If You’re Not Perfect…

Then Here’s The Perfect Weight-Loss Solution For You

Do any of these apply to you?

You’ve tried diets and exercise programs before, but have always lost motivation.

You know the basics, but have trouble putting them into action.

You find weight loss difficult, and want smarter, easier, more strategic ways to get results.

You’ve read books on losing weight, but get to the end and wonder what exactly you need to do.

You lack systems to translate good intentions into everyday habits.

You find books on weight loss boring, longwinded or patronizing.

The Solution You’ve Been Looking For

52 Weight Loss Missions helps you take action and do the things that bring weight-loss success. Forget struggle, perfectionism and willpower. This is a better, saner way.

The 52 Weight Loss Missions are smart, achievable and motivating. They give you information and empowerment to do the things that help you lose weight. They guide you to change the path of least resistance so eating, moving and thinking right get easier.

They’re succinct, to-the-point, and even a little bit fun.

They cover diet, exercise and mindset and offer hundreds of practical ideas & strategies.

Most Weight Loss Programs Fail – Here’s Why

If you’re like most people who want to lose weight, then you’ve tried weight-loss programs before. And failed.

Well, you probably didn’t failed, the program failed. Most weight-loss programs fail for the following reasons.

1. They Focus On Too Much Information, Too Little Action

Many weight loss programs bombard you with information. You get overwhelmed with all the facts and figures, shoulds and should nots, anecdotes and asides, so you’re too immobilized to turn the knowledge into action.

People today are busy and time-poor. If a weight-loss program expects too much information processing, then it’s likely to fail.

2. They’re Simply Not Achievable

Many diet programs expect you to be a perfect little robot. You have to stick to certain foods and resist others. You have to pretend there’s no such thing as emotional eating. I can’t do this and I don’t know anyone who can – except the writers of those programs, apparently.

It’s human nature to want what we can’t have. Yet by setting impossible standards, these programs sabotage us so that giving in to human tendencies can cause a shame spiral and binging. No wonder so many people end up gaining weight!

3. They Don’t Show You How To Change Habits

Anyone who’s ever tried to eat or exercise differently knows the power of habit. Despite our very best intentions to start new eating or exercising regimes, we so easily get dragged along on the tide of established behaviour patterns.

Unless a weight-loss program helps you to turn this tide, it’s only setting you up to fail.

Why 52 Weight Loss Missions Is Different

Michele Connolly - Creator of 52 Weight Loss Missions

Michele Connolly
Creator of 52 Weight Loss Missions

When I was researching and writing 52 Weight Loss Missions, I was determined to avoid these usual problems, and to create something that would work for real, busy, imperfect people. So I created a program that focused on what people did, was achievable and motivating even for time-poor people, and got into the nitty gritty of changing old patterns and habits.

Here’s how this program is different.

Extreme Action

The whole program is geared around getting you to do what you need to, in order to succeed.
There’s no fluff, no longwinded explanations.
Just what you need to know, and empowerment to do it.

Extreme Mindset

The program draws from psychology, life coaching and happiness research
and gives you the tools to win the mental battles.
And let’s face it – the mind is where the weight-loss war is won or lost.

Extreme Accountability

You have to check in after completing every mission – whether you’ve done it perfectly or not at all.
This keeps you focused and stops you falling off the wagon. It’s all wagon!

Extreme Support

Badges, areas to share ideas, challenges and successes,
and a Facebook support page provide ongoing community and motivation.
You’re never alone. In the good way. :-)

Who 52 Weight Loss Missions Is For

52 Weight Loss Missions

This program is ideally suited to people who:

  • Have struggled with diets and exercise programs before, and found them unachievable
  • Know the basics, and now want to turn knowledge into results
  • Are stuck in unhelpful habit patterns and want smart ways to break out of them
  • Want to win the mental battles and overcome self-sabotage
  • Are ready to take action.

How 52 Weight Loss Missions Works

52 Weight Loss Missions

The program consists of 52 action-based missions.

