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Mission 44: Address Emotional Eating – Part 2

In the last mission, we did some detective work to uncover our own personal triggers for emotional eating.

Please don’t move on to this mission until you’ve done the work of thinking about your emotional eating patterns. The effectiveness of this mission rests on those insights.

Once we have a sense of what drives you to the cookie jar we can look for other, non-cookie, but potentially more satisfying, ways to meet your emotional needs.

And for those times when it’s all too much, when we annihilate the cookie jar in a paroxysm of Kleenex and chocolate chips, we can catch ourselves before we let a setback turn into a shame spiral.

These are big challenges – let’s turn to them in this mission.

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5 thoughts on “Mission 44: Address Emotional Eating – Part 2

  1. Terry Currie says:

    Our group responses are: Find Other Ways to Meet Your Needs
    For instance:
    – If you’re bored, you may need stimulation. Our suggestions are? Daily exercise; socialization: walk in local parks; dining out with a friend; going to a movie; going camping, fishing, etc.
    – If you’re tired: After a busy day relax with music; TV; or your pet
    – If you’re upset: Talk to your preacher; spouse; family; friends; pets; plants
    – If you’re happy: Have a party: game night; movie night; Holiday parties or dating.
    – If you’re anxious: Meditation; exercise; relaxation techniques
    – If certain foods, people, or situations are hard for you to cope with: Toxic people get rid of; walk away from situations you cannot control
    Here are some of our ideas for your list:
    – Call a friend or preacher for a debrief
    – Do something creative – writing
    – Meditate
    – Pray
    – Take a bath or Take a shower
    – Go for a walking in the woods in a park and listen to the birds chirping and other animal sounds and focus on the sights, sounds and smells
    – Write in a journal
    – Listen to relaxing or uplifting music
    – Read motivating book
    – Get a massage
    – Take a nap
    – Get absorbed in a craft project Yes
    – Do some gardening – plant or re-pot something Yes
    – Write in your log, blog or journal
    – Learn something new is an everyday occurrence
    – Play a musical instrument guitar; keyboard; drums; bass; flute and piano
    – Read a magazine Yes
    – Plan a trip Yes
    – Clean out a drawer or de-clutter a room Yes
    – Listen to music
    – Play a game – with friends, online
    – Take yourself to an uplifting movie: Inside Out
    – Watch a fun DVD
    – Do a jigsaw puzzle in the wintertime {Springbok}
    – Visit a friend or neighbor
    – Email to a friend or family member who’s far away
    – Take some photos
    – Give yourself a pedicure
    – Clean out your closet: Yearly or Seasonal
    – Do some free writing in your journal.
    If Tiredness Is Your Trigger: Take a nap, take a day off, relax and unwind

  2. Danielle Desjardins says:

    I am happy to say that I use a lot of the tricks you give to stay away from the overeating or eating if I am bored. I go away from the kitchen and sometimes take a walk.
    I want to thank you all for the support and I am happy to let you know that I have finally reached my goal. Here are the results from the gym done this morning:

    Went for my evaluation at the gym now that I have reached my goal today of 137 pounds. I have lost another 6.3 inches on my body for a total of 19.6 inches lost. My BMI was at 31.2 and now is at 24.8 normal weight range. My body fat went from 34.8 on may 31st to 29.4 today. My trainer was really happy:)
    I did not expect these amazing results, I am happy.
    Going back to the gym on August 1 st to do muscle toning.
    It’s all about what we do and not what we know:)
    It works:) Just hope I can encourage some people out there:)

  3. Terry Currie says:

    Find Other Ways To Meet Your Needs:
    If you’re bored (the trigger), you may need stimulation (the underlying need). How can you get this (other solutions)? Our responses are: Watching TV from 5 to 6 is boring and the first thing we do is eat unhealthy food. A bad habit that must be broken. Try the following: Drawing; Computer work; Computer games; Listen to your favorite radio station or put a record on of your favorite music; Work on a hobby or Meditate.
    If you’re tired, you need more sleep or perhaps a nap for now. How can you get this? Our responses are: This may not be true for all people. We agree with Sleep more weigh less.
    If you’re upset, you need comfort. How can you get this? Upset by arguing: 1. Take a deep breath and walk away. 2. If this doesn’t work you need a trusted support person you can talk to calm you down; friend, extend family; relative or professional or call the Warm Line. UC Mobile Crisis? Check to see what is available in the area you live in.
    If you’re happy, you need celebration. How can you get this? 1. Take a deep breath; sit down and relax for awhile. 2. Put relaxation music on sit down and listen to it for an hour or so.
    If certain foods, people, or situations are hard for you to cope with, you need to avoid them or mange them better. How can you do this? Do not purchase sweets and junk food. The money you save put in your piggy bank. Buy healthy snacks especially fruit.
    Here are some ideas for your list:
    Call a friend for a debrief: This doesn’t always work. Some friends and relatives don’t want to be placed in the middle or do not want to help you or back you up. Basically it’s your decision.
    Do something creative – writing, drawing, pottery: cards, scrapbooking, computer games., surf the net, listen to music, watch Netflix for old TV series from the 60’s and up. Find your creative self and this will take your mind off of the situation.
    Meditate: Meditate to relax yourself. Close your eyes and let the music flow through your ears.
    Pray: Pray audibly or to yourself asking for guidance in resolving your current situation.
    Take a bath or shower: I like champagne bubble bath.
    Go for a walk and focus on the sights, sounds and smells: Some people become paranoid while walking. Walk at night with a walking buddy. Pet stroller for your pet to walk with you.
    Write in a journal: Instead of writing in your journal type it into your computer and save it or print it out.
    Listen to relaxing or uplifting music: Hard Rock; Rock ‘N Roll; Country; Religious Music. Also, you can listen to the radio on the internet. Rod Stewart; Elvis Presley; Reba McIntyre; etc.
    Read a funny, inspirational or motivating book: Reading positive affirmations.
    Get or give a massage, or practice self-massage: You can get energy after a massage.
    Take a nap: Stretch out on the sofa to relax.
    Get absorbed in a craft project: Drawing; God’s Eyes; Counted Cross Stitching.
    Do some gardening – plant or re-pot something: We do not have green thumbs.
    Write in your log, blog or journal: Type into the computer and save it.
    Learn something new: Learn Hawaiian Language; downloading music from internet to CD; learn a song that you don’t know but you like it when you hear you listen while you try to learn it.
    Play a musical instrument: If you can. Flute; piano.
    Read a magazine: Read magazines on the internet. Only purchase magazine[s] that will be of value to you.
    Start a new project or work on an unfinished one: Finish a project before starting a new one.
    Plan a trip: Plan day trips around the area. Get to know the area you live in.
    Clean out a drawer or de-clutter a room: Choose a room [per month, if possible] and then de-clutter one area at a time.
    Play a game – with friends, online: Play Scrabble; Solitaire; Chess; Wheel of Fortune; Typing Games; Atlanta.
    Take yourself to an uplifting movie: Watch movies online with Netflix.
    Write to a friend or family member who’s far away: Email, Facebook, Linkedin and twitter to stay in touch with extended family, biological family and friends. Or use a landline telephone or cell phone to call and make sure you have enough minutes.
    Take some photos: Use a digital camera and download onto your computer.
    Give yourself a facial, manicure, or pedicure: A massage is what we would do, if finances are available.
    Clean out your closet: Seasonal closet cleaning.
    Do some free writing: Type into your computer a story you have written as a free writing project.
    If Tiredness Is Your Trigger:
    Take a nap, take a day off, relax and unwind when you get home from work, school or volunteering.

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