Day 4: Tweak Your Diet | 30-Day Weight Loss-athon

Here we are at Day 4 of the 30-Day Weight Loss-athon. Today we turn to that dreaded downfall of wannabe-weight-losers everywhere – the diet.

Read the steps first, then take 10 minutes to complete them.

We only have 10 minutes, so move fast, act quickly and stop over-thinking. Just throw yourself in. Ready?

What You Need:

  • Blank stickers, or post-its, or paper and sticky tape
  • A pen.

Step 1

Most people with weight to lose are eating more food than they need. Or more of certain types of food.

So our first step is to choose a couple of ways we’re going to eat a bit less for the rest of the month.

You don’t need a strict diet that makes you crazy and is ultimately counter-productive in order to eat less. There are many smarter, saner and more achievable ways to do it – ways that don’t require psychological self-abuse.

For instance, you could:

  • Reduce your portions by, say 10%
  • Reduce your portions by using smaller plates
  • Switch to low-fat milk/dairy
  • Halve or cut out the sugar in your tea and coffee
  • Skip the syrup in your coffee
  • Cut down on desserts – skip it, skip on alternate days, share dessert, halve dessert
  • Drink fewer alcoholic beverages – alternate with water, dilute with ice, substitute with lime and soda
  • Find something you eat most days but could do without, and stop eating it
  • Stop putting butter on sandwiches
  • Add less (or no) mayonnaise, gravy and sauces to your food
  • Cut down on snacks – skip them, skip on alternate days, share snacks, halve snacks
  • Use less fat when you cook
  • Switch to lower-fat cooking methods like baking and roasting versus frying
  • Use less butter or a lower fat spread.

For some people, just giving up alcohol or desserts could make a huge difference to your daily calorie intake – and your weight.

For others, several smaller changes – like switching to low-fat dairy, cutting down on sugar and reducing portion sizes by just 10% – could combine to pack quite a weight-loss punch.

You need to find actions that you can make for the long term – so don’t go too drastic. Better to aim low, have some success and then use that to bolster your efforts, than to aim too high and give up because it’s too great a sacrifice. Pace yourself – you will get there.

So choose a couple of tweaks to your diet that you can live with for a month – tweaks that won’t drive you or the people you live with crazy.

Step 2

Depending on the tweaks you’ve chosen, now take whatever action you need to take to cement these tweaks in place.

For example:

  • Find smaller plates and put the larger ones away
  • Put a ‘10% Less’ sign in your kitchen
  • Go buy low-fat dairy products
  • Put ‘Use less’ stickers on your sugar, oil, butter, alcohol or whatever
  • Find smaller bowls for your snacks or desserts and put them in front of the bigger bowls
  • Cut your treats in half or portion them into baggies.

Check in!

And you’re done!

Be sure to leave your comment below to check in and stay accountable. If you’re reading this by email or in a reader then please click here to leave your comment.

See you tomorrow!

Michele Connolly

Michele Connolly helps people move from procrastination to action. She believes that taking action on your priorities makes you a happier person. Michele is the founder of Get Organized Wizard and creator of tools for business, home, and personal organization. Her programs are used by tens of thousands of people worldwide.

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  • I am going to skip the vending machine and bring a morning snack from home. I will also reduce my portion sizes, particularly when I am eating away from home.

  • Done, the red wine glass is now a thimble this will be the biggest challenge!

  • Actions for today – 1. Dilute my scotch with with ice and use a measure! 2. Alternate with lime and soda? Will try!

  • Portion sizes and the amount of sugar in drinks are the things I have left. I haven’t given up my sodas completely yet 🙁 and even my sweet tea though we’ve cut back still has too much sugar in it. I don’t eat near as much in one sitting as I used to, but I know there is still room to decrease. I don’t put sauces, condiments, or gravies on anything and we don’t fry any of our foods either. Everything is grilled or baked in the oven. I don’t use vegetable oil anymore we use canola or olive oil and I sneak in coconut oil where I can. Desserts are minimal and I am avoiding them as much as possible b/c once I get that first bite of sweetness I can’t stop :(. I also did another little 10min workout last night and I”m proud to say I’m down 1.2lbs so far 🙂

  • I’ve never thought of putting sticky notes on my food to remind me about portions, and maybe use less. What a great visual reminder!

