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Mission 7: Enlist Your Support Team

There are many factors that can help or hinder you in your weight-loss journey.

One of the most powerful is people.

Because they can make a big difference to your success, it’s wise to take stock of your people resources.

First there are the people already in your life. What support do you need from them? What is it fair to ask for? How do you do it? And what if they say No!

Next, is your existing support network enough? Perhaps you need some extra people resources in your life to help you get the weight-loss results you want.

(Remember that with 52 Weight Loss Missions, you have a built-in support network via the online check-ins at the bottom of each mission and on the Facebook Page.)

Let’s address these questions now.

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31 thoughts on “Mission 7: Enlist Your Support Team

  1. angelateaches says:

    Done. I’m already a part of an online program, other than this one, that gives me all the support I need to work on this.

  2. Rute Fernandes says:

    I asked a friend with whom I dinner frequently so we skeep wine, something that is not importante to me.
    To another friend I ask to go for a walk with me once a week for one hour.
    I know that I need much more support, but that will came with time.

  3. Hayley Waterhouse says:

    My husband supports me by accepting our snacks and desserts have changed and by watching our daughter if I need some extra exercise. My immediate family offers encouragement and support. External support is the Running with Curves group on Facebook. I have also seen a dietician and now a weight loss coach for extra support.

  4. Terry Currie says:

    Our group responses are as follows: Enlisting a Support Team Questions:
    Name who you would want to support you? The Internet using Google using the
    search engine to ascertain current information on the subject in order to pick
    a support team for the issue at hand.
    What support do you need from them? Encourage me on better ways
    to diet. Monthly Social Night — eat at a healthy place monthly or weekly.
    Walking buddy is my dad’s dog. A man’s best friend!
    Walking buddy will be a friend or neighbor.
    People with medication causing problems with being in the sun! Walk indoors.
    Handicap people follow your doctor’s orders as far as exercising.
    What is it fair to ask for? Ask a dietician for a weight loss program/healthy foods to
    eat for you.
    What if they say No to the question you asked? “Thank you”
    One member needs to lose 20 pounds. Another member needs to lose 40 pounds.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Sadly, with the amount of hours I work, I don’t see many family and friends but positively they then can not adversely affect me. My partner is helpful in his cooking methods and would love to walk/cycle more regularly on the weekends so just need to make him insist on this.

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