Day 29: Do A Weight-Loss Reality Check | 30-Day Weight Loss-athon

It’s time for Day 29, the second-last day of the 30-Day Weight Loss-athon.

All tasks in the 30-Day Weight Loss-athon are adapted from my 52 Weight Loss Missions program.

Read the steps first, then take 10 minutes to complete them.

Move fast, act quickly and stop over-thinking. Ready?

What You Need:

  • Willingness to be honest with yourself.

Step 1

As our time together is nearly at an end, I want to spend today’s 10 minutes doing a reality check. Let’s make sure you’re continuing to take action in the ways we’ve been talking about for the past month.

With that in mind, review each of the items below:

  • Do you have a daily reminder of your true weight-loss motivation?
  • Have you asked for the support you need?
  • Are you tracking everything you eat and drink?
  • Are you eating plenty of vegetables?
  • Are you keeping your splurges strategic?
  • Are you exercising most days?
  • Are you working up a sweat when you exercise?
  • Do you focus on your chosen diet actions most days?
  • Are you doing daily micro-exercise?
  • Are your portion sizes reasonable?
  • Have you created your weight-loss menu binder?
  • Are you prepared for exercise excuses?
  • Do you have the stuff you need for exercise?
  • Is your kitchen properly equipped?
  • Have you increased your exercise frequency?
  • Have you increased your exercise intensity?
  • Have you increased your exercise duration?
  • Do you say no when necessary?
  • Do you eat a good breakfast?
  • Do you drink plenty of water?
  • Do you keep a journal or log for weight loss notes?

Bonus Step For 52 Weight Loss Missions Members

Add these items to your reality check:

Step 2

For each ‘no’, decide to re-commit to taking the action. These are the actions that will make you slim!

If needed, make a time in your diary to revisit the relevant Days or Missions.

Which areas do you need to re-commit to?

Check in!

And you’re done!

Be sure to leave your comment below to check in and stay accountable. If you’re reading this by email or in a reader then please click here to leave your comment.

See you tomorrow for our final task!

Michele Connolly

Michele Connolly helps people move from procrastination to action. She believes that taking action on your priorities makes you a happier person. Michele is the founder of Get Organized Wizard and creator of tools for business, home, and personal organization. Her programs are used by tens of thousands of people worldwide.

  • I have done or am doing the majority of these, still need to work on recipe /binder haven’t had time yet but its on to do list, feel great at the end of this 30 days and cant believe how good I feel. starting to really notice weight loss in clothing, need new bras but waiting just a bit more til I am at my goal weight. since January have lost 7 kilos (weighed myself yesterday and was shocked) I am so glad I signed up for this, although most of my weight has gone from the top of my body and remains around my hips, my legs are getting toned and slimmer Thanks Michele Connolly you have complimented my diet that I started in January and given my weight-loss the boost that it needed over the last month.

  • Lunch can be my downfall where I scoff whatever I can find in my spare 10 minutes. This week I have made a pot of Weight Watchers Zero point Vegetable soup in the hope that this will encourage good habits.

  • Overall I think I have a positive attitude and am dealing well with most of the challenges. Need to be more consistent on weekends drinking water. Drink a lot at work during the week but forget on the weekends. With summer coming that shouldn’t be a huge challenge. Was pleased I was able to bike to the next station yesterday that has a hill I usually have to push my bike up, but stayed on the bike the whole way. So I know I’m going in the right direction! Thank you Michele for the great tips and jump start to a healthier me.

  • Absolutely loved this mission! I’m down about 9 pounds BUT my BP is already down huge points and I now KNOW I can easily walk 5 miles (before this I just couldn’t get passed the 2 mile hump). I have set mini goals, 5 miles by the end of April (already hit 6), 8 miles by the end of May and big ones, The Color Run and the Avon Breast Cancer Walk next year. Thanks.

