Mission 2: Take A Reality Check

It’s just as well we spent the first mission finding and unlocking your true motivation, because in this mission we’re going to come face-to-face with some harsh realities.

Don’t worry, I’m not trying to put you off – I’m simply making sure you’re prepared for what it takes to lose weight.

The truth is that losing weight is both harder and easier than most people think.

The bad news is there are certain things you must do and have to lose weight. Non-negotiable.

The good news is that some of the things you thought you’d have to do or to give up don’t really matter.

Let’s see which is which…

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  • Michele Wigley

    Mission 2 done! It is my top priority this year!

  • Being able to take time for myself is hard with my autistic daughter and as a military life I am often left alone to be the only parent. I realize that these are excuses but I feel like the older I get the further I am separated from the person I know/feel that I am and disappear into a fat, mundane world. I once felt like I was worth so much more and that is slowly slipping away, being replaced with ” You’re old, you’re fat, you’re ugly or a has been rather than an individual in this moment who is deserving of anything….I guess my time in the sun has passed. I put the fake smile on most days but in reality I am so full of self loathing and pain that I just feel stuck…in so many areas of my life but most importantly due to the deterioration of my appearance and self esteem from my weight gain and inability to remedy it although I have made numerous attempts.
    That said, my goal is to return to the things that brought me comfort and stability when food wasn’t an issue – music, art, and avoiding those who want to bring negativity into my life at all costs. I feel as thought this is my last chance to making the change to bring happiness back to my life rather than fading away to nothing.

  • Planning takes time, working out takes time

  • Putting my goal first……mentally, physically and emotionally

  • I can’t keep putting this off!

  • I really have no excuses. It’s a date in the diary for exercise and a mindset change for diet.

  • Attention – Dtermination – Focus … Got it

  • Done! A personal manifesto of kinds committing myself to this.

  • Making time for ME for a change. I’ve prepared myself mentally and I’m ready to make BIG changes in my life. Starting now, I will make time to plan my meals & excercise! I’m READY!

  • I definetly need to be more persistent!!

  • Mission 2 done

  • I’ve had the workbook for months – but I’ve finally made a start! Mission 2 complete.

  • Posting on Facebook was a big deal to me too. I’ve been worried about failing in front of other people.

  • #2 Mind prep. Hoping that using the computer for this will help me do daily efforts as I’m always on the computer a lot. Also making sure I think about this every day, incorporating into my life as a routine.

  • I get an hour for lunch during the week. I really need to spend it excercising or meditating. Not doing more sitting and eating.

  • I am very proud of myself. The best time for me is first thing in the morning, but I have a bad habit of turning off my alarm. So I changed my ringtone to Happy Birthday to serve as a daily reminder that I’m doing this to look good in 40th Birthday Pictures.

  • I just finish Mission 2 and day 2 in the 30 day.

  • I realized when I was going through this that my mental switch was still at “passive” instead of “active and serious”. Good challenge – it made me really think through not just the *why* we discussed in the last mission, but actually commit to doing what it takes to get there. I can do this!

  • I let everything else distract me. I will actively focus on losing weight.

  • It is going to be a hard journey, but I am determined to not get sidetracked from my goals. I am totally focused.

  • I joined a gym 3 months ago and am re-upping for 3 more months. I am in slightly better physical shape. I keep my exercise appointments on my google calendar, in yellow. My sister and I are doing a daily 7:30am call to check in about all our goals, including weight loss. She gave me the idea to “eat a rainbow”, to make eating and cooking more interesting. Brilliant! I am changing my attitude to a fun enjoyment of the process.

  • OK, mission #2 begins now! I will find the time! I will!

  • Okay, reality check taken!

  • No more excuses. Let’s get real. πŸ™‚

  • I am starting to workout 4 times a week! I am starting to see my goals come to light!

  • Mission 2 done… it’s me time now and my priority is dedicating time to focus on my journey and stay focussed.

  • I don’t have the excuse of no time anymore. My kids are older so I can take the time even if I am working 2 jobs. I just need to make this a priority!

  • I am the queen of making up excuses, but that is over, I am going to do this! πŸ™‚ woot

  • I’ve got 15 kilo’s to lose, I need to be committed to making this happen!

