Day 5: Choose Your 30 x 3 Exercise | 30-Day Weight Loss-athon

Welcome to Day 5 of the 30-Day Weight Loss-athon.

Today we’ll be committing to — dun dun DUN! — an exercise program!!

Read the steps first, then take 10 minutes to complete them.

We only have 10 minutes, so move fast, act quickly and stop over-thinking. Just throw yourself in. Ready?

What You Need:

  • Your diary.

Important Note: Get medical clearance if you need it

It’s a good idea to get the all-clear to exercise from your medical professional if:

  • You’re new to exercise
  • You haven’t exercised in a long time
  • You’re significantly overweight
  • You have a medical condition or concern
  • You’re nervous about exercising.

Step 1

The first step today is to have a little talk with yourself and make peace with the idea that you are going to become a regular exerciser.

That might be something you’re OK with already. Cool – then this will be pretty easy.

Or it could fill you with dread and panic. In which case, take a deep breath because I’m going to let you in on a secret – one that anyone who’s ever lost weight will confirm if you ask them.

As you start to lose weight, you start to enjoy exercising. It may seem hard to believe now, but it’s true.

So comfort yourself that soon, a kind of pleasure will start to kick in. Maybe not a rocking good time, but a definite this-isn’t-so-bad-ness. You just have to get past the beginning.

Step 2

Next, let’s find out what you like and don’t like, workout-wise. Some questions can help:

  • Do you prefer to be indoors or outdoors?
  • Do you like to work out alone or in a group?
  • Do you prefer high or low impact activities?
  • Do you prefer a consistent or varied pace?
  • Do you want to start easy or be immediately challenged?
  • Do you prefer music, TV, or your own thoughts when you exercise?
  • Do you feel most energetic in the morning, afternoon or evening?

Once you’ve considered your answers, you’ll find it easier to choose a type of exercise that will suit you.

Step 3

Bearing in mind those preferences from Step 2, you need to:

  • Choose something active
  • Be prepared to do it for at least 30 minutes at a time
  • Be prepared to do it at least 3 times a week.

In total, that’s 1.5 hours a week. Less than a movie.

If you feel resistance welling up and find yourself formulating excuses why you can’t spare 1.5 hours a week, then gently remind yourself that:

  • This amount of exercise is a small price to pay for looking good, feeling good and getting healthy
  • If you don’t exercise, you run the risk of all sorts of expensive problems that will cost you a lot more time in the long run
  • People with greater time pressures and more weight to lose than you have done it, and you can do it too
  • There are wonderful rewards waiting for you, as you identified on Day 1.

Choose from the list below, or feel free to add something else. Just be sure your choice raises your heart rate and makes you sweat. Pilates, yoga and shopping can be added extras, but they generally don’t burn enough calories to be good weight-loss choices.

  • Walking – brisk
  • Walking – hills
  • Running
  • Jogging
  • Skipping (with a rope)
  • Cycling – outdoor
  • Cycling – stationary
  • Elliptical machine
  • Treadmill
  • Boxing
  • Exercise classes – including step, combat, attack,
  • Swimming
  • Dancing
  • Dance classes
  • Sports that raise your heart rate and make you sweat – eg tennis, squash etc
  • Exercise DVD.

Step 4

Now the part that makes all the difference.

Enter your exercise sessions for the rest of the month in your diary. Yep – put them right in there, at the times you’ll do them.

You’ve just made exercise dates with yourself. Please don’t be rude and stand yourself up.

Bonus Step For 52 Weight Loss Missions Members

Revisit Mission 9: Fit Exercise Into Your Life to remind yourself how to see exercise sessions as commitments. Prepare your answers for those times you’ve scheduled an exercise session and your boss/colleague/friend says, ‘Can you [stay late/attend a meeting/go out]’?

Check in!

And you’re done!

Be sure to leave your comment below to check in and stay accountable. If you’re reading this by email or in a reader then please click here to leave your comment.

See you tomorrow!

Michele Connolly

Michele Connolly helps people move from procrastination to action. She believes that taking action on your priorities makes you a happier person. Michele is the founder of Get Organized Wizard and creator of tools for business, home, and personal organization. Her programs are used by tens of thousands of people worldwide.

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  • I’ve been busy busy busy…and it’s only day five! I usually park my car half a mile away from school…the school parking lot is a zoo. SO I walked one mile to and from school. It was a gorgeous day, so I did about a mile this morning before class. My neighbor invited me for a walk so we could gossip…I think we did about 12 loops around the track = 3 mi ( clearly we needed to catch up). I had a cup of coffee at 6 pm…so I walked 2 more miles to my Zumba class… I think I might need to take some Advil tonight.
    I think I can do more!

  • Committed to walking a minimum of 3 times a week for 30 minutes.