  • Can live without chocolate (sadly) and I don’t need the between meal junk. I’ll eat when I’m hungry, real hunger that is.

  • Portion control – my measuring cup will become very tired. I may be eating a few more leftovers as I will stop eating when I get to the ahhh fullness. No more syrup in my iced coffee – just 1% milk. These are going to make huge differences. Knowing what I am eating, and stopping when I am actually full instead of when my plate is clean. HUGE!

  • Todays Actions: 1. Cut down on Portion Sizes. 2. Make dinner early, ( I work from home) I found that most days I am not starting dinner until 7 or after and I am picking while dinner is cooking. 3. Eat most meals at the dinner table. My partner and I do a lot of dinners while watching TV.

  • I am going to give up all sodas – I drink mainly diet, but the sodium isn’t good for me. I will return to using smaller plates and when I eat out, I will immediately ask for a to-go box and put 1/2 of my food in it before I take a bite.

  • Just got to stop yoyoing…time to be sensible (again) the only thing that does work! Better to be a little more relaxed than obsessive – it gets me into trouble everytime! Yesterday’s task has got me thinking!

  • I have fallen almost 5 day behind. 🙁
    But today is Monday and its a new week. I’m going to commit to the following tweaks:
    No fried foods,
    No wine
    and no Pork or Lamb.

  • I’ve done most of these things to cut my intake, but this post gave me some encouragement to enforce my own rules!

  • I am going to cut back on the sweets and had a few healthier options especially for breakfast. I am going to put sticky notes on the cookies and chocolate.

  • My challenge is stopping eating after dinner. I am a huge night time nibbler. I can’t even imagine the number of calories I can and will save by not having my after dinner sweets followed by whatever else is easy to eat.

  • Hello to everyone:
    Terry Tips:
    1. Your portion size should be the size of your fist.
    2. Drinking a glass of red wine per day will keep your arteries cleared out.
    3. After 12 Noon switch to decaffeinated coffee, etc. You will be able to sleep at night.
    4. Continue to add healthy foods to your diet.
    5. If your eating unhealthy food cut it back and then cut it back again until you can eliminate these food(s) all together.
    You are all doing a great job. Continue to be accountable each day. In time you will reach your desired weight and you will be eating healthier foods for a healthier you. Good Luck to all.
    Note: Should you be on medical diets by a licensed physician please continue them and let him/her know any changes you are making to your diet for a healthier you.

  • I have taken my time today to think this one over. This is where the rubber meets the road for me…Yesterday’s assignment is a new discipline, but didn’t require a decision about FOOD. I know I eat WAY too much sweet stuff. So, can I go without it for a month? I can’t have “just a little”, so I’m going to say I will go without desserts (candy, cookies, cakes, ice cream, etc.)…no matter what time of day I eat them 😀 The only exception might be my daughter’s wedding the end of this month! I also won’t eat after 7:00 at night. I know if I eat regular, healthy meals, this will be easier!

  • I am cutting down on the diet soda I am drinking and not stopping at the coffee shop every morning for a second coffee. Also continue to pass by the candy dishes at work

  • evening snacks (eaten on a full stomach usually) are not happening this month. if I’m not hungry, I don’t need to eat!

  • portion size is a problem, I put together 100 calorie snacks into zip-lok bags, plus I starting writing everything that I eat down, it makes me accountable.

  • Cutting down on treats to 2-3 times a week and making sure they are a small treat. Going to try cutting down on serving sizes.(That will give me something for lunch the next day.)

  • My measuring cup will become very tired. I may be eating a few more leftovers as I will stop eating when I get to the ahhh fullness.