Each ‘mission’ gives you the information, guidance and motivation you need to take action on a task
or project that will help you lose weight.

But they aren’t just any old actions. The program focuses on actions that are smart and strategic
they help you change the path of least resistance so eating, moving and thinking right get easier.

The missions cover diet, exercise and mindset and offer hundreds of practical ideas & strategies.

And there are rewards for taking action!

What To Expect From 52 Weight Loss Missions

Over the course of the program, your life and weight will be transformed as you take action on each of these missions:

  1. Unlock Your True Motivation
  2. Take A Reality Check
  3. Flick On The Action Switch
  4. Choose Smart Diet Actions
  5. Detox Your Space
  6. Choose You-friendly Exercise
  7. Enlist Your Support Team
  8. Overcome Exercise Barriers
  9. Fit Exercise Into Your Life
  10. Keep A Log, Blog Or Journal
  11. Use A Weekly Action Tracker
  12. Get (slightly) Acquainted With Calories
  13. Splurge Strategically
  14. Stop Overeating
  15. Kick The Perfectionism Habit
  16. Win The Exercise Pro-con Battle
  17. Overcome Exercise Excuses
  18. Reward Yourself Strategically
  19. Create A Smart Recipe System
  20. Create A Smart Pantry System
  21. Create A Weekly Menu Template
  22. Equip Your Kitchen
  23. Keep A Food Diary
  24. Discover Micro-exercise
  25. Get Smarter About Weight Loss
  26. Burn More Exercise Calories
  27. Eat More Vegetables And Legumes
  28. Take Stock And Review
  29. Enjoy Eating Out
  30. Break Down Breakfast Barriers
  31. Sleep More, Weigh Less
  32. Drink More Water, Weigh Less
  33. Avoid Diet Traps
  34. Take Back Your Power
  35. Run A Reality Audit
  36. Make Incompatible Habits Work For You
  37. Clean Up Your Language
  38. Stop Getting Ambushed
  39. Deal With The Voices Outside Your Head
  40. Learn To Say No – To People
  41. Find Time For Weight Loss
  42. Make Smart Swaps
  43. Address Emotional Eating – Part 1
  44. Address Emotional Eating – Part 2
  45. Get The Right Stuff For More Motivation
  46. Do More Of What Makes You Happy
  47. Make Peace With Parties And Buffets
  48. Separate Real Hunger From Fake Hunger
  49. Recognize Start And Stop Hunger Signals
  50. Have A Mini Makeover
  51. Flick The Fat Clothes
  52. Raise Your Standards

A lot of busy people like the idea that they only have to do one thing a week and their lives will change over time. That’s where the 52 Missions idea originated.

But you can do the program at whatever pace you like. Some people like to take their time and let each mission integrate into their lives. Others feel super-motivated to power ahead quickly.

Follow your motivation and you’ll get results.

What You Get And What It Costs

Your 52 Weight Loss Missions Action Pack includes:

  • 52 Weight Loss Missions 200-page e-Book
  • 52 Weight Loss Missions 52-Week Email Series
  • 52 Weight Loss Missions Website – 12 months’ access to private areas of website

Just Added

  • Complete 30-Day Weight Loss-athon Pack – includes 164-page interactive e-Book plus 30-day email series (valued at $39)


  • 52 Weight Loss Missions interactive Action Tracker
  • 52 Weight Loss Missions interactive Workbook
  • 52 Weight Loss Missions interactive Log
  • 52 Weight Loss Missions interactive Diet & Exercise Diary
  • 52 Weight Loss Missions interactive Weekly Menu Template


  • Complete the program using the website or downloadable materials or a combination of both – the choice is yours
  • The downloadable materials have interactive features that you can use on your Mac, PC, iPad or tablet – type, edit, search, save and more
  • Everything is printable for hard copy reading and writing if you prefer
  • Everything is instantly available – no waiting, no environmentally unfriendly planes or trucks, no time for your motivation to wear off!

