Success Story: Cathi Found Humor, Motivation, And A Strong Inner Voice

52 Weight Loss Missions Program

Hi everyone. It’s Kylie Browne, 52 Weight Loss Missions Community Manager here.

I recently connected with another of our inspiring community members, Cathi. Cathi is a top commenter on our 52 Weight Loss Missions members’ forum and has also participated in the 30-Day Organize-athon.

Cathi’s Story

Kylie: I love reading your check-ins for the 52 Weight Loss Missions program. How would you say the program has helped you?

Cathi: It has helped add some humor to trying to eat healthier and be more active during the day. Also, reading other people’s struggles made it seem more doable.

Kylie: How is life different for you now?

Cathi: I now miss exercise when I don’t do it – which is not often. I can tell when I don’t eat as well as I should – I feel worse. Plus, my inner voice kicks in.

Reading other people’s struggles made it seem more doable.

What’s Your Story?

Being accountable and taking control of bad eating habits has empowered Cathi to maintain a healthy mind and body.

Have you found success with 52 Weight Loss Missions?

To share your story, email me. You could be our next inspiring success story!


Kylie Browne

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