  • I need to work on what I say to myself about my weight, why I can’t/don’t lose like I’d like to, etc. and figure out why I sabotage my goals in that way. On a positive note…I planned out all our dinners for the week and made a lunch date change if location that would better suit my new eating habits. Also wrote in what I will do for exercise each day. That felt good 🙂

  • This has been a perfect way to start my weight loss journey. My work and travel schedules have hindered me from fully engaging each step. I have decided to make a binder with these 30 daily missions and as I progress I will focus on the ones that I still lack. Thank you so much for this resource….can’t wait to share when I actually reach my goal weight. God bless you Michele for all the help and encouragement.

  • I am definitely making better choices, and tracking all that I eat, good and bad! This has been a great help getting me back on track. Thanks

  • I am doing it! My recipe binder is a daily exercise as part of my diet – so that is not done, but it is on my daily to do list as part as my “get organized” daily planner. Not only am I down 14lbs, but the general shape of my middle has changed. I fit into everything I own and the fat camoflauge outfits have been reworked to fit the new me. I’m planning ahead by asking people what to bring to parties (its a polite and nice way to get the particulars on what they are serving too), checking out menus online before I eat out and packing plenty into the fridge for quick snacks or meals. I am tracking my food everyday, although there is an occassional skip the journal. I feel like I’m on a path to losing and keeping it off!

  • Yesterday was not a good day for me. Our main meal, low fat caesar salad and garlic breadsticks, was a horrible choice, because I couldn’t stop myself from eating THREE homemade breadsticks (although I did stay under my self-imposed calorie count for the day). I also couldn’t make myself exercise 🙁 I know the exercise component is what I really need to work on, but I’m so tired after doing everything that needs doing at home…and I already get up at 6:00 am. I know this is the area I need to work on.

  • I still need to increase my exercise and my meals could be a bit healthier. I have this all under control as from tomorrow, it is a new week and nearly a new month where I plan to have all my missions ticked for every day. I have been shopping and got my meals all planned for the week. I am drinking my 2 litres of water most days so just need to make sure that happens everyday. Now the weather is cooling down I am finding it harder to do. My goal is for the next month to do everyone of these missions daily.

  • Truth…I have a long way to go! esp. on meal planning, and keeping track of what I eat! But overall…I feel like I am on my way, to a brand new better/more healthier, me! : ) Thanks, for all your help and encouragement! This program has been a great push, in the right direction! Blessing to you…for all you do, to help others! <3 : ).

  • Doing well on almost every front. Next week should be better now the family is over all our illnesses of the past few days. I’ve started losing a bit of weight but more importantly re-shaping the abdominal area. I can actually feel my muscles working there now! Yay, me!

  • I have been slack about the journal as I have been away and forgot it. back on track today. pleased to say that I have lost 1.8 kilo since I started this and I started on day 7. back to this later.

  • I am doing all the things we were taught to do. I am doing pretty good. This program was so good for me for the accountability:) Looking forward to keep losing weight and being healthy and happy in my skin:)

  • My weakness is still writing it all down. I need to work harder on that. I also need to work harder on the emotional eating part. This has been a big help though!

  • This program came at a perfect time for me. It has helped motivate me to continue making changes and to keep moving forward.

  • I can’t say I’ve done all of them, but have done some and need to keep working at it. Some days are harder than others.

  • Still working on getting enough water and eating breakfast. I am going to keep a list of the challenges on my fridge door and bathroom mirror to remind me daily.

  • I have done nearly all of the thins that are listed I’m going to be stronger when it comes to eating sensibly.

  • The Breakfast thingy is the hardest…I end up feeling hungrier through out the day.

  • Only 4 no! 2 of them I chose not to do.. Yay!

  • It seems to be the things like starting a recipe folder and writing down everything that I eat, that I need to speed up on. The practical things seem to come easier! I have started a diet blog here with no posts yet….don’t hold your breath either:) No, I’m really going to try and get all the plans into order! 🙂

  • This month has been so fantastic for tips and practical advice. I still need to not resist exercising, plan menus every week, and objectively analyze what is working/not working for ME. Since this isn’t a short term project, but a lifelong mission, I will work on these one at a time until they become my “good habits”!

  • I have indeed done most of the items listed. I still have work to do, but I am mindful and have a motivated attitude that will continue to lead me down a path of success.