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What People Are Saying

“What do I love about 52 Weight Loss Missions? It talks to me like I’m real, smart and potentially fitter/thinner/more fabulous.

Most weight loss manuals (IMHO) are full of self-righteous claptrap from ‘experts’ who talk to readers as if they are dumber than a box of (heavy) hammers. The truth is that if we’re smart enough to read things like this, we’re smart enough to figure out how to apply the principles of weight loss to our own hectic, chaotic, split-personality lives.

Michele gets this and has given us a funny, realistic and inspirational blueprint for our own fabulous project. Thanks!”

Review on Amazon

“The best weight loss app in the app store – 5 stars”

“The app is genius! Finally a program that addresses diet, exercise, AND the most important weight loss toll (and saboteur) – the mind. It is not like any other program i have tried (and i though i’d tried everything!!!)”

“The content draws from all the best literature on weight management, pulling it all together into actionable items. And perhaps the greatest asset is the humor and attitude with which the message is conveyed. Meeting diet and exercise goals becomes manageable and fun.”

“This program will suit anyone who struggles to stick to diets and has trouble getting motivated to exercise. If you have tried (and failed) everything else – this prgram is NEW and worth far far more than the asking price!”

Alexandra Wilson

“A new approach that works! – 5 stars”

“This app is not just another diet or calorie counting program, it inspires and motivates you to totally go for it and lose weight. It’s amazing what self awareness, happiness psychology and motivation can do for your weight loss. I had given up on ever losing weight, but now I’m on track and it won’t be long until I’m my ideal weight.”


“I have been looking for tools to help me in my weight loss journey so that this time, I will not fail. This app is really helpful. It gives you things to DO, not just things to read about. There have been some “AHA!” moments for me in using this app. I can’t recommend it enough. Some of the things are common sense and I had already done (like purging my kitchen of temptations) but the motivation to DO it is there with this app. So rather than thinking, “Yeah, I should do that” you actuall get up and go DO it. Really motivational.”

Review on iTunes

“I don’t normally like reading weight loss books as I tend to lose interest quickly and then just feel depressed but this book had me smiling after reading the first few pages and I couldn’t wait to read more. I have now done the first few missions and I feel so motivated and positive. Great book!”


“We all know we are supposed to eat less, exercise more if we want to lose weight. Where 52 missions differs from other books is that it gets you thinking positively about the Why as well as the how to go about this task. The advice on motivation is absolutely critical and along with the helpful tips and the missions to keep you focused, there’s a healthy dose of humour so reading is fun, not a chore.”

“Many diets tell you what to eat to drop kilos, but 52 WLM helps you adopt healthy habits as part of your day to day lifestyle.”

“After only a couple of weeks I am thinking very differently and have made an excellent start to a healthier me. This is about ways to make changes for life, not just a few weeks.”

Review on Amazon

“52 Weight Loss Missions is unlike any other weight loss app out there. It actually teaches you HOW to motivate yourself to lose weight, without becoming overwhelmed or losing sight of your goals. I’ve only been using this app for a little while, and already I feel more in control of my diet and determined to succeed than ever before.”

Review on iTunes

Why You Should Start Today

52 Weight Loss Missions

You know in your heart what the one thing you must do to lose weight is – you must take action.
Actions that lead to your behaving differently. Eating differently. Moving differently. Thinking differently.

If you’re sick of putting off your life until you lose weight, then it’s time to take your life off hold and start losing that weight. Whether you do one mission a week or power ahead at a fast pace, in just a few weeks you’ll have taken significant action.

The sooner you start, the sooner your life and weight will change.

So start today.

How To Get Started

52 Weight Loss Missions Action Pack

Simply click the ‘Add To Cart’ button below and you’ll be taken to your shopping cart.
You can purchase using either PayPal or a credit card.

This product includes 12 months’ of free upgrades and web site access.

After making your purchase you’ll automatically proceed to your private account page, from where you’ll be able to download and save your fully interactive PDFs plus access the protected areas of the site. You can get started right away!