  • I love to exercise! No question, but finding balance between all my responsibilities and having a peaceful household, well…. I had to choose between my Body Pump and Zumba classes or having dinner on the table homework done and kids in bed a decent hour. So I’m working on finding new exercise that doesn’t require me to be away from home as much. So I’ve made it a point to get outside everyday for at least 30 minutes (Thank you God for the beautiful weather lately) and work in my yard, serious work, digging, raking, moving dirt, pulling weeds, laying patio blocks. Long story shortened, I am making baby steps toward balance! Oh, and Mary if you’re out there, thank you for listening to me complain today! Hugs!

  • So far I’ve walked 3 out of 4 days to pick up my son from school – about 38 minutes moving round trip. However, I had wanted this to be a part of my finding more ways to be active, not my actual scheduled exercise time. I have an elliptical that I love & a set of great dvds, but I find myself doing a zillion little things around the house when the baby naps instead of prioritizing exercizing. I may have to write myself a new motivational post-it that the dirt will still be there tomorrow, & so will the fat on my thighs, which one is more pressing for me to get rid of?

  • I have dusted off the treadmill and created a new jam station on pandora. I am committed to walking at least 3 days a week in the morning before I go to work. My goal is to do it 5 days a week though.

  • It is so true that when you start excersizing you actually start to enjoy it. I excersized every day in the mos. of Jan. and Feb. (save a few days) and felt awesome. I excersized 2 days in the month of March and didn’t feel so awesome. I went back today and started my Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. I feel shaky and tired, but I also feel like I conquered the world today. I also posted on facebook (so I can be held accountable) that I will not eat desserts and sweets for at least 1 month straight. Now I just have to read my Bible (which I probably should have started with first) and my day will be completely awesome. Plus, my hubby is coming home from his business trip. :o)

  • Tomorrow, I’m going to ease into and “Hula with Kili”. Next week, I’m going to Hula a little more, then do some “Dance with Denise” to prepare me to finish out the month and to “Shred” with Jillian. I put each “appointment” in my calendar with these fun DVD references instead of the yucky word “exercise.” I am so stoked to get started MOVING with my “new friends”.

  • I am going to exercise! It has been hard with the New England weather and my 5 yr old. He does not do anthing for 30 minutes. I am going to get up early and try this. We’ll see what happens. If not there is always Wii Fit!

  • I am going to be walking as its free and increase the intensity each week!

  • I have fallen into the trap of exercising too much too soon and paid for it with injuries. SO, I have made dates on my calendar beginning Monday and repeated them for as long as possible. I will exercise on the treadmill at my gym (I love my little gym) on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. I will work up to the elliptical machine.

  • Zumba for one hour on tuesday- wed-and Friday. Also love outside walking so ail try to do that.

  • Upping the treadmill to 30 mins 5 times a week. I will so miss those extra 10 mins sleep!

  • I have been putting this one off but I know what needs to be done! I must take the dog for a walk at least 3 times a week. I’m starting work at 8-9am everyday and often I wont get home till 9pm. I’m going to try and take the dog for a walk when I get home, before I have something to eat. Once I have something to eat I tend to be in bed an hour after. I’m starting this tonight!

  • I’ve been exercising for a while and have really discovered what I like through experimentation. I have to be careful because of past overuse injuries to my knees. I usually when doing a workout video follow the person doing the modifications and I still get a great workout. I have also surprised myself with some of the new activities I love along with walking, such as Pilates. I’m definitely going to keep it up because I am definitely feeling and seeing the benefits. Now I have a plan for what I’m doing for the month that I can definitely stick with.

  • It’s the 30 minutes at a time that I struggle with. My son is content to let me play XBox Kinect Your Shape game for about 15 minutes, but beyond that he is trying to crawl all over me or sneaking away so I can’t see what he’s doing. Then I have to stop the game every minute to go find him, get him out of trouble, and bring him back to the living room.

    I prefer to run on a treadmill. Love it, in fact. But I don’t have a treadmill and can’t afford one. Hate, STRONGLY HATE, running outdoors. So XBox is the way to go for me. I only have the Kinect Your Shape game and it’s obviously not meant for pregnancy exercise. It expects perfection and my pregnant body just can’t do some of the things it thinks I should do. I wish there was a tract for less physically fit (aka pregnant) folks. So my score SUCKS and it’s a real downer, but I’m going to kick that game’s butt after I have this baby! ;o)

  • I already have mine in my diary for the morning so I am going to work hard to go to bed early so I get up for my alarm and make sure that under all circumstances I get up and do it. no more excuses.

  • Unfortunately I am still recovering from a knee injury and under Dr’s order to even walk as little as possible, so I can’t commit just yet. I will as soon as I am able though!

  • This is the hardest one for me! I am a busy mom with 4 kids who I homeschool. I always get going strong but the life seems to take over and I don’t make exercise a priority. I know I need to put me and my health first but it just doesn’t happen. I am going to commit to this and put it in my calendar now!

