Mission 43: Address Emotional Eating – Part 1

When it comes to actions that lead to losing weight, addressing emotional eating is a big one.

Maybe the biggest.

Which is why we’ll tackle it in two parts.

Like pretty much every woman and many men I know, I self-medicate with food – usually chips and chocolate. They are my comfort when things are bad, my friends when things are good.

And, also like pretty much every woman and many men, I haven’t fully freed myself from the grip of emotional eating, especially when the emotions are strong.

I have, however, found ways to manage emotional eating – to reduce my reliance on it, and to deal with it when I go berserk. Because every now and then, I still do.

In this mission and the next one, I’ll share these strategies with you.

Important Note: This might be bigger than both of us.

If your issues with emotional eating are especially difficult, or if they are interfering with your ability to function effectively, then please consult a medical professional or psychologist.

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