  • I have no excuse…..I tend to just sit on my butt all day. I am going to change that…if all I do is run up and down my 5 flights of stairs all day!!! Lol

  • Completed this mission….

  • I am a professional dieter. I think I have done every one that has been the current trend. I have failed at them all. I did mission #1 a few days ago and have spent considerable time thinking about my attitudes and denial. I have had diabetes 2 for about 4 years which hasn’t been great fun. The good news is that I don’t have to hold on to it. Losing weight and exercising are crucial. I don’t have to be a victim of my own wonderful ability to make fabulous excuses anymore like a petulant child. It’s time for me to let the grown up me take control and get started.

  • Mission 2 done! We all need to set aside time for ourselves. We need to stop feeling guilty about it!

  • I will make this weight goal a priority”

  • mission 2 done. Ive set aside some “me” time everyday and go for a nice long walk with just me and my headphones. Love it. I’m trying to walk to work and back (still middle of winter here… not easy) and am now eating breakfast… which I never used to do. Oddly enough, I am eating more now that I used to, and I’m losing weight! exciting…. On to mission 3…

  • I have alot of things to think about and commit to.

  • I’m doing it! Making the time, putting this on the front burner. You may find it funny that a very small thing was a very big hurdle for me: clicking on that badge and having it posted on facebook. That meant that everyone knew I was doing this; that meant that I couldn’t hide if this “doesn’t work out” as have so many other weight loss efforts. Now everone knows this is a priority in my life! Yikes! But it feels great to know that it is serious enough, and I’ve made a commitment, to do this for me.

  • For me, it has to be about making it a priority and making time, not if I have time. Also doing things (like eating) with purpose, not mindlessly. It may not be “fair” that I have to focus all the time and be vigilant all the time, but life isn’t always fair. I got myself this way and itis time to take action, stop talking and do!!!

  • I have been finding time to exercise, but now that I am finishing a job with twins and will wait for another family… I can spend more time walking. I am enjoying walking that I never thought possible. I have been doing about 5-8 miles a day.

  • I wish school started an hour later so I could workout before school- I have no good reason to not fit a workout in everyday, plus this week I’m on vacation πŸ™‚ I will make the time everyday!

  • My problem is that I LOVE to bake and cook. I might need to find another activity to channel that energy… hm, maybe exercise? πŸ™‚ I’m about to go do #3 right now (taking a walk) instead of baking blueberry muffins like I really want to….

  • Starting tomorrow. It’s a new day, no more excuses.

  • 30 mins every day…focusing, recording and getting excited!!!

  • Mission 2 done. I am also doing the 30 day challenge so I forgot to jump over here and check in last night… but I am accountable and I did it!

  • On vaca so took the opportunity to have a lovely walk along the beach.

  • I’m flicking the switch and making this a priority. Waking up a little earlier to ride the bike or take a walk is a small price to pay for getting healthy. I struggle with taking time for myself when I have so little time to spend with my kids, but it’s important to take that time and make sure that I’m here for a lot longer for them!

  • I am ready to make changes in my life to be healthier..

  • Done

  • This is a challenging one for me – I’m a self employed single mum and my schedule is different every day and every week, plus I travel interstate once a month, plus I’m working on a Masters degree externally… I know I have to change, and most of what I need to change is in my head. I really need help with this one πŸ˜›

  • As with any challenge for me, it is more psychological then physical. The sacrifice I am going to make is to get off the emotional roller coaster that I typically go on when I try to lose weight. This time I plan to stay as level (positive) as I can. If I start heading towards the dips (negatives) I will reread the missions I have already covered successfully.

  • I am ready. My weightloss mentality is in focus and I’m ready to take on this journey. I have the time and the money (hopefully not too much! Lol) and I’m just done with the excuses. Truth is, there is NO excuse, not to be healthy. Let’s do this! πŸ™‚

  • Mission done time,organize, determination!

  • I lost about 10kg last year before falling pregnant, I am now 6 weeks post birth & am the same weight I was when I fell pregnant (Yay!) – I am not going to let myself go backwards – I still have a lot to lose to be in a healthy weight range and I am going to make time to plan meals & exercise, get my focus together and if I stuff up occaisionally, I’m not going to go on a binge thinking all is lost like I used to – take it one meal at at time!