  • Due to health issues, I already swim 30 min 3x week but need to add weight-bearing exercise so will commit to head to the gym 2x week and start walking/riding bike more places now that the weather has warmed up.

  • I have been walking everyday at lunch time for at least 1/2 hour and I try to get in an exercise video or another walk at least 3 evenings a week. I am really committed to this challenge. Still feeling the ache but the body feels firmer already and I feel great.

  • It’s a beautiful day, I’ve packed up my Avon books, taken my Advil and I’m just about out the door for my 30 minute walk! Won’t forget the sunscreen this time!

  • I’ve just fallen love with the exercise bike again.

  • Committed! Already worked out twice this week, Yahoo!

  • My sister and I worked out for an hour with an exercise tape.

  • Committed to dancing Zumba 3-days in a row! 🙂

  • I’ve got this one down. I walk and jog on the treadmill for 45 minutes 3-4 times/week. Over the last year I’ve built up from walking for 15 minutes to walking and jogging 3.5 miles and 45 minutes. It I can do it, you can too!

  • Well, I’ve dug up my old XBX exercise programme book. I remember in my dim dark past (at least 20 years ago!) really enjoying doing XBX. It’s 14 minutes a day (with the additional flexibility exercises included) done every day which I can see working for me. Trying to fit 30 minutes into my hectic/disorganised schedule hasn’t worked in the past but 14 minutes is doable! That’s actually about how long it takes my 9 year old to get all his school stuff organised for the day (we homeschool) so I can let him know it’s time to start and get active myself!

  • day 5; I don’t write much when I sign in, but I thought id spend a few extra minutes writing. my little guy has a bit of the flu and I’m not feeling 100% either, I did about 15 to 20 minutes of my Turbo Jam dvd, but not as long as I wanted. but I did work out on days 2 and 3 for 30 minutes. yesterdays day (4) will be a challenge too, I normally eat small portions and healthy but between 7 and 10pm, well that’s really tough for me, the unhealthy snacks come out. anyway, I’m trying my best, I noticed ive lost a couple pounds cause my pants are a bit looser. I weighed myself on day 1 and I wont check it again until the end of the month. my goal: to fit into my summer clothes.

  • I love zumba and combat classes at the gym. my sis and I have been meaning to make 3 every week but lately we have been letting excuses get in the way. its more difficult now that I work full time but that’s not a good enough excuse – we have worked out 3 classes that we can make so no reason not to do it!
    and if for some reason we cant, I will replace the class with a 30 min walk. eg we are going away this weekend so will miss our classes but I will go walking instead to keep motivated.

  • All I can do is walk briskly. I haven’t exercised in a long time, I have a medical condition. I got the all-clear to exercise from my Doctor. Swimming would be the best for me however there is no where to go around me @ this time.
    Oops I already learned on day 3 not to judge.So the 1st line needs to read:
    I’ll be walking briskly 3 days a week now which is a great start for me.

  • I try to hit the gyms three times a week and do 12 nautilus machines or a body pump class and then doing anywhere from 3-4 1/2 miles on the cross trainer. Now that the weather has gotten nicer the family has gotten out their bikes and we try to do bike rides several times a week. When we bike to the local playground, which is 1 1/2 miles each way, I get the added bonus of pulling my two children behind me in the bike trailer. That really kicks my butt and I can’t wait for the day to come when I won’t be ready to pass out once we get to the playground.

  • I began walking about a year ago and love the outdoor exercise–great to see neighbors and soak up nature. On vacation this week, I’ve been more lax than my usual 5-7 30-minute walks a week, but I’ve gotten in three good days of exercise on the hills where our mountain cabin’s located and in Dollywood, also a park with hills.

  • Hello to everyone:
    Congratulations on doing exercising.
    Terry Tip:
    1. Exercising three days a week is wonderful.
    2. Walking daily or five days a week is great.
    3. Consider getting an exercise buddy so you have a reason to stay committed.
    Each week you exercise and walk try for a longer period.
    If the weather is bad walk inside of a neighborhood mall when the stores are closed.
    Keep up the good work and keep posting to stay accountable. Good Luck and I’m proud of all of you.

  • I’m a day behind, but catching up with two at once! I’m committing to riding my bike at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes or more. I plan to stick both kids int he bike trailer most of the time too to add some extra oomph to the workout!

  • I’m adding 30 minutes on the treadmill 3 times a week, when my husband gets back from his run in the afternoon, to my current exercise program.

  • I started exercising a few Weeks ago. Still haven’t reached the”enjoy it” stage, but it’s defiantly not as bad as before. I like the idea of scheduling my exercise. That just may give me the extra kick I need to do it. I mostly walk but I try to vary my routines so it will be part of my lifestyle and I will not get bored with it. sometimes I add inclines, sometimes I add stairs, today I am adding sand. I am going to walk on the beach.

  • I got up an hour earlier this morning just for exercise before work because I know if I wait it will NOT get done. Totally set the mood for the rest of my day…and it was a good one!

