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Mission 31: Sleep More, Weigh Less

You may be surprised to find sleep given an entire mission in this weight-loss program.

But there’s a definite connection.

In my own life, I lost weight more easily and quickly when I changed my routine and got more sleep most nights.

The difference was immediate and significant – in fact, I would say life-changing. It was extreme.

I think it happened because I’d previously been operating on insufficient sleep.

And lack of sleep:

– Makes you crave food, especially carbs and sugar for energy – so you eat more

– Deprives you of energy – so you skip your workout and burn fewer calories

– Leaves you feeling sluggish – so you avoid unnecessary movement and expend even fewer calories all day

– Undermines muscle regeneration – which sabotages metabolism.

In fact, research suggests that insufficient sleep is associated with obesity.  If you find that shocking, then good! Let’s harness that shock in this mission.

There are two main reasons people don’t sleep enough:

  1. They don’t allow enough time to sleep
  2. They find it difficult to sleep.

We’re about to address both in this mission.


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5 thoughts on “Mission 31: Get More Sleep

  1. Terry Currie says:

    Research suggests that insufficient sleep is associated with obesity. Lack of sleep is bad for your health.
    After 12 or 1 PM drink decaffeinated coffee or pop & you should sleep at night
    Relax with a fan blowing on you
    Here are a whole bunch of other ideas for you to try:
    – Cut down on caffeine, especially after 2pm
    – Be active during the day – and go to bed tired
    – Avoid alcohol before bed – it can help you fall asleep, but make it harder to stay asleep
    Our group avoids alcohol do to medication
    – Avoid stressful or upsetting activities immediately before bed, such as violent murder mysteries books or TV shows, or mentally demanding work
    – Do something relaxing before bed: take a hot bath or shower; in the summertime cold showers – such as taking a warm bath, reading a not-too-exciting novel, or watching a gentle comedy
    – Go to sleep at around the same time most nights i.e. retire at 8 PM & wake up at 3 AM to listen to music & relax
    – Remove distracting and stressful things from your bedroom – computers, piles of paperwork, kids’
    toys, exercise equipment, clothes strewn about, anything not sleep-friendly
    – Make your bedroom a sanctuary, a place that feels peaceful – use soft lamps, pre-bed candles
    (but don’t sleep with candles burning), cozy bed linen, and anything else that makes you feel serene
    – Write down anything you need to do tomorrow – get ideas and thoughts out of your head and onto paper so you can let them go and feel calm to do list for the next day running errands do them by area
    – Learn breathing exercises, relaxation strategies or meditation techniques
    – Address ongoing worries – for instance, see an accountant about financial concerns, see a doctor about medical concerns, see a psychologist for emotional concerns.
    – Get rid of clutter
    – Improve your personal organization.

  2. Terry Currie says:

    One of us can stay awake 24 hours. Their routine is to watch Netflix and fall asleep on an old TV Show. This person takes night meds but cannot fall asleep right away if at all.
    Cut down on caffeine after 12 Noon so you can sleep at night.
    Don’t burn candles while your sleeping especially with small children around.

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