  • I don’t drink soda, coffee or alcohol, and we already use non fat dairy and light margerine, so I guess the only thing for me to do is eat 10% less! I’ll make a sign and stick it on my fridge. That way it will stick with the boyfriend as well. 🙂

  • I am going to skip every other dessert and use 10% less. Its a start.

  • I, like so many, would never have thought to put sticky notes on food! I’ve put them on my mirror, at my desk, on my computer, on my door even, but never on the food itself. Love this too! (And on a geeky sidenote, I was totally giddy when you replied to my comment yesterday Michelle, ha ha!)
    So, I will limit my sugar intake to one small thing (think an individual andes mint or something) daily, and I’m all done with the snacking. Can’t wait to see the difference this month is going to make!

  • Slowly cutting out the soda and cutting down the sugar in my tea and sweet tea. Need to control the portions too so those will be cut down, starting with tonight’s dinner. Also not on the list but what I need to stop doing is cut out going to places to get already made or fast food for convenience. Most of the other things, I already do although putting dessert in a smaller bowl would be a good idea even if I only have some every two days or more. 🙂

  • Get 5 servings of fruit and Veggies a day, not finishing off my kids food, no more eating at desk or while on laptop(mindless eating), healthier snacks, more consicous overall of what I’m puttng into my body rather than just eating it if it tastes good! I put a note on my laptop that I see as soon as I open it “NO Food Zone”.

  • I think portion size is the key one for me here. So I think I shall be finding smaller plates to use at home, and not using my big bowls for pasta etc. That should make a decent difference!

    I already only use skimmed milk, and don’t often use butter, but I shall still make a point of asking myself – “is this much really needed” just to remind myself to watch the portion sizes.

  • Almost forgot to check in! The two immediate changes I am going to make are:
    1) drink more water. I pretty much only drink soda, so I’m going to try to drink 8 ounces of water for each soda and 2) Eat fruit when I have the munchies instead of looking for “junk” food.

  • I usually drink a Pepsi a day; that is my coffee. I am going to try to stop drinking that as it is empty calories. Portion size is probably the biggest thing that I have to change.

  • I put a note on my chalk board for myself that reads 1/2 I usually have large servings now I’m cutting them in half for example tonight I made spegetti and garlic bread and had 1 ladle scoop of spegetti instead of 2 and only one slice of garlic bread:-)

  • I already do a lot of these, & I’m not willing to give up my coffee creamer – I lost 50#s in the past WITH my creamer 🙂 – BUT I can use smaller plates & definitely smaller cereal bowl, less sugary treats & + more fruits! 10% less! Did some shopping last night & stocked up on some produce.

  • I am replacing my sweet cravings with low calorie pudding or yogurt and my salt cravings for dill pickles. They satisfy the craving but are the much better choice. And for those dreaded birthdays with cake cake cake, I am indulging but in a small slice instead of half the cake LOL 🙂

  • No soda and change my morning coffee habit. Also start bringing you my lunch to work more often.

  • I also made notes on my dry erase board on the fridge to remind myself every time I open the door. I’m really bad about boredom grazing. I’m hoping my notes will help remind me not to.

  • I am going to stop eating most sweets. I will allow myself just two small squares of a certain candy bar that I love and a McDonald’s ice cream cone twice a week. I also put some notes on some of the other high calorie foods.

  • Chose the 10% less plus several other tweaks. Added my own NO SECONDS— I find when a dish is yummy – I am likely to take just “a little more” just cause it tastes good but I’m not hungry. Stickie notes go up Friday when we reach our home- still traveling.

  • I do great for breakfast and lunch, but by the time I get home from work I’m famished. I think that I actually need to add a sensibly snack for the late afternoon.

  • Theses are great ideas. I previously have done some of these, but am going to attempt smaller bowls and plates. 🙂

  • Yes, it is time to reduce the amount of sugar and snacks I eat. Good-bye to Nutty Bars every evening.

  • OK done – I am reducing bread and butter, and red wine. Actions: (a) forget I own a toaster and (b) buy an alternate sip for the evening. I’m going to try cranberry juice and soda.

