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Mission 4: Choose Smart Diet Actions

I’m not going to give you a diet. I don’t believe for a moment that you would stick to it. Not because of any moral failing, but because your body and mind would rebel.

Physically, your body can react to calorie restriction by becoming more efficient with fewer calories. That’s not what a person with a weight-loss goal wants – we want our bodies to use more calories, not less.

But as anyone who’s ever been on a diet knows, the real saboteur is that grey thing in your head.

Psychologically, your mind reacts to deprivation by wanting what it can’t have. And we know where that leads: binge city.  Deprive yourself consistently and congratulations – you’re the mayor.

As Geneen Roth says, the fourth law of the universe is that for every diet there’s an equal and opposite binge.

So instead of a prescribed eating plan or list of things you can and can’t eat, I’m going to ask you to choose some specific diet actions.

To lose weight, we need to eat less and move more. Over the coming missions we’re going to get very strategic and smart in how we approach each of these prongs, but for now we’re starting simple.

In terms of eating less, we’ll achieve that goal by taking actions in two broad categories: eating less, and eating differently. But they both involve being smart about what we eat.

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70 thoughts on “Mission 4: Choose Smart Diet Actions

  1. angelateaches says:

    Done. I’ve made my menu plans for the week, and will continue to do this on a weekly basis. Adding in more veggies and meatless meals. Drinking MORE water.

  2. Rute Fernandes says:

    I will only drink water, tea, coffe and light coca cola. I will not drink alchool or any kind of juices, not even carrot juice. This until 21 of March that is the day I go to the nutricionista.

  3. Amanda Power says:

    So I am going to swap to herbal teas, or only drink tea without my usual sugar. I am also going to ensure I only have alcohol of an evening when I really fancy it – not having a glass just because the bottle was already opened by someone else at home. At least no more than every other night. I intend to plan/make my own lunches for the office, as this will stop the crisps/chocolate/sugar drink combo that goes with grabbing that sandwich. Finally I will also choose wholegrain where ever there is that option and once the cupboard needs restocking only stocking those varieties at home. Also I intend to drink water (not more water as I never drank it to begin with)!

  4. CoffeePat says:

    Over the years, I’ve switched my eating habits around to incorporating higher quality foods. I think my main problem is that I eat too much overall, and I never switched out dessert. I’m going to try limiting desserts to alternate days and halving the amount of each dessert that I eat.

  5. Gail says:

    I will reduce my portions by 10%, drink water during the day instead of coffee, and remove butter or Mayo from my sandwiches. This can be done!!

  6. Cheri says:

    I’m going to start with a 10% reduction in portion size, more veggies, and I’m cutting out sugar for the month of January. Hoping to make that permanent, but thinking in smaller increments. If I can cut out sugar for just one week, then I’ll make it to the next week and so on.

  7. MJ says:

    It’s so much better to think about what I can ADD (veggies, water, protein, fiber, movement) than what I should subtract from my wellness plan! Mission Four complete.

    • Kylie B says:

      Subtracting from my wellness plan only makes me want it more! ‘Adding’ is a much better solution, I agree 🙂
      Kylie, Community Manager

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