Day 25: Equip Your Weight-Loss Friendly Kitchen | 30-Day Weight Loss-athon

It’s time for Day 25 of the 30-Day Weight Loss-athon.

All tasks in the 30-Day Weight Loss-athon are adapted from my 52 Weight Loss Missions program.

Read the steps first, then take 10 minutes to complete them.

Move fast, act quickly and stop over-thinking. Ready?

What You Need:

Step 1

Today we’re going to make sure you have all the tools and gadgets necessary to prepare the food and beverages that a slim minx like you’re becoming needs to prepare.

You may need some or all of these:

  • Scales
  • Non-stick pans and pots (so you need less cooking fat)
  • Non-stick wok for stir-fries
  • A grill that allows fat to drip off
  • A food processor to save time
  • A blender for healthful smoothies
  • Freezable storage containers – so you can make extra serves when you cook
  • Good quality knives
  • Steamer
  • Good quality cooking utensils (spatula, wooden spoon, etc).

If something is ancient, rusty, broken, hard to wash, excessively noisy, or unpleasant to use, consider replacing it. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to prepare weight-loss-friendly meals, so equip yourself with tools that are easy to use and enjoyable to work with.

Make a list of any kitchen equipment you need.

Step 2

Now we need to review the weight-loss-friendly recipe binder we put together on Day 21 for any other equipment we may have forgotten.

Look over the cooking methods in your recipes to identify any other tools you’ll need for your healthful, weight-loss-friendly meals.

Step 3

Make a date with yourself to go shopping – and equip your weight-loss-friendly kitchen!

Bonus Step For 52 Weight Loss Missions Members

Check in!

And you’re done!

Be sure to leave your comment below to check in and stay accountable. If you’re reading this by email or in a reader then please click here to leave your comment.

See you tomorrow!

Michele Connolly

Michele Connolly helps people move from procrastination to action. She believes that taking action on your priorities makes you a happier person. Michele is the founder of Get Organized Wizard and creator of tools for business, home, and personal organization. Her programs are used by tens of thousands of people worldwide.

  • Yaaaaaaaay! I have them all. I have been buying a piece a month of the tools above for my diet! Today and tomorrow I’ll be in a place with an open buffet. And I want to promise all of you here that I will resist and only eat food that are friendly with my diet!

  • I have all these items! I love my George Foreman grill. I use it so often that I never remove it from my counter. Now time to try some new recipes!

  • Time to buy some digital kitchen scales. My portions have never been very accurate.

  • All set with this task! Also, my slow cooker (crock-pot) is a lifesaver for healthy cooking paired with a busy lifestyle. 😉

  • I think I’m okay on this front.

  • Wow! this month sure has blown by…..I am going to miss these supportive challenges. They have been a good reminder for me. I have all the tools suggested just wish my kitchen was larger. They seem to keep moving back to the basement. The exercise is good but it does have a way of making me get frustrated too.

    I didn’t get a day in my in box… I have gone through all my notes and see if I can find that date here to that I can get added to my notes. I was day 22. Maybe we did something adventurous like meet up for a visit, sip coffee, share micro exercises and stories? That could be fun!

    Michelle, thank you for everything this month. With dad having cancer treatments, work replacing reporting systems, and cold dreary days……it has been wonderful to have this motivation. I am enjoying going back and reading my reminders when things get tough. Thank you! Thank you!

  • Hello to everyone: It’s time to make sure your kitchen it needs for you. Items would be: crock pot; pot and pan set; coffee maker or espresso machine; toaster; can opener; silverware; everyday dishes [set]; measuring cup; baking set; canister set; George Foreman Grill; spatulas; wooden spoon set for cooking; healthy and nutritional recipes, etc. Make a list of items you need to purchase. Purchase an item a month – remember to replace broken kitchen equipment. You’re on the home stretch. Five days left to go for this program. You are all awesome. I’m proud of all of you. Keep up the good work and continue to post for accountability. Michele is No. 1 in my book – please take time to check on the other programs Michele has written: go to check out her Design Your Life Program – it’s awesome. And her for Michele’s 52 Mission of Weight Loss program. Good Luck.

  • 1) I love the ziploc steamer bags! I’m more likely to make veggies if I have these, so I need to just buy them instead of saying it’s a waste of $ when they can be cooked other ways.
    2) I love my Magic Bullet blender & need to get the darn thing out and make smoothies again. I was having them for breakfast until it got too cold.
    3) Give myself “permission” to replace something that has been annoying me. 🙂

  • I’m a pretty good cook…at least my husband says so. Much of the food I cook is a fusion between Indian and South American ( think curried rice and beans ). YUM! Much to say, many of the recipes I have call for butter, oil, salt, MSG…however, I have tweaked the recipes and saute in broth, use olive oil, lemon juice as alternatives.
    With a smart shopping list, I try my BEST to stay clear from the crisps, ice cream and candy aisles…it’s not easy I have to admit. But with a limited budget, it keeps me on track.

  • I have most of the items. My issue is just doing the cooking. It is not so much the time to cook it is he desire to cook. But when I do cook I try to make extra for leftovers so I have to cook less.

  • This one is easy since my sisters already call me the Queen of the kitchen gadgets….the hard part is finding time to use them. BTW I noticed we went from day 23 to day25….did I miss 24?

  • I have everything but the scale, I’ve been wanting to pick one up for awhile. Think I’ll put it on my Mother’s Day list.