  • I am going for the smaller portions. No more big plates and bowls. Snack size zip locks are the perfect size for the snacks and no more mayo. Mustard is my new friend!

  • Smaller, measured portions for me. I am also packing up leftovers before I eat so seconds are not an option. I’m down three pounds already!

  • Have been a bit slack lately with portion sizes. Will make sure I go back to getting out that little bowl/plate!

  • Funny enough I gave up pop yesterday. No more Coke for me… how I miss you already my love… 🙁

  • My aim is to cut down on the portion of food on my plate and to cleanse my body by drinking water more.

  • Challenge on! Checking in

  • The Plates have shrunk!

  • HMmmmn..k got it!

  • Got this one done!

  • My biggest obstacle is my psychological need for sweet after a meal. Now that I am eating less sugary foods my body isn’t gtting what it wants Most of the time I’m not even hungry. I just want sweet So starting today I m going to thank you making a cup of tea or chewing some sugarlss gum to get my weet fix after meals.

  • Most of these things we are already doing. I don’t drink alcohol or soda, we drink fat-free milk, I use small plates, no butter, no refined sugar, very little processed food and our snacks are usually fruit, nuts or veggies. I’m thinking for this one I’m going to cut down to one cup of coffee a day and drink green tea if I’m worn down in the afternoon (sans honey) and I’m contemplating a juice cleanse.

  • I took a break over Easter, so only on day 4 – but already this programme has had such a positive effect on me– yesterday was the first day in years that I comfortably had NO ALCOHOL, NO SNACKS and it was easy. I had weighed in at my heaviest ever, and had ENOUGH! Thank you so much! The 10 minutes bits every day are really so achievable and not daunting or overwhelming… I cant wait to weigh in next week. PLUS : I put a big 10% LESS on my fridge- to also encourage my husband… TIP: I drink a bit of pink/ruby grapefruit juice when I feel like something sweet- It takes away the urge…..

  • My group will make changes as follows:
    We decided the only people who put syrup in their coffee are Australians.
    Eggs are good for protein, Vitamin C, antioxidant and good cholesterol. Brown eggs are the best to eat.
    These are healthy snacks: peanuts; carrots; wheat crackers and high grade cheese in small portions.
    We will continue to bake or roast our food.
    If you like butter, promise butter is cardiology approved. They have a 5 calorie or 80 calorie. I use it periodically and it doesn’t bother your heart.

  • For this mission I am cutting down my coffee intake to just one cup per day. I will then drink tea if I feel like a hot beverage as I don’t add sugar to tea at all!

  • I really like all these suggestions. Great to be reminded of tactics like smaller plates and less of things as opposed to all or nothing.

  • Evening snacks when the kids have gone to bed are a big trouble for me. I think I will leave around a glass of water to fill (me) up as a reminder. It is said that most of the times after drinking a glass of water you don’t really feel as snacking anymore.

  • I know I am a carb-a-holic and WARNING WARINING -this is a holdiay weekend. I will resolve to have one serving of bread a day, if any. I am hosting Easter this year, so this won’t be an impossible task. I am also celebrating Passover with my BFF, so I guess only one matzo ball tonight(I’ll live!). I would like to also stop grazing all night and stop eating by 7. This is where those sticky notes will come in handy. Tonight will be tough because dinner doesn’t start until 6, so perhaps holidays will have to be 8 pm (or at least one not in my home).

  • I do pretty well at this portion control but do tend to eat some prepacked “treats” that don’t have any nutritional value & so I got rid of that type of food in the house today. I also like the post it note suggestion for my bag of shredded cheese, even though its lower fat I still use more than a serv.

