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Mission 10: Keep A Log, Blog Or Journal

In Mission 3: Flick On The Action Switch we changed our mindset to notice and put energy into specific actions.

In the missions since then, we’ve decided what those specific actions should be – in both diet and exercise.

Now we’re going to set ourselves up to monitor those actions, deal with the inevitable lapses, and maintain motivation.

We’ll do this by becoming observers in our weight-loss journey. And to observe, we need to suspend judgment.

The payoff for this observation is invaluable. It will yield information about what works for us and what doesn’t work for us – information that can’t be found in any book, program or system.

So let’s get set up to uncover that information!

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62 thoughts on “Mission 10: Keep A Log, Blog Or Journal

  1. Hayley Waterhouse says:

    I love this mission. I used to self-flagellate and feel so guilty when I ‘stuffed up’. Ultimately I would quit whatever I was trying to do because I felt like a failure. This is far more productive and forgiving. I had a sneak peek at this mission a little while ago when I was struggling with a new eating plan. It has helped immensely to keep a journal going with little observations here and there. Sometimes I write a page and other days a sentence but it’s all so helpful in understanding what works and what doesn’t. Thanks.

  2. Terry Currie says:

    Our group is agreeing with the following: set ourselves up to monitor those actions, deal with the inevitable lapses, and maintain motivation.
    We’ll do this by becoming observers in our weight-loss journey. And to observe, we need to suspend judgment.
    The payoff for this observation is invaluable.

    Judging: I’m too lazy to go to the gym today as I’m tired out from my day already.
    Observe: My exercising during lunch backfired – I ate lunch instead.

    If you’re not a person for handwriting — create a journal in your computer and type your information.

    Act II Popcorn is best for dieting. In your Journal write important events down. You can also tape or paste in a souvenir from the milestone. I.e. award letter; ticket to the special event; an invitation; airplane or cruise tickets with the events during your vacation or business trip.

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