  • Starting tomorrow, I will go to the gym and do the treadmill every other day. Now that I have a dvd player and tv I actually know how to use I will do exercise tapes in the AM on the opposite days. I think this can work for me. One more week of long hours at work and then it will be easier to get on track and stay there.

  • With the nicer weather (and the pine pollen virtually gone!), I’m starting to walk outside again. Thanks to health issues, I added strength and toning exercises too. I cannot wait for the pool to open! Looking forward to swimming and exercising in the pool with friends and neighbors.

  • Committing to walking at least 30 min. at least 3 days a week, but will plan to walk every day and not feel guilty if I skip an occasional day. Walked at lunch for a break from my desk job and walked again at home tonight with our young and lively (unlike me) dog.

  • This one is a little rougher for me. I’m extremely out of shape so I’m going to have to start out slow but I do need to learn to stick with it. Need to not stand myself up.

  • I’ve scheduled my workouts for the month of April which will have to be during lunch. Good thing is I can read and workout my stress at the same time before returning to work. If I am able to walk at home with the family, that will be an added bonus.

  • Did 30 minutes on the treadmill and tried the hill option. That was new…..and good. I also purchased a diary/journal. Thank you for the motivation! It is nice to concentrate on me for a change. Thank you!

  • 1 hour of Kukuwa on Mondays, 1 hour of Yoga on Saturdays. I kick-off the week with a cardio blast and end the week with relaxing activity. I am also committed to walking a minimum of 30 minutes per day – 5 days per week. Wow, I don’t have time to gain weight!

  • Because of my back and hip issues, I have decided to begin with group pool exercises at a local health club. It was recommended by my Doctor until I get in better shape and lose some of the weight. Already called around and chosen. Signing up today. I am excited!!!!

  • I have started walking/jogging outside now that the weather is nicer. I will continue to do this at least 3 times a week, hopefully more. In May my daughter graduates from college with an exercise science degree. She will be returning home and already has a program designed for us.

  • I just started C25K this past week and have already completed my first 2 days. I am committed to doing this 3 days a week. The other days I am committed to working out at home using my variety of cardio DVDs and my Wii Fit.

  • I have a long driveway with a hill so weather permitting I will walk briskly. Other days I will dust off my elliptical. Unfortunately, I have been very sick the past few days and feel my body cannot handle it yet. Hope to start tomorrow.

  • Checking in. I exercised 3x this week for at least 30 min. I am encouraged to read I may eventually feel good about exercising.

  • I am going to commit to doing my exercise DVD 30 minutes a day, 3 times a week!

  • I already walk most work days at lunch 20-30 minutes. on weekends I have a 4 mile loop I walk with my hubby, but it hasn’t been consistent. my goal would be to be more consistent, and maybe even go out at night now that it’s nice and light.

  • I’m commited to go to the gym and either do a fitness class or do some cardio for at least 30 minutes 3 times a week. If I don’t manage to find the time to do this I will ensure that I replace the work out by going out for a fast walk with my bubs in the pram.

  • I have been committed to doing my 40 day bootcamp at Max Life. Then I also go to Gold’s gym afterwards and stretch out and walk, plus their Body Flow classes through the week. 🙂

  • regular exercise is already a part of my life, so I’m just going to try to step it up a notch!

  • Committing to 10 minutes a day to work up to 10 minutes 3 times a day starting Monday(until weather permits walking outdoors with the infant.) 🙂 Whew!

  • I belong to a 24hr gym so I have no excuses not to find time to exercise – will do 30 minutes a day 3 times a week, mixing it up with some extra outside walking.

  • I’ve got the dates marked on my calendar to do some Just Dance on the Wii 3 times a week and will also hopefully sneek a walk in on some nice days!

  • I’m committed to going to the gym 3x week during lunch (my gym is near my work). I plan to start with intervals on the treadmill. Over Easter I’ll do videos since we’re off from work.

  • Walking, Biking, and exercise videos. I know I can and WILL exercise at least 3 times per week for 30 minutes. Woo hoo, time to update my ipod!

  • will get onto walking three times a week, instead of reading while Ben is at tutor, I will walk that half hour.

  • Up the mountain and back down…3 times a week. It’s just less than an hour round trip, but aiming to keep shaving time off of that. I pray that the weather cooperates.

  • Treadmill- Monday, Wednesday, Friday for 30 minutes.

  • done done and done………..after getting back from doing a hour of exercises/swimming in the pool.

  • I will ride my bike at least 20 miles three times per week.

  • Done! I have a nice sprained ankle which will limit me to a point, but I will not let it keep me down! I’m determined to do something positive for myself!

  • I started the million step challenge at work.

  • I’m going to walk 30 min everyday at lunch. Tues, Wed and Fri. 🙂

  • committed to walking 3times a week up hill.. for 30 mins..

  • done!