  • Last time I was motivated I lost 8kg. This time I want to lose 38kg and I can do anything I set my mind to! I can and I will do it! I will show everyone that has picked on me for my weight that I can change it!

  • I am resolving to take better care of myself in the new year. Not just weight loss and exercise, but all around being conscientious of how I’m dressing, etc. The ‘reality’ part is very true for me… The screwing up part seems to happen again and again, but the persistence is what I need to work on the most!

  • OK. I want to make the time, although I don’t have a lot and am willing to change things in my life to change things in my life. So here goes………..

  • This mission really clicked for me. I’ve been thinking how many magazines I’ve read and books I’ve read on losing weight but never made it a focus or gave it the time it needed. Time to put all my knowledge to action by putting my time in and getting serious.

  • Your words … Moving weight loss to the foreground of my thoughts is empowering to me. An example is I have put a glass near every tap in my house and each time i use the tap I have a full glass of water. Works for me ?

  • Exactly how much money are we talking about here?

  • Step 2 check. Making time for working out and eating better.

  • Time to get off my procrastinating butt and do something about the things I don’t like about myself.

  • For the past 3 months I have been going to Curves 2 – 3 days a week. I used to make 0 time for exercise.

    In the past my weight loss attempts have failed primarily due to meal prep. I’d rather spend time with my son than chopping veggies. As a busy, working mom does anyone have suggestions for saving time? Would buying a mandolin help speed up veggie prep?

  • Some sacrifices are worth making…

  • Done

  • Until I was in my 40’s I could eat whatever I wanted and didn’t gain weight. I never had to think about or plan what I was going to eat. I just ate. Now that I’m in my 50’s it’s snuck up on me. This was a great mind shift that I need to put weight loss forefront in thoughts and actions. Can I first say “Ugh!!!” I don’t want to have to do this. But I have to decide which I don’t want to do more: continue to be heavier than I want or make time and effort to work on this? I’m going to work on losing weight!! (I may need to write that sentence a thousand times to get it ingrained, lol!)

  • ‘I am what I am’ used to be my motto, now no more! Losing weight takes the hard yakkas and I’m ready. No more excuses. Now I’m more the happy to go to the park with the kids and not sit on my butt gasbagging with my mothers group. We walk around the park while the Kids go nuts. Juggling school, preschool, swimming lessons, differenT therapies, all for the kids. It’s no longer guilt inducing putting tHem in the gym crΓ¨che for an hour 4 times a week. bring it on!

  • Mission 2: Take a Reality Check.
    Positive Statement: I will lose weight for my heart and healthier body.
    Our bodies must last a lifetime: Health Maintenance of weight loss & exercise.
    Our focus must be on daily exercising: I.e. walking up and down my street twice a day and then increase each week.

    Take a Reality Check Group Feedback:
    Losing weight takes the following: time; small amount of money (free exercise at exercise room at RC for members); attention; focus; determination; persistence; willingness to take action!
    Losing weight by exercising every morning & exercising in the exercise room at RC Monday through Friday.
    Breakfast menu for my group consumers:
    Breakfast: one egg, cup of yogurt, glass of juice, cup of coffee.
    2 hardboiled eggs; glass of orange juice and a glass of milk.
    Bowl of cereal and glass of orange juice – high fiber cereal.
    Pop tart and coffee!
    Cereal at night before I go to bed!
    Bowl of cereal; peanut butter and jelly; coffee; milk or juice!
    Desired weight loss: lose 20 more pounds; maintain your weight as you’re thin already; lose 100 more pounds; lose 50 pounds; lose 55 pounds!

  • I am completely ready to lose the weight. I am tired of being down on myself and not feeling good enough to even go to the store without feeling self-conscious. I remember a time when I had a ton of confidence and I want that feeling back.

  • One of my husbands favourite sayings is from Star Wars. Yoda says “Do or do not, there is no try”. Well,, with persistence and the acceptance of any small failures (and getting back on that horse) I will DO this!

  • I’m going to combine using the treadmill and studying. I am going to accept that the mornings don’t work for me to exercise and change my mind set to feeding the kids afternoon tea and then exercise before doing house chores.

  • Getting serious! No more putting it off!

