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Mission 38: Stop Getting Ambushed

In this mission we’ll deal with the second of our saboteurs: those pesky situations that seem to come out of nowhere and catch us unawares.

You’re doing fine, sticking to your diet and exercise actions when suddenly, from behind a bush – it’s Bingerella!

Situations like…

No matter how restrained your eating is during the day, come dinnertime you go loco.

Or you can’t help but give in to the candy bars at the supermarket checkout.

Or you keep succumbing to the late-night binge-out.

In a little time they can do a lot of damage, so it makes sense to face up to these phantoms.

In this mission we’ll look for ways to change the path of least resistance so you can dodge your ambushers.

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4 thoughts on “Mission 38: Stop Getting Ambushed

  1. Terry Currie says:

    Our group responses are as follows: In the USA the main meal of the day is dinner. However we should cut down on the portion we eat. Most leftover foods can be frozen and be available later for a last minute fill-in or in good weather heat it up and go on a picnic.
    Go to the store on a full stomach so you won’t be tempted to purchase junk food at the checkout lane.
    One hour before bed have a healthy snack of fruit; raisins; etc. If you choose cheese eat a smidgen as its high in sodium.
    Eat small healthy meals during the day and make dinner your main meal with portion control. Stop eating humongous lunches [hungry man TV dinners or eating at buffets = you’ll stack your food high] Lunch s/b sandwich, fruit; water or coffee.
    Your friends come over and they know you’re on a diet and they bring junk food to see if you’ll eat = will power not to eat unhealthy food.
    You’re in a rut; change your usual menu to a healthy choice of foods.
    Act II is the healthiest popcorn to eat.
    Here are some examples of our new path:
    Have a decent lunch deli meat sandwich; fruit; beverage of milk; OJ; hot tea; ice tea or coffee/ice coffee and/or an afternoon healthy snack to take the edge off your dinner-time appetite.
    The simplest soda water is made by adding carbon dioxide gas to regular water. We don’t recommend drinking it; tonic water is a popular carbonated beverage that contains quinine; Soda
    water is manmade carbonated water that is consumed as a beverage; Most soda water is tap water that has been infused with carbon dioxide gas and bicarbonate soda. Most medical experts agree that large amounts of carbon gas will draw calcium out of human bones over time, which
    can lead to degenerative conditions like osteoporosis as well as contributing to overall body weakening.
    Subway is the healthiest of the fast food restaurants. If you order pasta or a salad ask for the sauce or dressing on the side. Dip the food periodically.

  2. Terry Currie says:

    My group will turn an ambushed into a Positive Statement — ambushed eliminated!: I don’t like healthy foods — I love healthy foods!
    Overeating at dinner we agree. Because there is hunger in the world you don’t want to waste your food; eat small portions or half of the plate; take the rest home in a plastic container [as long as the food is nonperishable] reheat for another meal.
    When attending functions in the community and there food offered just take a small amount — doing this should not harm your diet.
    On your way home from work/school/college/volunteering we have eliminated buying junk food — occasionally we will stop for a cup of coffee.
    We are reducing the amount of junk food kept at home — we are close to having only healthy snacks at home.
    Go grocery shopping on a full stomach — this will eliminate purchasing junk food at the check out counter. Put the money you would have spent on your candy bar in your piggy bank.

  3. Danielle Desjardins says:

    I would have to say that my biggest ambush USED TO BE the chocolate bar at the cash, but I am glad to say that I no longer eat the whole bar. Sometimes I don’t buy anything, other times I will buy the small bag of Mini Reese peanut butter cups and I can have one and be satisfied. I will bring home the rest and put it in the fridge to have one at the time at different occasions, that’s if my girls don’t find it in the fridge. Which happened every time I have bought a bag. I come home and there’s no more when I want a piece. LOL.

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