  • Day 5

  • Done!

  • I am doing Leslie Sansone videos but I just bought a new video to try to motivate me to exercise. I have been working a lot and have been letting the exercise slack to sleep. I am going to get more disciplined about exercising 5 days a week.

  • This one was harder for me. I’m still in the getting started with exercise phase of my journey. I followed the mission and have my next month scheduled for exercise. I can’t wait to be in the I love to exercise phase. Right now I don’t love to exercise but I do like the after effects I’ve been experiencing since I started exercising. They are what get me to actually get up and do something.

  • My group answered the following questions:
    Exercising indoors in bad weather; outdoors weather permitting.
    We prefer to exercise alone or with the opposite sex.
    Our activities will be medium to begin with.
    Our pace: No Pain No Gain; Push yourself and be consistent.
    We will exercise at our own individualized pace.
    If the opposite sex is not available: Use a Playboy/Playgirl Centerfold attached in front of you—that should get you motivated; music and your own thoughts.
    Energy level: some are morning people and some are afternoon people.

  • I have started USING my membership to the gym. They have a Curves circuit room and I use it for 30 minutes a day and try to walk 10000 steps a day.

  • Running intervals on the treadmill for 2 miles = 30 minutes 6x a week.

  • I fell behind with Easter traveling and Family, but I HAVE been exercising regularly: walking the dog with my kids and or husband almost every day for 20 min (since Feb 1st), and doing a 90 day transformation program with my youngest daughter for the last week. I can do exercise most of the time.

  • I will plan my weeks in advance instead of monthly as hubby works different shifts. I think that actually recording the exercise done in my diary (apart from the “exercise appointments”) will help to keep me on track ( “accountable”). Amazingly my yoga workout DVD makes me sweat after only 10 minutes (are you sure it doesn’t count to burn calories?)

  • Although I don’t completely care for exercising, I do realise it is an important thing to do. Interestingly enough, my 4 and 6 year old children are the best motivators and workout buddies!

  • Aargh I’m playing catch up! I haven’t checked in for the past couple of days (though I have read the emails & in most cases I’ve done the steps).

    Anyway, so today’s check-in: I will go for at least a 30 min brisk walk 3 times a week when I get home from work / at the weekend (specifically Tues, Thurs, & then at least once on Sat or Sun – if it’s nice weather then I’ll aim to do both). If it is pouring with rain then I will follow one of my exercise DVDs at home for at least 45 mins.

  • I burn a lot of calories at work (I twist, turn and stand on my feet for 8 hours a day) but I’ve been packing my gym bag every day and going to the YMCA right after work. If I skip going home, then there is no chance to sit down and watch tv and not feel like getting back up. I’m up to 2 hours of cardio plus my resistance training. 🙂 And most mornings I get at least 1/2 hour on the elliptical. I’ve noticed that if I work out in the morning, the rest of the day I feel better. I’m not as stiff and sore as I am on days that I don’t work out. 🙂

  • I can definitely schedule four days to go to the gym (the wknds that my ex has the girls) and already scheduled it into the phone. The rest are going to work like this – I am walking everyday for 15 and at least three of those days I will take the longer way which adds another 10 minutes. This I can commit to, I think if I do anything different I will overwhelm myself and end up giving up. I have my girls and my son with me all the time and my husband just started a new business; many nights he isn’t home until 7, has paperwork to do then, and I’m a teacher on top of that so I always bring home work too.

  • Walking in the great outdoors with a friend or by myself with music 🙂

  • (A little late, but) DONE. I try to schedule my running time anyway so I can line up running buddies. So much more fun to run with someone.

  • Last week, I ran into an acquaintance, and we decided to start walking together MWF early mornings each week for one hour each time. After the Wednesday walk, I discovered that I’d developed HUGE blisters on my fourth toes of each foot. Ouch! But I didn’t let them stop me! They were better enough by Friday to continue our walking dates (with my old shoes), and on Sunday I went to a specialized running to store and got fitted for some better ($$) shoes. I walked in them on Monday & today (Wed.) with no pain! Thankfully we rarely have bad weather here in TX, but I realize that we do need a backup plan for rainy days. Perhaps we’ll walk at the nearby mall on those days. I’m thankful that my walking buddy has been consistent and motivated, walks at the same pace as I do, and has been a joy in getting to know her better and developing a new friendship with.

  • This is where I lose my commitment. Exercise makes me feel awesome, but the minute that my husband or one of the kids need something I let my appointment with me go. The minute my partner(s) have a scheduling conflict, I “wait” for them to come back. Then I switch to morning commitment, and it lasts a week maybe two before I pull “just five more minutes” This time I am making the commitment to walk 3 times a week starting today, in front all my fellow weightlossathon friends, so I have more accountability. On days that I can’t get out, I will Zumba on the WII. I will allow myself to change the walk to something like biking to keep it fresh but I will not allow my need for this to be put behind every other person’s needs.

