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Mission 28: Take Stock And Review

Wow – Mission 28 already! We’re more than halfway there…

By now you’re getting seriously organized, setting up smart systems and basically changing your life to support the slimmer you that’s emerging.

And I bet you can feel the path of least resistance  changing: it’s getting easier and more habitual to do the things that support your weight-loss goal.

It’s a good time to check intake stock, and gather your resources before returning to the second half of the program.

So in this mission, let’s address three questions that can make or break your continued success through the rest of this program.

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4 thoughts on “Mission 28: Take Stock And Review

  1. Terry Currie says:

    Summary of our completed missions as follows:
    (Mission 3: Switch From Outcomes to Actions) Choose as your goal: Fitting into a clothes a size smaller; Fitting into a new outfit; Walking up to your apartment without gasping for breath; Being able to walk for
    30 minutes non-stop
    (Mission 4: Choose Your Diet Actions) Keep track of the calories you eat per day for a week in order to see how many calories you eat per day.
    (Mission 6: Choose Your Exercise Actions) Walking 15 – 45 minutes a day
    (Mission 9: Schedule Your Exercise) Three days a week
    (Mission 10: Keep a Log, Blog or Journal) Personal choice
    (Mission 11: Use a Weekly Action Tracker) Personal choice unless you have a medical condition needing to keep track of food and exercise
    (Mission 13: Splurge Strategically) Cutting your food portions in half to ascertain your weight goal
    (Mission 14: Stop Overeating) 50% less food portion & only two healthy snacks a day
    (Mission 18: Choose Milestones and Rewards) Personal choice/goal
    (Mission 19: Revamp Your Recipes) Choose the lower-salt foods from all food categories
    (Mission 21: Plan Your Meals) Grocery List:
    Produce: bananas; grapes; baked potatoes
    Protein: lean ground beef; Amish chicken
    Grains: whole wheat bread
    Dairy & Eggs: brown eggs; promise butter; Greek yogurt
    Canned goods: I do not purchase canned goods only frozen
    Snacks: nuts; trail mix; whole wheat crackers; dried fruit
    Pantry staples: olive oil; Balsamic vinegar; natural peanut butter or almond butter; ketchup; ground cinnamon and dried herbs
    Frozen: mixed vegetables; tater tots; French fries
    Beverages: Coffee; tea bags; juice
    (Mission 23: Keep a Food Diary) Personal choice unless for medical reasons
    (Mission 24: Discover Micro-Exercise). Walking is our main exercise
    Recap: we are eating healthier; purchasing healthy food and exercising

  2. Kylie Browne says:

    I think I’ve done well to get to this point but know there is more I can be doing. Slip ups are not such a challenge these days. I start every day fresh and don’t let the negative talk get in the way. 🙂