    Thank you Michele Connolly, you have truly helped me jump start my journey back to a thinner me.

  • I cant believe this is almost over…. how great is a regular check in.. this mission is great.. time to reflect.. personally.. couldn’t of come at a better time.. what do I do after day 30? maybe start over?

  • My major deficiency is “scatterbrain” so I made a print out of today’s sheet and I am going to put them on post it notes around the house. Yay ladies!

  • Time to write these in my notebook and answer them all and either maintain or change things 🙂

  • I believe right now I can say yes to all missions, but I will continue to remind myself of them always.

  • I like these questions. I am going to use them to keep myself on track next month.

  • review, revise, renew.

  • I’m pleasantly surprised ny how many of these I have done/am doing. Must get more sleep tho”, which is hard for this Night Owl, who needs to get up fairly early to exercise!

  • I am doing MOST of the list— don’t have the recipes collected but do have the binder and a special place for them. I definitely am “feeling slimmer” especially around the middle. The scales say I’ve trimmed off about 7 pounds and I am NOT hungry. Still work on the inbetween snacks but celery, carrots or small amount of fruit is tasting good. The water thing— I started adding thinly sliced orange to my refrigerated pitcher of water. It really tastes SO VERY MUCH BETTER and is MORE REFRESHING that just plain water so I am drinking plenty of oj’d H2O.

  • Hello to everyone: One more day to go. The month has gone fast. It’s very important you’re honest and do a reality check. Have you been exercising; eating nutritional foods; kept track of what you eat; etc. Write down what you have learned from this 30 day weight loss program. Make a commitment to continue. I’m proud of all of you – you are on the home stretch but you must stay committed. Please continue to post to stay accountable. Good Luck.

  • I know that even if I don’t lose all of the weight I would like, the changes I have made are for a healthier life style. I am drinking more water, choosing healthier foods, exercising more (and enjoying it). I am already feeling more energized, and less tired. That in itself is a reward.

  • While I didn’t always accomplish everything on the exact day I have managed to finish eash task before the 30 days were up. I have come to realize that this is a work in progress. I am going to keep working on each step and improve daily. I guess it’s time to start another 30 days tomorrow!

  • I need to re-commit to creating the recipe binder and planning meals in advance each week. That seems to be a huge time suck when I do it but saves me from wondering every evening what I’m going to fix for dinner.

  • Plan, commit, journal, review—-do again and again until goal is reached. Set new goal! It’s all about becoming healthier in mind, body and spirit.

  • I have this reality check list printed out and I’m putting it on my dresser for daily reminders every morning! Doing very good with the strategic splurging.. no more processed foods!

  • I’m doing a lot, but all isn’t feasible or nessecary with my diet. I do need to exercise more and get better about asking/finding support. But overall I’m doing it!

  • While I’m working on majority of these, this is a great review list to keep nearby to stay focused. It has been a lot of information, but it has definitely been a great jump start to my new healthy life!

  • These items have really changed my outlook toward weight loss. I plan to keep doing these and rereading them. Thanks for sharing and making a difference.

  • I plan on writing a list of the ones that are “no’s” and moving them to yes. I am pleased with the number that are new yes’ from this month.

  • Still needing to revisit and work on a few of these, but a few have also become second nature.

  • I´m still working in many aspects but I feel great because I´ve lost 4 kilos this month and I´m not trying to be perfect…I don´t feel anxious or worried about food and I´ve learnt many things from you Michelle. Thanks a lot. 🙂

  • I´m glad I signed up and checked in every morning. A good beginning for my journey. Progress not perfection in all of these tasks. Today morning I think i´m not good enough I could do better… blah… it´s the ego, the inner-critic, who wants to push me… I´m doing so much better in all areas and it´s not a quick-fix. For me it´s not a 3kg-look-good-in-bikini-loss-athon and it needs patience and a new mindset and I really want to take the new road!

  • Good to read all that in one comment. It give me an overview to what I´ve done and what I´ve to tackle the next weeks. I´ve always struggle between household, gardening and even more exercise. Love the micro excercises ;).