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Mission 14: Stop Overeating

In the 52 Weight Loss Missions program I staunchly defend your right to eat chocolate, ice cream, or whatever treats you love (see Mission 13: Splurge Strategically).

However, I don’t want you wasting your calories on food you hardly enjoy, barely taste, and quite frankly don’t need – physically or psychologically.

For most of us with extra weight, overeating plays a role. For some of us, it’s the star of the show.

So in this mission I’m going to help you to make a pretty radical change to your eating habits – I’m going to help you to stop overeating.

And because we’re going to be strategic and focus on changing the path of least resistance, we won’t need willpower, self-recrimination, obsessiveness, or Silence of The Lambs masks to make the change.

Instead, we’ll first look at ways to reduce your portion sizes so you don’t mindlessly eat more than you need.

Then we’ll deal with some of the causes of automatic eating, and consider ways to break free.

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9 thoughts on “Mission 14: Stop Overeating

  1. Hayley Waterhouse says:

    Not overeating is really important. I’m ok when I dish up at home but definitely don’t want to waste food when out. Sometimes I order too much too. Hope I can create some good solutions to this, and leave food on my plate.

  2. Terry Currie says:

    Our group responses are: Reduce your portion sizes in half of what you normally eat. If you use a smaller plate you would pile the food like a small mountain defeating the purpose of eating less. At this point we would continue to use a small wooden spoon
    Leftovers from our social night out would be brought home in a container. It’s a personal choice to complete the meal in the container or use a paper plate. Leftovers are a personal choice. Eat the leftover at another meal & then if there’s any left throw away.
    Eat slowly – chew your food thoroughly so you extract the nutrients and give your brain time to register when you’ve had enough. We agree with this statement. Make peace with leaving food on your plate = we would save the leftover for another meal
    If you have GERD eat smaller meals = four meals a day.
    Stop Automatic Eating: When I eat I watch Hulu on my computer. We live in small apartments with no dining room and one wall for the kitchen. We would eat with a TV Tray or at our desk. Portion sizes should be the size of your fist. Politely say no or eat a smidgen
    Cost should not be a factor. Only eat a small amount then save the rest for another meal. Do not overeat your body will be in distress. Keep healthy snacks. When you do get a hunger urge eat a healthy snack. Advertiser’s wanted to sell their product. It doesn’t matter if it’s healthy or not. This is a sales gimmick to buy their product. If it’s not healthy don’t buy it – ignore these ads. Don’t become human garbage cans! Just because the plate isn’t finished doesn’t mean you need to eat it. Set milestones for yourself such as: Purchase CD; Healthy fruit i.e. cherries; a piece of clothing or clothing accessory; Gourmet Coffee at a local coffee Shoppe; having dinner with my Godson once a week as a social activity; playing a game on our computers

  3. Terry Currie says:

    After the meal is properly cooked I will place the food on my plate.
    We prefer to use placements instead instead of table cloths.
    Serve small portions of food [the size of your fist]. If your still hungry take a second small helping.
    We love fruit; cantaloupe and honey dew cantaloupe.
    It’s wrong to eat your money’s worth. There are parts of your food [i.e. gristle/fat left on plate because it’s not healthy for you]. There are times when you won’t be able to finish your plate: 1. Place in plastic container and reheat and eat later. 2. Do not feel bad if you have to throw it out. NEVER OVEREAT OR STUFF YOURSELF — YOUR BODY WILL COME BACK TO HAUNT YOU.
    Advertising online or in the newspapers — they want to sell their product. It doesn’t matter if it’s healthy or not. This is a sales gimmick to buy their product.
    Set milestones for yourself such as:
    Purchase CD
    Healthy fruit i.e. cherries
    A piece of clothing or clothing accessory.
    Gourmet Coffee at a local coffee shoppe.

  4. Kylie Browne says:

    I like the idea of eating more regularly, but smaller portions. I tend to wait until I’m starving before I eat something and then I overeat. Or, I watch something on TV and keep snacking because I’m enjoying the show. Simply tipping the M&Ms out of the packet and into a separate bowl means I can still eat them as a treat, just not the whole packet at once.

  5. Nancy Meffen says:

    I think I will decrease the amount of starches and meat and have a nice big portion of veggies on a smaller plate, chew my food more and slowly, eat my veggies first then follow with the rest, discarding anything I can’t finish. I’d rather use a bin than gain I my hips,

  6. Alice Hayes Russell says:

    My worst automatic eating is after dinner. When I am relaxing for the night, I find myself eating just to eat while watching TV. I’m not usually hungry, but I’ve done it for so long, I continue to do so. I will now make sure to only have healthy snacks available during this time or use the will power that I know is there and simply not snack.

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