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Mission 50: Have A Mini Makeover

Wow – we’ve come so far!

Over the course of these missions, we’ve taken tremendous amounts of action and radically changed our eatingexercise and mindset.

These actions will have brought results. You’ll be enjoying a slimmer body, more energy, greater confidence, less stress, and many other health and wellbeing benefits.  

(If you haven’t enjoyed the results you hoped for, it would be a good idea to:

– Re-visit Mission 35: Run A Reality Audit

– Identify where your actions have fallen down, and re-visit the relevant mission or missions.)

Now it’s time to do something that will help to ‘set’ these new selves we’ve been creating – the habits and mindset that are becoming part of us.

Let’s anchor our new behavior and outlook by having a little makeover.

This mission will be fun, so let’s get started!

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2 thoughts on “Mission 50: Have A Mini Makeover

  1. Terry Currie says:

    Our group decisions are: We would start with Detox Your Tote Bag or Purse
    Step 1: Empty: Empty everything out of your bag. Dust out any lingering detritus over a garbage bag or on a table so your bag is lovely and clean.
    Step 2: Wallet: If you have a separate pocketbook/wallet, start there.
    Remove old business cards, receipts, paper scraps, tissues, post-its, random hairclips, etc.
    Remove other items that don’t deserve the real estate – e.g. loyalty cards for stores you rarely visit, coffee cards you never remember to use, etc.
    Place the regularly used credit card, store cards and ID in convenient locations in your wallet.
    Check any photos of loved ones are current and in good condition.
    Step 3: Keys: streamline your keys. Use a neat, functional key ring, lanyard or case.
    Remove any keys you don’t need. If you don’t remember what they’re for, put them on a separate ‘Mystery’ key ring for later investigation.
    If you’re always fumbling with keys, consider putting them on the ring in the order you use them – e.g., car, garage, mailbox, top lock, bottom lock.
    Step 4: Make-Up Purse: let’s tackle your make-up purse, make-up compartment in your bag, or for guys, any toiletries you carry with you. All make-up does have expiration dates.
    Remove items you don’t use regularly enough to justify their real estate.
    Discard anything old, in poor condition or funky smelling.
    Consider streamlining your daily essentials. Could you limit yourself to, say, a neutral lipstick or lip gloss, small tube of SPF hand cream, small blush with built-in mirror & brush, small mascara and small fragrance bottle? If you streamline the contents, consider downsizing your make-up purse too.
    Step 5: Organize: return the streamlined items to your bag. Make use of compartments to help keep the contents organized.
    Your items in your purse might include:
    Wallet would have the following cards: Identification; One Credit Card for emergencies
    only; Insurance; Medical; etc. Also your money.
    Attractive, nice-to-use pen
    Attractive, nice-to-use notebook
    Diary/pocket calendar
    Cell phone
    iPod or MP3
    Small make-up purse (with mini sizes of essentials like lip gloss, mascara, a mirror, hand cream)
    Small tissue pack or handkerchief
    De-clutter Your Closet and banish every item of clothing that doesn’t: Fit you well; Look good; Feel
    good; Suit you and Store seasonal clothes
    Get a proper bra fitting [$50 and up] and buy multiples of underwear that look and feels great. Strapless one piece bra – $100 and up.
    Get rid of old make-up – it has a shelf life and a fashion life! Pare down to only the cosmetics that
    you enjoy using and that bring out your best features. Do not share makeup with anybody due to bacteria from person to another. Example liquid bandaid – each person in your household needs a
    bottle of this – do not interact because of bacteria.

  2. Danielle Desjardins says:

    I love this part cause it’s the first time that I actually enjoy shopping for myself. I am heading this week to get new clothes and plan on having pictures done with a friend that does photography to show the new me:)

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