  3. Terry Currie says:

    We summarized the missions as follows:
    Mission 3 Actions:
    Not eat oily, salty food. We are baking our food.
    We are eating healthier.
    We are eating breakfast every morning and eating a light dinner.
    Family dinners are usually large meals and time for reflection.
    Mission 4: Actions:
    Increase to 1,200 calories per day.
    Keep track of the calories you eat daily for a week in order to see how many calories you eat per day.
    Mission 6: Actions:
    Exercise indoors due to snow, ice and rain.
    Start with Low impact exercising then increase to High Impact exercising.
    Set your own pace or start slow and then speed up.
    Listening to music while exercising – if walking be aware of your surroundings.
    When you are expand your exercising by choosing from the following list:
    Running; Jogging; Skipping jump rope; Hoola Hoop; Stationary Cycling; Treadmill; Boxing; Tai Kwan Do; Exercise in RC Exercise Room — it’s free; Swimming; Dancing; Tennis; Basketball; Jumping Jacks and Hop Scotch.
    Motivate yourself to lose weight and be a healthier person. Remember, your body must last a lifetime. I believe that you can live as long as you want as long as you are motivated, have a positive attitude, goal oriented and have a love for life.
    Mission 9: Actions.
    Keep your body healthy at all times — you will have the energy and enthusiasm for your daily living.
    Mission 10: Actions:
    In your Journal write important events down. You can also tape or paste in a souvenir from the milestone. I.e. award letter; ticket to the special event; an invitation; airplane or cruise tickets with the events during your vacation or business trip.
    If you’re not a person for handwriting — create a journal in your computer and type your information.
    Mission 11: Actions:
    Juices; tea; coffee; water can be included in the 8 glasses.
    Eating Actions:
    For Healthy Cooking using Olive Oil; low fat dairy; one egg instead of two; eat plenty of frozen vegetables.
    Use Sea Salt instead of regular salt.
    Use Promise Butter 80 Calories — 5 Calories I do not use as there is no taste.
    Exercise Actions:
    At your home in the evening before bedtime: Use an empty box, container or basket. Then gather the items and put them back where they belong.
    Instead of the elevator take the steps where you live unless you have a medical problem/condition.
    Mind-set & Other Actions:
    Saturdays and Sundays are ME day: Take a nature hike; listen to music; read a book; go to the movies; have a friend over in the evening to play Scrabble, etc.
    Radiation is the reason microwaves are not good to cook in.
    Mission 12: Actions:
    We are continuing to research the calories in healthy foods.
    We compared three fast food chains. First Wendy’s; Second McDonald’s and Burger King was third. This included a burger, fries, drink, salad & desert. Wendy’s has the lowest calories 1,200; McDonald’s was second with 1,400; and Burger King was third with 1,500 calories.
    Mission 13: Actions:
    Foods that are bad for you = eat a smidgen and get the craving out of your system. This method should not interfere with your diet.
    Mission 14: Actions:
    After the meal is properly cooked I will place the food on my plate.
    We prefer to use placements instead of table cloths.
    Serve small portions of food [the size of your fist]. If your still hungry take a second small helping.
    We love fruit; cantaloupe and honey dew cantaloupe.
    It’s wrong to eat your money’s worth. There are parts of your food [i.e. gristle/fat left on plate because it’s not healthy for you]. There are times when you won’t be able to finish your plate: 1. Place in plastic container and reheat and eat later. 2. Do not feel bad if you have to throw it out. NEVER OVEREAT OR STUFF YOURSELF — YOUR BODY WILL COME BACK TO HAUNT YOU.
    Advertising online or in the newspapers — they want to sell their product. It doesn’t matter if it’s healthy or not. This is a sales gimmick to buy their product.
    Set milestones for yourself such as:
    Purchase CD
    Healthy fruit i.e. cherries
    A piece of clothing or clothing accessory.
    Gourmet Coffee at a local coffee shoppe.
    Mission 18: Actions:
    My group Goals and Rewards:
    One Week Milestone of exercising.
    Reward: Buying some DVD’s and taking a weekend away.
    Obtainable Goal: Lose weight to get a kidney transplant & then travel.
    Have lost 100 pounds and after the doctor says ok you want to lose another 100 pounds.
    Reward: Have a better figure — feel better — for obesity and high blood pressure.
    Obtainable Goal: Workout at the YMCA three times a week.
    Reward: Chocolate Milk.
    Obtainable Goal: Lose ten more pounds — lost five pounds already.
    Reward: Nice figure for you lady — so she wouldn’t talk about your belly — a nice night out with my lady.
    Obtainable Goal: Losing more weight for a healthier body!
    Reward: Big Fish Hidden Objects Game.
    Mission 19: Actions:
    Complete our Recipe Booklet.
    Mission 21: Actions:
    Complete our weekly menu template.
    Mission 23: Actions:
    Unless you have a medical reason keeping a food diary is a personal choice and a commitment. The following is suggestions from my group: A food diary should include breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, exercise, how your food was cooked: i.e. baked. broiled, fried, grilled or microwaved. Also, include sauces, spreads, dressings and condiments. You are observing what you eat over a period of time and then adjusting your food to healthy choices that will help you lose weight.
    Health benefits of pepper, which is a spice which improves digestion and promotes intestinal health.
    Mustard is better than mayonnaise and ketchup = mustard has no fat or sugar = mayonnaise and ketchup have sugar.
    Garlic builds resistance to diseases and keeps germs away.
    Taking fish oil pill daily is a natural mood pill and good for cholesterol.
    Mission 24: Actions:
    My group benefits of daily micro-exercise:
    Take the steps instead of the elevator with the exception of: if you’re walking with medical canes, crutches, walkers or in wheel chairs, etc. take the elevators.
    If you own property doing yard work is a great exercise; planting gardens and flower gardens is also great exercise.
    Daily walking up and down your street; walking in the hallway; playing with your cat are great exercises. I have two people who walk a mire or more per day. Also you can walk in a mall before the stores open.
    We talked about pedometers. I’ve tried about 10 different ones and none of them worked for more than a month. At this point and time I think they are a waste of money. The exercise belt with the watch during exercise works great.
    To be a mover and a shaker would be to dance to your favorite TV Show or play your favorite music via DVD or radio.

  4. Danielle Desjardins says:

    I am walking more, eating healthier, keeping track of the calories ( which I know is a big reason for my weight loss), Listening to worship music as I exercise.
    I got a Hoola Hoop for my birthday so I can start this new exercise.
    I am on my way to loose my last 5 pounds:)

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