  • My biggest stumbling point is the time factor and then the attention/focus to stay with it. I am telling myself that 2012 will be THE year that I lose the extra weight. My current work schedule has me off of work at 2:30, home by 3, Tuesday thru Friday. Mondays are a bit more challenging because my kids are out of school early and at an after school providers’ house. Mondays may have to be either my rest day or work out at home day.

  • Considering how much I eat and what I eat, I don’t think that the cost of food is going to be an issue for me. I will probably save! Time and persistence is going to be my challenge.

  • I just joined the YMCA this morning.

  • I am willing to exercise… that can be a top priority on my to do list… I find eating healthy a bit harder.

  • It’s time to put my own oxygen mask on, before trying to put others on (per one of my family’s favorite allegories). This will only improve my ability to serve my God, my family, & my coworkers & residents.

  • I can do this – I WILL do this! I know I need to make the time, and be persistent, too. In the past, I’ve given up- been too many other things I’d rather do. But this time, I see I need to MAKE it happen.

  • It’s time to stop trying & start doing!

  • I am ready to make more time for myself and make my health a priority.

  • Making room now! πŸ™‚

  • I’m committed to making this new lifestyle a main focus – what I need to be careful of is not hyper-focusing on the weight loss only (it’s been a downfall before). I have my exercise scheduled 4x a week, and my Zumba friends are such a great support system and also companions on the same journey. My challenge will be getting variety in my foods and making better choices.

  • Third time trying to add a comment that this mission is done. We will see if I can get it to post.

  • In order to get a badge do you have to post to Facebook ? I’d rather not….

  • I need to get real about this. No more starting over and doing this halfway. I need to be willing to change myself and make this TOP priority for awhile.

  • Time is always my biggest hurdle in eating right. I’m glad to hear everyone is in the same boat, because I am listening… The good thing is I really want to do this.

  • I will make the Time for exercise!

  • Where can I view my badges?

  • I have the time and the motivation, just need to forget the feeling of being a ” sad woman on diet” and find the joy of take care of myself.

  • This is a challenge and a definite mind shift. Even now I struggle with moving my goal to be slimmer in the foreground. This mission reminds me that there are cost. Read my motivation page daily to

  • I review this mission every day.. Everything worth having involves some cost

  • I must take the plunge no more thinking about it.

  • 1. Time -> what for? Exercise, eat often, sleep! Sleep!
    3. Focus, determination, willingness.. Ok when not on holliday or social events.

  • Schnubert Von Turkleberry

    It’s time to get started on this!

  • Kathleen Morris

    Mission 2 completed!

    • Kylie B

      Hi Kathleen, congratulations on completing Mission 2! I’ll be checking in on you to see how you’re working through the program. We’ve just moved our program over to a new system which means you won’t be able to see any comments I’ve made to other members who have done the program. Please let me know if you have any questions. πŸ™‚ Kylie, Community Manager

  • Michelle

    Great mission! I have been in denial, thinking if I ignore it, the pounds will melt off. No more!!!

  • Micka Ashley

    Mission completed

  • Terry Currie

    Our group responses are: Time 3 times a week 15-30 minutes
    Money you can exercise free at the RC
    Determination to exercise to lose weight and better health
    Willingness to take action commit to what it takes to lose weight
    Get clear in your mind that you will have to make room for the success of this goal
    in your life
    Positive Statement: I will lose weight for my heart and healthier body.
    Our bodies must last a lifetime: Health Maintenance of weight loss & exercise.
    Our focus must be on daily exercising: I.e. walking up and down my street twice
    a day and then increase each week. In bad weather walk your hallways.
    Take a Reality Check Group Feedback:
    Losing weight takes the following: time; free exercise at exercise room at RC
    for members; attention; focus; determination; persistence; willingness to take
    Losing weight by exercising every morning & exercising in the exercise room
    at RC Monday through Friday!
    Breakfast menu for my group consumers:
    Breakfast: four eggs and make scrambled eggs with cheese; cheese omelet
    Breakfast: one egg, cup of yogurt, glass of juice, cup of coffee.
    2 hardboiled eggs; glass of orange juice and a glass of milk!
    Bowl of cereal and glass of orange juice – high fiber cereal.
    Pop tart and coffee!
    Cereal at night before I go to bed!
    Bowl of cereal; coffee or juice!
    Desired weight loss: maintain your weight as you’re thin already; lose 12 – 40 pounds!

