Mission 15: Kick The Perfectionism Habit

If you want a program that requires you to be perfect all the time, then I’m sorry to tell you – this ain’t it.

In fact, this mission is all about tattooing into your brain the idea of progress, not perfection.

And because we’re giving perfectionism the old heave ho, we’ll also develop a strategy for dealing with inevitable lapses when they happen. And they will happen. (Hence the word inevitable.)

It’s what you do most of the time that shapes your results. That’s why persistence and determination are w-a-a-ay more important than perfection, which is impossible anyway. But you knew that.

Many, perhaps most, weight-loss attempts get derailed because people expect too much of themselves, fail at this absurd level of perfection, then think they don’t have what to takes to lose weight. So they abandon the goal.

You do have what it takes: the great news is it takes lessnot more than you’ve tried before.

If perfectionism has been your downfall in the past, welcome to a better way. You can be imperfect – yay!

You just need two things:

1.       You need to know where to put your focus

2.      You need a crucial skill that will help you weather every lapse with equanimity and determination.

Let’s turn to both of these now.


We are what we repeatedly do.


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