  • I love to walk when the weather is good. My challenge is in bad weather; I tend not to pop that DVD in. I wish I could become “addicted” to exercising (in a healthy way) like I hear others say happens with them…

  • I normally walk 5 miles per day, but to mix it up I added in jogging & ended up with 12.4 minute miles compared to my 15.5 minute miles, then came home & did the 10 minute cardio work out with my hubbie!

  • I have always disliked exercise, not totally lazy, just haven’t found something I can stick to and keep my interest. And then granting myself that time to myself away from entertaining and homeschooling the kiddos, housework, etc. has not been a top priority. I have pretty severe allergies, outdoors is limited, so I have a slew of exercise DVDs and a new treadmill. So far the treadmill is working since I can watch my guilty-pleasure soap and use a preset workout during that time. Having paid for the treadmill, it must be used:-)

  • I’m going to do a Leslie Sansone DVD first thing in the morning on Mon Wed and Fri! If I wait till later in the day something else always seems to come up. So I have set my alarm on my phone for 6:00am and then I set it again for 6:05. I’m also puttng my phone over on the dresser. This way I can get my exercise in before my 2 and 4 year old get up around 7! And maybe get a shower in too! I would like to be able to do a 1/2 hour on my elliptical by the end of the month!

  • Walking – I don’t mind walking. Walked the mall today with my daughter while we shopped for clothes for her. Walked faster than normal in between stores and then to the car. While I know this will work for now, I will need to figure something else out for when summer hits as we live in a desert and it gets quite hot.

  • May be a day behind, but have have read and made my exercise plan! Will be walking and indoor cycling 30 minutes three times a week. Does trying to resettle ones’ home– unpacking, cleaning ect. count for anything? :>)

  • Done…water aerobics 2 days a week (class) and walking (if weather permits) at least once a week. Have exercise DVD to use when weather does not allow walking.

  • I do 2 or 3 30 minute workouts a week at the gym organised by a GP referral scheme in my town. I’m also in touch with the Healthy Walks co-ordinator and should be starting an 8 week course soon. They last about an hour. The aim was to get out of isolation and meet other people as well as losing weight and becoming fitter. When I’ve finished the walks and it’s getting near autumn time, there is an actual course with circuit training and advice about healthy eating to help lose weight, so I’m hoping to join that 🙂 These are all timetabled so I have the timetable on my desk here.

  • This is the perfect time to start holding myself accountable for my Couch-to-5k running again. I’ve had a goal in mind to be able to run a 5k by this summer but I haven’t been holding myself accountable to work on it and always let other things come before working out. Now I will start making dates with myself instead of excuses.

  • I often do the “I will get to the gym three times this week!” and fail. Child care, unavailable with sick child.. just to busy.. on Facebook goofing off? But a walk I can do. I know that doing something will lead to more things (like fly lady’s shine your sink!) Often I feel guilty going to the gym if my home needs some work, not that I do the work I just sit at home instead of going to the gym lol, But I can go for a walk, I never feel guilty about a walk not with a stroller happy tot and a dog that leaps three times his height when he sees the leash come out. walks are a reward for all.

  • Ugh! This is the hardest for me. I lack motivation for actual ‘exercise’…so I’m going to commit to walking 3 times a week. Also, I actually LIKE doing crunches so I’ll fit in 30 of those a day, every day, to make up for my laziness. I plan on doing some hiking and exploring this summer, so I need to start getting into shape.

  • So glad that warmer weather is here, because I love to walk! Committed to walking at least 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes. I’d prefer mornings, but I have to get it done before the kiddos get up. The problem there is that DH leaves at 5am, and I’m just NOT going to get up at 4 am to be back in time for him to leave. Nope. So evenings will have to work. Also, I’m going to get out on the trampoline with the kids as much as I can. They LOVE it when I do, plus it’s GREAT exercise.

  • I am a regular exerciser so this is not hard for me either, although now that summer is getting here and my schedule gets busier I will have to put more planning in to get the exercise accomplished.

  • Walked another 3 miles and even added a few minutes of running!

  • I’ve added exercise 3 days a week to my electronic calendar…with reminders. I’m going to start with my old standby of in-home walking with Leslie Sansone. Once I’m a bit more in shape, I want to begin doing some High Intensity Interval Training.

  • For me if I don’t exercise in the morning it won’t get done. However, if I do my main workout in the morning then a 15 minute toning workout at night I will be able to accommodate my other family/household responsibilities. Committed to it starting today.

  • My husband always asks me to go to the gym with him for crossfit in the mornings. I know have dates for exercising and dates with my husband! 😀 Here’s to feeling better and getting my energy and motivation back. I know from previous experience that when I keep up with exercising regularly I feel awesome and have so much energy for the day.

