How Long Till A Binge Becomes A Bulge?

You know how sometimes you overeat? Um, theoretically, I mean? Ever wondered how long it takes for that burger-fries-and-shake combo to turn into your very own personal wobbly bits?

Well new research from Oxford University has found that the whole process takes less time than you think.

In fact, in just 3 – 4 hours a binge can become a bulge.

And the process tends to be most pronounced early in the day (all the better to eat a good breakfast my dear).

As for where the fat goes, it seems the tummy is the site of short-term fat storage, kind of like your computer’s RAM. This fat is readily accessible when needed for things like – exercise!

The hips, things and butt, however, are where our bodies turn to deposit longer-term fat stores. That’s your body’s version of saving to the hard drive.

 So to avoid bulge showing up on your body:

Michele Connolly

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