clothes a size smaller; Fitting into a new outfit; Walking up to your apartment without gasping for breath; Being able to walk
    for 30 minutes non-stop
    Ask your doctor to take you off the medication that you’re gaining weight with; if he says he can’t ask him why? Being able to run around with your pets, my cat sparkles. Reducing your waist/hip/thigh measurements by 5%.
    One person has lost 38 pounds.
    Two smokes cigarettes and having no health issues.
    Not using illegal drugs anymore.
    Non-Weight Goal: Buy frozen French fries, tater tots have 1% salt. Outfit size
    smaller. Eat healthier.
    Eat breakfast every morning; have a light lunch i.e. sandwich & fruit and eat a
    light dinner.
    Per two student nurses:
    Cheese has a lot of cholesterol in them.
    Greek yogurt is thicker and better for you.
    Combine protein and carbs together.
    Unsalted peanuts
    Organic fruits and vegetables don’t use pesticides.
    Amish Ground Beef and Amish Chicken have no pesticides.
    Fruits with thick rinds: bananas, oranges, etc. pesticides would have a hard
    time getting through the rinds. These fruits are safe to eat.
    Fruits that don’t have thick skins: strawberries/berries; grapes, etc.
    pesticides can get into these fruits. Spray the fruits to take off some of the
    Protein source: lentils; navy beans.
    Brown rice and lentils! My body likes white rice not brown rice.
    If you use canned food drain the juice out and then spray with water to get
    some of the pesticides out for healthier eating.
    Pesticides: unhealthy eating.
    Cincinnati Burgers are 12 to a pack with 2% Sodium.
    Portion control is the size of your fist.
    Frozen foods with corn are not good for you.
    Sweet potatoes or sweet potato fries are better for you.

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