Mission 14: Stop Overeating

In the 52 Weight Loss Missions program I staunchly defend your right to eat chocolate, ice cream, or whatever treats you love (see Mission 13: Splurge Strategically).

However, I don’t want you wasting your calories on food you hardly enjoy, barely taste, and quite frankly don’t need – physically or psychologically.

For most of us with extra weight, overeating plays a role. For some of us, it’s the star of the show.

So in this mission I’m going to help you to make a pretty radical change to your eating habits – I’m going to help you to stop overeating.

And because we’re going to be strategic and focus on changing the path of least resistance, we won’t need willpower, self-recrimination, obsessiveness, or Silence of The Lambs masks to make the change.

Instead, we’ll first look at ways to reduce your portion sizes so you don’t mindlessly eat more than you need.

Then we’ll deal with some of the causes of automatic eating, and consider ways to break free.

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