  • I have all the gadgets as well, I do cook quite a bit and like trying new ideas etc in the kitchen, looking forward to trying new found low calorie recipes.

  • Thankfully have the best blender ever the Vitamix! My pans are getting to the need to be replaced stage, so I will set a date to get a new frying pan or two.

  • I am pretty well set up in the kitchen. I love my non stick wok which I use all the time for my stir frys etc. I love it when I get a day that I can tick off as done.

  • I have everything I need from when I was on WW. Ready, set, let’s cook!

  • Already have the gadgets I need, including my favourite of all time, my Breville Professional Whizz. I make a chocolate substitute with almonds, tahini, honey, carob or cocoa powder and salt. It satisfies my sweet tooth but is so filling because of the nuts I can’t eat a lot. My little Kitchen Whizz almost died doing a half batch but my Professional is like a food processor on steroids and whizzes it up in no time!

  • I have my kitchen all set up already with all the equipment for healthy meals including a gorgeous set of red scales on the bench and my george forman griller is my best friend apart from cleaning it. that’s a pain. I use my microwave a lot instead of steaming but I do have a steamer and a rice cooker. I get rid of yucky appliances etc as soon as they start looking daggy. you need to work with good gear and I love my blender for my pumpkin soup mostly.

  • I just went to buy the scale a few minutes ago and when I tried it out, I realize I was miscalculating my portions. I am sure glad I went ahead, so I will be more careful next time:) I am in the process of finding more healthy recipes to achieve my goal.
    It gives me 12 days to look for good recipes while I am on a liquid fast with my church for 12 days. I can’t believe we just have 6 days left on this program. I am really enjoying it:)

  • I have everything I need so far for my healthy cooking.. I did recently get a Rachel Ray frying pan that absolutely nothing sticks to, I love it! And I invested in extra gladware containers for portioning out leftovers instead of putting it in one big bowl.

  • Ooooo….I love this excuse for buying some fun kitchen items! I’ve been looking at food processors for a while now. I think the time to pick one up is now. I also need to pick up some freezer containers to store leftovers!

  • Since my husband and I cook all the time we have all of the above items in our kitchen already. I feel prepared to cook and eat healthier everyday. I also feel that these missions have given me the motivation to put my kitchen to work for my benefit.

  • OK the only item needed is a new blender, but that is NOT in the budget this month. It’s ok though, everything else is set to go and the blender is not dire to dieting. I will most likely purchase it at the end of the school year for the summer ;).

  • A couple of friends of mine have made fun of how many kitchen gadgets I have, but looking over this list, I have everything I need. Of course, I could use a wok and steamer, so I’ll put that on my list to buy.

  • I really should buy some scales, but I brought new runners and trackpants instead this week…maybe I’ll grab some when supermarket shopping on the weekend, and put them in that budget 🙂

  • I have too many utensils if you ask my husband! A huge plastic box full of stuff in the basement because it won’t all fit in my house! It is time for new measuring cups though, mine are cracking – need glass ones instead of plastic!

  • I have all but the scales. I’ll get advise from my supporter– best daughter in love in the world, about what or which to purchase.

  • I’ve got a lot of those kitchen items. My main too is my digital scale. It is so helpful!

  • This was an easy one for me. My husband calls me the Gadget Queen, so I already have everything I need to prepare healthy, nutritious food.

  • Pretty much set here, except for the scales so that’s a good reason to take a shopping trip to a kitchen store 😉 Or that’s what I’ll say anyway.

  • My kitchen has everything suggested on the list and more.

  • Looks like I am ready with all the appliances and cooking utensil that I need for my healthy weightloss friendly meals!

  • Fully equipped kitchen, had all my tools for forever, they fit me perfectly.

  • I have several of these but on my diet I haven’t the need for most of them.

  • Doing pretty good at this already!

  • My kitchen has the right equipment. It’s my mind & body that seem to not quite be “equipped” yet.

  • Gr8 suggestions, thanks.

  • we have a great non stick pan, sharp knives and an old glass juicer.. I’m set to cook basic and healthy.

  • The only thing I don’t have are the scales. Shouldn’t be too hard to find.

  • I have everything listed! YAY! Love my steamer best of all too!

  • done… I would really like a scale for my kitchen 🙂

  • What great ideas you have been posting! Way to keep up focused.

  • This has been great but I feel like I want to start over so I am glad we can review. 🙂

  • I think I have most of these. 🙂 Now to try some new recipes!

  • My kitchen is pretty well stocked.

  • I’m pretty much set in this department 🙂

  • Great idea I love an excuse to go shopping.

  • Looking at different things to get now.

  • I think I have them all!

  • got it! <3 : ).

  • I think I’m good to go! 🙂

  • This weekend I finished purging my kitchen and pantry of outdated tools and food. I have everything I need to help me watch what I eat!

  • I need to get a kitchen scale. And I’ll be trying to work some new non-stick pans into the budget. I like to do a big cooking day about once a month so I have food always available and can resist the temptation to eat out! I’d love a new food processor, but I think that will have to wait a while.

  • off to get myself a steamer!

  • I have all of these goodies, well except for the quality knives, now to start cooking healthier.

  • Just need a steamer!

  • I definitely need two sharp knives and a good choppingboard, maybe a pan and a scale…

  • I´m going to buy a wok to cook vegetables in a different way!

  • Guys have anyone tried SurelySlim ( It is made in Canada. They say it is cutting edge technology of three fat burners in one veg capsule?