  • Jane Spruill

    The phrase “you will have to make room for the success” finally cracked through something inside. I make time (room) to take care of my kids, go to work, read, laundry, clean house, check Facebook, etc. but when do I focus on ME and my health? No more! I am determined to put myself first – I can’t effectively take care of others if I don’t take care of myself first.

    • Kylie B

      I’m glad you had that break through, Jane. Make specific goals about what you want to do for you. For example, I will go to Yoga three times a week. Specific goals with a specific timeframe will help you keep on track when unexpected things pop up (as they always seem to do!). You don’t have to share your specific goals here, but I think it’s good to write them down or put them as tasks in your phone for easy reference and hold yourself accountable. πŸ™‚ Kylie, Community Manager

  • Terry Currie

    Positive Statement: I will lose weight for my heart;
    healthier body thru daily diet & exercise.

  • Hayley Waterhouse

    This has been a hard mission for me. I always feel enthusiastic at the start of making health a foreground goal and then life crowds in and the only way I can stop the guilt and failure is to remove the expectations. I know to succeed I need to overcome those hurdles and keep going or I will forever be in the weight loss/weight gain cycle. Time and money I can handle. It’s attention, focus, determination and persistence that I need to develop.

    • Kylie B

      Hi Hayley,

      Losing motivation along the way is a common roadblock. Some of the strategies that other members use to stay focused include:
      – setting alarms on their phones with reminders
      – using apps like Fitbit or myfitnesspal (there are lots to choose from)
      – referring to previous pics of you at your ideal weight (in your diary, on your phone, on the fridge)
      – leaving little post-it notes in places where you tend to lose focus (in the cookie jar, on the sugar bowl) or leaving inspirational post-it notes to keep motivating you (on the bathroom mirror, on the fridge, on your car’s dashboard.

      Eventually you won’t need these prompts to help keep you on track. Once you gain momentum you’re natural motivation will kick in and your new mindset will be in control. Better still, once you start seeing RESULTS you will NOT want to look back! πŸ™‚
      Kylie, Community Manager

  • Tricia Tassell

    Mission 2 done and dusted …. the mental switch has been repaired and is now set to active and serious! I’m doing this!

  • MJ

    Done! I’m pretty sure I’ll have to come back to this reality check frequently, however!

  • Done! I have journaled all of these reminders and i’m sure I’ll be coming back to this step as needed!!

  • Kris slater

    I have set clear and concise goals and journaled them. I need to read them occasionally to refresh my thinking and to stay on track and motivated. Especially if I feel I’m losing focus I need to come back and regroup.

    • Kylie B

      If they are not too personal Kris, you could try what other members have done & use post-it notes as a visual prompt. They write their goals on them and keep them in sight. Mirror. Fridge. Car. Wallet or purse, for example. πŸ™‚ Kylie, Community Manager

  • The mindset shift has been made. Now to make it happen!

    • Kylie B

      Hi Cheri, lovely to see you again!
      Let me know if I can help you with anything along the way.
      You can do this πŸ™‚
      Community Manager

  • Ibbi

    I can do this!

    • Kylie B

      Yes, you can!

  • CoffeePat

    Whoa, the time thing at the top of the list surprised me, and the lack of “things you love to eat” on the list surprised me more.

    Time, focus, attention. The same things I have to give to every other endeavor worth pursuing, the same things I’ve given to every other endeavor other than myself.

    I’m not clear on why this is a surprise to me, but it is. Maybe that’s why I haven’t ever gotten to my ideal weight despite years of “trying.”

    • Kylie B

      I think you’ve had a little break-though CoffeePat!
      It’s time to give that focus and attention to YOU πŸ™‚
      So glad you’re with us, welcome!

      Kylie, Community Manager

  • Gail

    Just moved my weight loss goal from position 13 on my 2016 goals list to position 1.

    • Kylie B

      Yes, right where it should be! Good for you, Gail πŸ™‚

      Kylie, Community Manager

  • Amanda Power

    Reality check taken! Time, Money, Attention, Focus, Determination, Persistence and Willingness to take action. 1 and 6 will be the tricky ones for me, but like you say if you only have it as a background goal, that’s where it will stay!