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Mission 37: Clean Up Your Language

With this mission we start a series of three missions that tackle the saboteurs on your weight-loss journey – factors that undermine your best intentions with surprising power.

– In Mission 38: Stop Getting Ambushed we’ll address situations that can seem to come out of nowhere and upset your plans and resolutions.

– In Mission 39: Deal With The Voices Outside Your Head we’ll deal with people who can undercut you, either unintentionally or, sadly, intentionally.

First, in this mission, we’ll take on one of the most powerful, potentially dangerous saboteurs in the entire area of weight loss: your own self-talk.

If you feel like your internal dialogue can be your own worst weight-loss enemy, then let’s use this mission to change that.

Let’s talk about your self-talk…

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5 thoughts on “Mission 37: Clean Up Your Language

  1. Terry Currie says:

    Change your thoughts & you change your world. Norman Vincent Peale
    Positive self-talk and self-confidence.
    Weight = it bothers us because we are not at our ideal weight yet. But are positive that we will eventually prevail.
    Eating habits do not change overnight. Phase out unhealthy foods for healthy ones.
    Canned soups are high in salt. Do not eat canned soups. Campbell Soup has a two year shelf life
    that is why there salt content is so high.
    Salt intake per product should be 5% or less sodium.
    Check the ingredients on frozen foods before purchasing. It may be best to make your own
    soup & if you make a big soup pot full you can freeze for future use.
    Here are our examples:
    I’ve failed at losing weight before = I will positively lose weight
    I hate exercise = I’ll find ways to move my body that feel OK to me
    I love food too much to lose weight = I can have foods I love and still lose weight by using
    smart strategies: portion control
    It’s [??]’s fault I’m overweight = If you can’t lose weight ask your doctor if your meds are
    holding you back or is there a safe way to lose weight?
    I have to eat like a bird to be slim = Smart choice would be eating less
    It’s too hard = Correcting food habits one by one. If at first you don’t succeed then try again.
    I’m a loser for letting this happen = I’m a winner for persevering and finding a program that
    will work for me
    I’m going to be better at losing weight = I’m going to be persistent and focus on making progress at
    losing weight
    I’m not using self-abuse I’m positive = I’m more than any one part of my appearance or personality.
    I’m a person trying to be better = I’m a pretty cool person for persisting and not giving up on myself
    We eat the best we know how = What I do most of the time will have the biggest effect.
    I feel discouraged every time I weigh myself and I haven’t lost what I wanted to = I’ll focus on taking the right actions and not worry about the results for now. That will keep me motivated. The results will take care of themselves.
    Losing weight can be challenging = Look how persistent I am. I’m making it through this program. That’s not what losers do.

  2. Danielle Desjardins says:

    I never really talked that way to myself but I had never felt pretty. Now I see myself in a whole new way. I know I am beautiful. When it comes to saying I can’t… I always remember what Philippians 4:13 says: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me:)

  3. Terry Currie says:

    My group has the following comments:
    Self-destructive can be disputable. Disrupting pros and cons during classes, meetings and individual conversations will get you no where but agitated.
    Make a list of your Self-Talk in your journal so you know how to clean up your language and thoughts. Think before you speak as you may regret later on what you said off the top.
    Turn your negative words into positive words such as:
    I’m dumb; I’m smarter.
    I’m negative; I’m a positive thinker.
    Bull?; I disagree.
    Remember to replace slang words with positive words or statements.

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