  • I do an exercise DVD 6 – 7 days a week. I use mostly Leslie Sansone DVD’s. I also downloaded a workout by Kendall Hogan – “Slim Down Cardio” workout. And I walk.
    outside on rare occasion (I used to walk 2 – 3 miles everyday before we moved to another state 5 years ago…now there are too many loose dogs!).

  • I am lucky that my husband is working on getting healthy and we have started to work out together. My biggest problem is losing motivation. It really helps me to be accountable to someone other than myself. 🙂

  • Oh MAN….Now the time to get serious. My day starts at 4:30am and I get home from work at 5:00pm. Usually get home, change into jammies, and start dinner. Change of plans! Hit the treadmill or run to the pond and back (3miles) then dinner. Family will have to be patient! I CAN DO THIS!

  • I enjoy the most success when I alternate indoor (the gym and occasionally exercise tapes at home) and outdoor cycling or walking. Variety is the spice of life! I think a fitness class thrown in sounds good too. Committing to excercise 3X a week but love it when I get it in 4 or 5 days in.

  • this I got! training for a 1/2 marathon with 20+ miles a week! proud to say I AM A RUNNER. I’ve not said that outloud yet so today is a big day. we started (my girl pals and i) with the couch 2 5K program january 2011 and haven’t stopped since! YAY ME!

  • I am going to try to make a more realistic goal of exercising 3 days a week. If I do more wonderful, but I’ll make sure that I get at least three days in. Then I won’t be discouraged and quit when I can’t do more!

  • I’m already exercising at lest 30 minutes a day, 4-5 times a week (give myself weekends off!). Recently started the C25K running/jogging program, and I’m on week 3. Then I do strength training of some sort on my non-running days. So I’m there!

  • I plan to go to the gym 3 times a week to use the treadmills, ellipticals.. and I’m going to check the class schedule to see what they have available for the rest of the month! Hopefully they have a schedule down (the location is new) so I can make a few dates with my friend who’s also working on losing weight to take classes together!

  • OK I am committing myself to do 30 mins on the cross trainer a minimum of 3 times per week. If I am feeling up to it I shall do more. I have rheumatoid arthritis and find the cross trainer the best form of exercise for me as it doesn’t seem to put any pressure on my joints. It is marked in my diary so we have a date, no excuses now.

  • this is what I have been doing for a week now.. get up 4.45am.. exercise video for 30mins.. strength training.. then I go for a 15min walk down hill then 15 mins all the way back up what feels like a mountain.. but I am loving it.. I found to fit in things getting up early is what works for me.

  • Here’s my problem: I am in the hospital right now with my handicapped daughter, so i don’t have access to my stationary bike, nor my datebook to pencil these times. Any suggestions for dealing with these types of interruptions?

  • Already kickboxing 4 nights a week, but took a break from strength training while building this routine. April is my month to commit to the strength training on days I don’t have KB class.

  • Presently doing Cross-fit workout 3-5 times a week, 15-25 minutes. Will add on some walking/running to get the times up to 30 minutes plus at least 3x/week.

  • Thankfully exercise is not my struggle! I currently use my lunch hour at work to do a 30-40 minute DVD as well as running three days a week. I also love to bike, Zumba, swim and play exercise games on the Wii (I love the Exerbeat game for the Wii).

  • well I am setting up the calendar dates and I hope I will be able to do it.

  • I am committed to do 3x a week. I realize I do better with company, so for one of the exercise times I will be doing a brisk walk with my husband. This is good for us time and exercise. 🙂

  • Once I am out exercising, I love it. But I am also good at finding excuses. My husband and I are starting to challenge one another to exercise daily, so if I get a good walk in, he has to get a good run in. Makes for a fun competition. 🙂

  • O kay this is where my plans always get bogged down. Great intentions, then procrastination sets in. I’ll hve to work up to 30 minutes. my knees just won’t take that long right now. but maybe ten or fifteen is better than none at all.

  • I am already on Week 3 of the Jillian Micheals Body Revolution challenge. So this one was easy! Add to that my FitBit which really gets you moving as you check your steps!

  • I’m committed to going to the gym 3 times instead of 2 every week! I think the 3rd time I will try something new like a zumba class – I keep hearing they’re super fun and motivating!

  • Going to try to get 30 minutes on Wii as many days as the munchkins allow. Thinking I’ll try to go to the walking track with the double stroller to carry baby and toddler on pretty days.

  • I walk every day, for however long I can. I do pilates three times a week. Once I find a job I will join a gym and work on strength and balance.

  • I’ve been exercising regularly since January (treadmill, recumbent bike, machines, etc) at the gym. I’ve been sick for 10 days and now my asthma is acting up. I’ll resume as soon as I fell better. Did walk 2 miles today.

  • I am committed to exercise by walking every day for 15 minutes to start. I will increase the amount of time walking as I improve.

  • Just recently saw a fitness article using a hula hoop…. going to get mine this weekend and start feeling like a teenager again. Time for this girl to get silly.

