How To Burn More Calories: Part 2

How did you go with last week’s Weight-Loss Action Challenge to burn more calories when you exercise?

This week we’re going to focus on burning more calories again. But this time let’s look at ways to burn calories outside our workout regime.

This week, let’s focus on burning more calories by moving more in everyday life.

I like to think of this as micro-exercise, or you can also call it incidental exercise or lifestyle exercise.

Whatever you call it, how can we we make it more of a habit?

How I’ll Burn More Calories Through Micro-Exercise

I’m going to do this in several ways:

  • Instead of allowing things to pile up at the bottom of my stairs to take up in one go, I’m going to take them up upstairs immediately
  • When I do my late-night tidy I’m going to do it faster and more energetically
  • I’m going to stop texting when I walk so I can walk faster
  • I’m going to pump up my balance ball so I can sit on it while I work at my desk
  • I’m going to do 30 squats or jumping jacks before I pop into bed.

How Will You Burn More Calories Through Micro-Exercise?

Now it’s your turn.

Decide how you’ll burn more calories through micro-exercise this week.

You could use stairs instead of escalators, walk instead of drive, wash the car yourself instead of using a car wash.

If you’re stumped for ideas, there are plenty of suggestions for micro-exercise habits on Day 18: Burn More Calories With Micro-Exercise from the 30-Day Weight Loss-athon.

So… what will you choose for this week?

Leave a comment below (or here if you’re reading this in an email or reader) to say what you’re doing for this week’s Weight-Loss Action Challenge, or just to check in.

See you next week!

Michele Connolly

Michele Connolly helps people move from procrastination to action. She believes that taking action on your priorities makes you a happier person. Michele is the founder of Get Organized Wizard and creator of tools for business, home, and personal organization. Her programs are used by tens of thousands of people worldwide.

7 thoughts on “How To Burn More Calories: Part 2

  1. Lisa Cahill says:

    A sick child with an ear/throat infection means many more round trips around the house and I can probably do a few tricep dips on the bench in my office… make the round trips into a circuit! Right now finding it hard to stay awake after 3 sleepless nights.

  2. Vivienne Kiernander Hunter says:

    Now that the sunshine is back, the kids and I can walk (kids bike) to the supermarket instead of drive, something I always used to do but got out of the habit of. Now that my foot pain is all but gone, I will also be able to walk faster. Also, I live in a 3 storey home, so I can easily do more stairs at home, just for exercise.

  3. Stacey Laper says:

    Ok, let’s be honest. I have only “intentionally” worked out a handful of times all summer. However, through some miracle I have bounced up and down in the same 5-8lbs range. I think this micro-exercise is the reason why. Some of my unintentional workouts have been a week long move and the new townhouse has three floors which has made everyday a workout. I really do need, at the very least, to get back to my daily 30 minute walk. As I am not quite unfinished packing, it has slowed down and my focus for the next two weeks is getting back to schedules and routines.

  4. Ann Stubley says:

    I can walk the block the long way to work from where I park my car, already walking quite fast around work, getting a few strange looks from patients who think that I am in a hurry, and I can take the stairs each time I go to emergency instead of the lift. that should be easy and hopefully will add to my weight loss, another 0.5kg gone at weigh in after my walk this morning, pity the clouds are coming over it was beautiful this morning.

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