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Mission 45: Get The Right Stuff For More Motivation

In Mission 8: Overcome Exercise Barriers, we equipped ourselves with basic supplies so we could embark on our starter exercise plan. Along the way, and especially in Mission 26: Burn More Exercise Calories, we raised the stakes.

Exercise is now part of your life. Woohoo, you!

To feel your best as you keep tackling new challenges, it helps to have the right tools, supplies… stuff.

Exercise can be something you loathe or something you love. Having the right stuff is a fun and pretty effective way to move you toward the love end of the spectrum.

For one thing, having the right stuff pre-empts many of the standard exercise excuses – from bad weather to uncomfortable clothing.

Your motivation can also get a real boost from a cute outfit or having some cool workout gadget – either one can make you want to get to the gym!

Don’t underestimate the power of having good tools – and I’m including clothes here – at your disposal.

Let’s turn our attention to upgrading your accouterments for power motivation.

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3 thoughts on “Mission 45: Upgrade Your Exercise Gear

  1. Terry Currie says:

    Our group responses are as follows: For those people on fixed incomes: unnecessary expense to purchase a cute workout outfit!
    – A sporty jacket or hoodie for cool weather or Clothing appropriate for weather conditions
    – Absorbent socks The Army Navy Stores sell heated socks. You will have to purchase the batteries.
    – Bras for the women
    – The right shoes for your exercise
    – Wet weather gear for outdoors [rain gear including rain hat or poncho]
    – A water bottle
    – A pedometer [all pedometers I have used break] – an excellent motivator if you’ll be walking
    – A heart-rate monitor [pedometer & monitor watch
    – Exercise DVDs – back-up for bad-weather days if you have the space
    – Having a walking buddy to keep you exercising and form a lasting friendship

  2. Terry Currie says:

    Get The Right Stuff For More Motivation.
    Make Your List:
    Several workout outfits that look attractive & feel comfortable: Wear shorts & top with gym shoes.

    Sporty jacket or hoodie for cool weather. Yes, we agree.

    Absorbent socks. Warmer or heated socks. The Army Navy Stores sell heated socks. You will have to purchase the batteries.

    Supportive sports bras for the girls: Wear a comfortable bra.

    The right shoes for your exercise. Wear comfortable gym/tennis shoes that fit your feet. You don’t want them too large or too small.

    Wet weather gear if you plan to exercise outdoors, or if you walk to the gym. Dress appropriately for the weather condition when exercising outdoors.

    An MP3 player loaded with motivating music and/or audiobooks and podcasts. CD Player.

    A water bottle. Water is healthy for you.

    Sweat towels – especially if you’ll be using equipment in your workouts. If gym workout use appropriate terry cloth towels.

    A bag if you’ll be exercising away from home – make sure it accommodates any.
    equipment, racquets, etc. Exercise bag large enough to hold everything.

    A pedometer – an excellent motivator if you’ll be walking. All pedometers we have used so far fall apart and are cheap and worthless. However, Smarthealth watches that are a watch, heart rate monitor and pedometer combined do work and are reasonably priced.

    A heart-rate monitor – go for extreme gadgetry if this delights your inner or, let’s be honest, outer nerd. I recommend Smarthealth watches for your watch, heart-rate monitor and pedometer.

    Exercise equipment if you’ll be working out at home – include cardio equipment, like a treadmill, bike or elliptical, as well as resistance equipment, like free weights, a weights machine, or resistance bands. We do not have run to even consider having exercise equipment at home and also we do not have the finances available.

    Exercise DVDs – for variety or as a back-up for bad-weather days. On bad weather days exercise more at home.

    A training journal if you like to record your workouts. Optional.

    Absolutely anything that makes you feel good about working out! A Stress Reliever. Hint: Getting great workout wear.

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