  • Too easy, already have a permanent zumba date, the rest are easy to slot in! I already love exercise and do it regularly 🙂

  • Checking in! I’ve already been exercising regularly, but will def be continuing!

  • going away over the holidays, still need to work out a walking/exercise plan.

  • I have some catching up to do since we’ve had a crazy week due to a funeral. Tomorrow is catchup day!

  • Cycling to work (30mins twice a week); one dance class per week (45 mins); One walk/run per week (45mins). All scheduled.

  • I have walked 3 hours and 30 minutes to dvds this week. I will be walking more!

  • Ok, I’m in, late but still committed and wondering how I’m going to handle the days I have to miss, but I will find a way!

  • I started wearing a pedometer. Setting some goals to increase my activity.

  • I like the comment…don’t stand yourself up. Will remember that thought

  • Done! I have chosen every other day (rather than 3 times a week), because that is what works best for my schedule.

  • done!

  • this is my biggest challenge. docs won’t let me walk, I don’t swim, but there are so many things I can do, and we belong to the Y. Just got to make myself.

  • Got my swim suit ordered, now just waiting for it to arrive so that I can begin!

  • I will do a combination of Wii fit, walking, and lawn/garden work based on weather.

  • I actually started doing this at the beginning of the year. My “dates” are going to the gym every M, W,F. I sneak in more when I can as well.

  • I only got 20 mins. in tonight, but it’s a start, & I’m committed to 3x’s a week.

  • I usually read this on my phone and haven’t been able to comment from there. but I am participating!

  • I already run 3x per week, but am trying to add weights 2x per week. This seems to be the biggest challenge.

  • Normally the treadmill is my friend, but I’m going to change it up with circuit training.

  • committed to walking 3 times a week, either in the gym or in our neighborhood.

  • Committed to doing the elliptical 7 times a week for 30 minutes:)

  • ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yea…..this is easy! It is the eating habits that I need help with now.

  • committed to 1 body combat class, 1 body jam class and 1 body attack class each week.

  • Have continued to walk since the beginning, will continue to do this adding more speed and time.

  • I going to commit to ride my stationary bike 30 minutes a day, 3 times a week!

  • I do 30 minutes of Yoga every moning and train to run the 5K three times a week.

  • I’ve penciled myself in for Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday mornings 🙂

  • This is the hardest part for me, but I will commit to 30 min a day 3 times a week.

  • I’m going to briskly walk, use my treadmill and stationary cycle. I’m ready!

  • The comment that 1.5 hours would be less than a movie really hit home.

  • I am going to commit to walking for 30 min. every other day.

  • I chose indoor cycling. I have a bike in my room.

  • Dance Central workout mode then wii fit step or yoga!

  • Definitely lookig forward o hitting the gym again.

  • I did choose to take it easy and do a brisk walk and I did walk today.

  • Signed up to sweat in public. Big step.

  • Great.. and again, for me: Dance Dance Dance! 😀

  • walking and I have a stationary bike.

  • I like music and dancing, that is the way to go for me.

  • walk 2 days for 30 min, jazzercise 2 days.

  • Dance, Dance, Dance!

  • Rode my bike today!

  • Dates made

  • Done

  • smile

  • Somebody, anybody, please answer this…How is it that I have gained 3 lbs while I have maintained a vegetarian diet for Lent and work out AT LEAST 3 times a week? This is so frustrating. I am divorcing the scales.

  • Can’t get anything – typed in the right email address and NOTHING….. I GUESS I AM NOT DOING THIS UNLESS SOMETHING CHANGES………..

  • I can easily do the 2 days a week. Now I just need to find one more day. The weather is beautiful – time to haul out the bike! (cleaning it should take a good hour!)

  • Wait! What happened to the 10 minutes per day? I could DO that!

  • I know, I know, I know. This is my biggest hurdle.

  • I mowed the yard today, and ate less.

  • Does shopping count?

  • Were accountable.

  • I´ve tried to walk indoors with a dvd (more than 45min) and it was too hard for me, I will start with a shorter time but I need to do something daily , maybe some dancing! I love summer because I can go to aquagym and swimming classes.

  • I do my exercises 15 min every morning -. I have a personal trainer (my boss is paying it) once a week (but there was a pause for two month – starting again after easter, and I want her to be proud of me, so I have to push up and crunch and swing my kettlebell. And I do my one hour evening walk. I´m fine with my routine. When it´s not so cold and rainy like these days I go everywhere by bike – and I love it!

  • I’ve chosen walking twice a week for 30 minutes and belly dancing twice a week as well for 30 minutes.

  • I like to exercise at home, there are many 30min exercises online that
    you do while looking at the trainer, so you are not working alone, and
    they include warming up and cooling down.

  • (nordic) walking is a good excercise for me. Don´t like to go to the gym.

  • Its going to be the bike – indoor….

  • I’m committed to finding at a minimum 20 minutes of movement a day