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Mission 35: Run a Reality Audit

In the 52 Weight Loss Missions program, we focus on taking action and doing the things that bring results, because these actions are all we can directly control.

We don’t obsess over the results, especially not at first. This is because:

  1. We can’t directly control results, and
  2. The gap between our efforts and our results can initially demoralize us – leading us to sabotage efforts that would bring success in time, if we just kept doing them and didn’t let ourselves get unnerved.

But we’re now at Mission 35. We’ve been working on action and effort for some time. And by now we should be seeing some results.

So this is a good time to check in on your progress. If you’re getting results, congratulations! Keep taking action on your diet and exerciseupgrading your knowledge, all the while expecting imperfection.

If the results aren’t happening, why might that be? In this mission we’ll take a reality audit and find out.

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3 thoughts on “Mission 35: Run A Reality Audit

  1. Terry Currie says:

    Our group responses are: Do not make impossible goals; make them attainable
    Goal: to lose one dress size or suit size
    Now it’s time to check in and see how you’re doing.
    – Is that old pair of jeans starting to fit you better? Just starting the program and it’s too soon to tell
    – Are you closer to wearing the new outfit you have your eye on? Judgment call
    – Can you now walk part of the way up to your apartment without gasping for breath? One peer does walk the steps in his apartment building
    – Are you able to walk/run/skip for 10/15/20 minute are non-stop? Yes
    – Is the doctor saying you may not need medication for much longer? No there’s no end in sight
    – Are your waist/hip/thigh measurements getting lower? Cannot tell until you go down a dress or suit size
    Reward for sticking to your goal: one cup of gourmet coffee at a local coffee shop; see a movie at the
    movie theatre; going to the zoo
    Our Reality Audit
    – Are you tracking everything you eat and drink? No
    – Are you eating plenty of vegetables? Doing better
    – Are you eating plenty of fiber? Doing better
    – Are you keeping your splurges strategic? Yes
    – Are you avoiding too much sugar? Still working on reducing the amount of sugar
    – Are you avoiding too much fat – especially saturated fat? No
    – Are you exercising most days? Yes
    – Are you working up a sweat when you exercise? Yes
    – Do you focus on your chosen diet actions most days? Yes
    – Are your portion sizes reasonable? No however portion sizes are the size of your fist
    – Are you prepared for exercise excuses? Yes by daily walking
    – Have you increased your exercise frequency? Yes
    – Have you increased your exercise intensity? Stayed the same
    – Have you increased your exercise duration? Yes
    – Do you recognize weight loss as your responsibility, and no one else’s? Yes
    – Do you plan ahead when eating out? No
    – Do you eat with awareness? Sometimes
    – Do you get enough sleep? No and sometimes
    – Do you drink plenty of water? Yes and no
    – Do you avoid the diet traps? Working on this task

  2. Terry Currie says:

    My group have made the following decisions:
    Yes they are fitting into their jeans better.
    Yes they can walk part of the way to their apartment without gasping for breath.
    Yes jumping jacks for five minutes.
    Our prescribed medications are permanent.
    Yes our waist/hip/thigh measurements are reducing.
    Weight loss:
    240 down to 193.
    220 down to 205.
    One has lost 24 pounds.
    We are still working on getting to our ideal weight.
    Persons with diabetes should keep track of what they eat and drink daily. All others should keep track of what they eat and drink daily for two to four weeks. This will tell you what foods are best for you and what to eliminate from your diet.
    Still working on eating vegetables daily.
    Fiber is coming from eating cereal at breakfast daily.
    We are still working on improving our splurges strategically.
    Reducing sugar usage in coffee.
    We have reduced eating saturated fat.
    For exercise we are walking daily. I have one that works out daily.
    Yes to sweating while exercising.
    We are focused on our diet actions.
    Food portion sizes should be the size of your fist. Walking daily helps you lose weight.
    Exercise intensity and duration have not been increased at this point in time.
    We are taking responsibility for our weight loss.
    Planning ahead when eating out we are doing.
    We are aware of healthy food choices.
    Yes to drinking water with the following exception: if you have water retention speak with your doctor to determine what is best for you to drink.

  3. Danielle Desjardins says:

    I am doing pretty good. Lost 34 pounds and I have one more left to lose. I fit into that new dress, I have lost more inches around my waist and hips, I can buy new clothes now. In fact, I am heading to do a bit of shopping today and meeting my husband tomorrow for a week. He hasn’t seen me in two months as of today. He is in for a good surprise:) Thank you all for your amazing support:) I will continue to do all the missions and recommend it to friends:)

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