Enough Procrastinating –
This Is Where Your Life Changes

How To Use The 52 Weight Loss Missions Program

  • The secret to using this program with great success is in the title: the nuggets that follow are missions. Every single one requires you to take action. More on that shortly.
  • The missions are provided in a particular order. For example, you’ll need to complete Mission 6: Choose You-Friendly Exercise before Mission 8: Overcome Exercise Barriers will be much use.
  • However, I believe in riding your motivation. If a particular mission sings out to you, turn up the volume and go where it takes you. For example, if your biggest challenge is emotional eating, you might want to head straight to Mission 43: Address Emotional Eating – Part 1 and Mission 44: Address Emotional Eating – Part 2. Or if you want to get a handle on hunger, you could check out Mission 48: Separate Real Hunger From Fake Hunger and Mission 49: Recognize Start And Stop Hunger Signals.
  • Complete the missions as quickly or as slowly as you want. You can do one a week, taking your time, processing thoroughly, and completing the program in a year. You can do the entire program in a week. You can do some missions in a few minutes and others over months. Go at your own pace.
  • This is a collaboration – please take what I offer and add it to what you already know about yourself. Everyone is different and what works for you will be a finely tailored version of this program – amplifying some missions and toning down others. Make the program your own.
  • The one place where there’s no room to move is here: this is a program of missions, an action-based program, a program built on doing stuff. No results will be achieved by:
    • Sitting and reading
    • Osmosis
    • Providing reasons, however detailed or well argued, why this won’t work for you
    • Blaming your genes, spouse, boss, or me. Especially me.
  • Results will certainly be achieved by:
    • Reading the missions
    • Thinking about the missions, and then, most important of all,
    • Completing the missions.
  • Effects invariably follow causes. This is reality, not the brilliance of my program. The brilliance of my program is that it gets you to take action on the causes.
  • You won’t be surprised then, that the most important premise underlying this program is this: you must take action. You will not succeed without it.
  • The second most important premise underlying this program is this: you must be accountable. After completing each mission:
    • Check in and leave a comment via the 52 Weight Loss Missions page link at the end of each mission. Even if you don’t do the mission perfectly, or don’t do it at all, check in to say what’s going on for you. It will help you stay accountable, stay connected, avoid falling off the wagon. You can also share your tips, successes and challenges. You might inspire others, or find a solution for yourself.
    • Share your Badge. For every mission you complete you earn a cute badge. Keep collecting badges and you’ll score bonuses along the way. It’s a great way to reinforce your commitment, feel rewarded for your actions and share your success. Public commitment can be extremely motivating!
  • What you know hasn’t got you what you want. You will achieve success by taking action and staying accountable.

Warning: Potential Side Effects

I’m required to warn you that if you complete this program, you may experience side effects, including but not limited to:

  • Looking awesome
  • Getting a big head
  • Having to buy a whole new closet of cute outfits
  • Finding that your partner is just a little jealous
  • Gaining personal pride and self esteem
  • Experiencing increased energy
  • Receiving an embarrassment of compliments.

I think you’ll survive!