Mission 19: Create A Smart Recipe System

You’ve already made excellent progress with diet and eating.

In particular, we’ve done a lot of work on your habits and mindset, especially in:

– Mission 4: Choose Smart Diet Actions

– Mission 5: Detox Your Space

– Mission 12: Get (Slightly) Acquainted With Calories

– Mission 13: Splurge Strategically, and

– Mission 14: Stop Overeating.

In the next few missions we’re going to get very practical and deal with menussupplies and equipment.

In this mission, we’re going to change the path of least resistance so that preparing meals that support your weight-loss goals becomes easy. That’s right. Easy.

First, we’ll expand the repertoire of healthy, goal-friendly options in your kitchen. Goal-friendly options are consistent with the actions you chose in Mission 4: Choose Smart Diet Actions.

Then, we’ll set up a super-smart recipe system the whole household can use.

Note: Don’t worry if you don’t cook – neither do I. Toast is as Master Chef as I get. There’s help here for those of us who are domestically disabled, too.

It’s time to head into the kitchen!

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