Welcome to Week 1 of our Weight-Loss Action Challenge.

Each week we’ll focus on taking action on a diet, exercise or mindset challenge.
Our goal is to improve our habits so we can become slimmer and healthier.

This week we’ll create a What NOT To Eat list.

My ‘What NOT To Eat’ List

I’m easily confused and overwhelmed, so I love pre-making entire categories of decisions, such as What NOT To Buy. It makes life easier!

So I have a list of foods I just don’t eat.

Not in a weird, Hollywood-diet kind of way. But because the foods on my list are both high-calorie-cost and low-reward, and therefore hard to justify if I want to be slim.

High-calorie-cost means high in calories.

Low-reward means I don’t absolutely love the food. I definitely eat foods I love, even if they’re calorific. Life is short! I don’t want to live on celery.

Here’s my What NOT To Eat List:

  • Mayonnaise
  • Sauces
  • Gravy
  • Ice cream (except chocolate and sometimes vanilla)
  • Cake
  • White bread
  • White chocolate
  • Any chocolate that doesn’t taste great (I will literally spit it out. Daintily of course.)
  • Meat-lovers pizza
  • Thick-crust pizza
  • Full-fat milk
  • Fries that aren’t cooked extra crispy
  • Chips, CCs, etc (except my favorite flavors and brands)
  • Fatty duck, pork, crackling, etc
  • Most non-chocolate desserts
  • Potatoes (unless they’re deep-fried; yes I know!)
  • Cream.

These are not foods I hate. They’re simply expensive in calories, and I prefer to save my calories for the stuff I absolutely love.

Create Your ‘What NOT To Eat’ List

Now it’s your turn.

1. Write Your ‘What NOT To Eat’ List

Start by reviewing your usual diet and looking for foods that are both:

  • High-calorie-cost – it’s only the ‘naughty’ stuff we’re worried about here, and
  • Low reward – if you love it, don’t put it on your list. Concentrate on foods that aren’t worth wasting your precious calories on.

Remember: We don’t want to make ourselves miserable. And we do want to make it easy to stick to this new behavior.

2. Review Your List Every Day

Put your list somewhere you’ll see it every day this week.


  • On the fridge
  • In your diary
  • In your phone.

We want to change a habit so we need to give our behavior extra attention.

3. Check In Every Day

Review your progress every day this week to say how you’ve done in avoiding the foods on your list.

Each day this week you could:

  • Come back to this post and say how you’re doing – it’ll be motivation for you as well as encouragement for others
  • Write a note in your diary.

Also, on Friday I’ll do a follow-up post asking how you’ve gone. It will be a good way to review the week’s progress toward your new habit.

Check in

And we’re done!

Leave a comment below (or here if you’re reading this in an email or reader) to say you’ve done this week’s challenge.

If you like, share your list – I’d love to know what’s on it. I showed you mine!! :)