Mission 3: Flick On The Action Switch

Now that we’ve done important work laying the psychological groundwork for success, it’s time to turn to the physical.

We need a goal to aim for, and a way to chart our progress, as we get slimmer.

Having a goal can be empowering and motivating. But when it comes to weight loss, things get complicated.

Many people have negative associations with weight-loss goals – perhaps having lost and re-gained weight in the past, or having failed to reach the number they’d aimed for.

Not only that, but the number on the scale can fluctuate in a way that doesn’t represent either the actions we’re taking or the overall trend in our body shape. It can be demoralizing when we’re taking the right actions and our body shape is improving, but the scales shout ‘failure’!

Because weight – kilograms or pounds on the scale – is such a loaded concept and can be a tricky measure, we’re going to use different ways both to set our goal and measure our progress.

This approach will bypass the tyranny of the scales and put your focus where it brings the best weight-loss returns.

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