  • All I drink is water, so there is no coffee, tea, added sugar, soda, or alcoholic beverages to cut back. I use low-fat dairy products (1% milk and reduced-fat cheese). We use very little fat in cooking. I don’t put mayo or butter on my sandwiches. If anything, a little mustard. We’ve been eating off salad plates for years. About the only time we use dinner plates is Thanksgiving! Snacks are generally fruits and nuts (almonds). It sounds like I practically have this thing down, but I clearly don’t. From the suggestions, what I have left to work with is cutting portions or giving up desserts. I’m sure it’s an emotional thing, but I’m not good at feeling hungry. I get really cranky. And my previous experiment of cutting all desserts from my diet for an entire month yielded a big fat nothing in the weight loss arena. But I know I have to do SOMETHING, so I’m going to try a combo of limiting dessert foods (cookies, brownies, cake, pie, ice cream, etc.) to maybe twice a week (I think right now I’m probably at every other day) and cutting portion sizes a bit. And eating slower to allow my brain time to register when I’m full.

  • For me, it’s about not going back for seconds. I eat and drink low fat, low (or no) sugar, and have eliminated artificial sweetners from my diet. I need to exercise more as well. Great incentive here!

  • Oops, for the post for this one. Have stopped using sugar, don’t eat much bread anymore, but there are some things I can cut. I have just started with smaller portions and healthy snacks instead. I will begin to eat more fruit and vegetables instead of meat and potatoes. I like to portion my stuff ahead of time, so I don’t just start and forget to stop till it’s gone.

  • I have been reducing my portion, reducing the servings of my dessert and find that even with a smaller piece of cake, I feel satisfied:). When I look at the calories of the food I want to eat, I check if it’s worth eating it or not. Example: I love KFC but when I saw that it was 350 calories for just a small chicken breast, I decided it was not worth eating it. I chose something healthier:) I have also switched to dessert plates instead of dinner plates, switch from 2% to 1% milk. I eat Thinsations Oreo 100 calories treats and feeling satisfied:) I avoid oil in baking, I replace with unsweetened apple sauce. To finish, I really enjoy doing this 30 day Weight Loss-a-thon with all of you:)

  • Checking in late because internet was down. But I am back and playing catch up before the holiday. I can do this. Sticky notes. Easy way to a good change!

  • Put the smaller plates on top of the larger ones. Putting snacks in small bowl instead of eating out of the container!

  • I read this challenge late last night. So instead of writing things down quickly, I decided to make mental notes of what I do/don’t eat, drink, etc. What I realized is, that a lot of my issues are because I’m not eating enough. I find myself missing lunch because I “too busy.” Dinner, is really screwy because 2-3 nights a week I’m working so most of the time it’s peanut butter and jelly sandwiches… I need to have my sticky notes ENCOURAGING me to stop and take care of myself like I take care of my family. Of course, this is all with moderation. I know that I can’t gorge myself, but let’s eat!

  • I consciously ate today. Instead of going for the chocolate in the snack box because I was feeling hungry, I slowly ate some beautiful large red globe grapes. They satisfied my desire for an afternoon pick me up and stopped the hunger pangs, too.

  • what a wise way to change a few non painful things you are putting this into small bite size portions thank you.

  • I commit to eating fruit for snacks, only having 1 slice of bread for breakfast instead of 2, and preparing lunch at home

  • Late again…LOL…sorry. I took sugar out of my coffee all together and started using a dash of 1% milk instead of creamer. Still yummy and more CAFFEINE. Whoo Hoo!

  • I have already switched to eating an apple or a carrot whenever I get a sugar craving, but I am starting to slip a bit, so I will give myself permission to eat one sweet treat per week and limit it to that. Also, for the sweet treat I will limit it to one return visit to the cookie bag, or desert dish etc… Instead of sneaking 5 or 6 “small” portions.

  • I’ve started tracking my food intake and exercise using MyFitnessPal app. Reducing portion sizes is a vital tweak for me (the palm/fist guide really helps). I also plan to give some of my great-aunt’s eating habits that kept her slim a try: take smaller bites, savor each morsel, chew thoroughly, and put utensils down between bites.

  • This was an easy one for me. I joined Calorie Count in January and have been counting calories ever since. I already am using smaller plates/portions, drinking more water, less alcohol, less sugar and salt, less dessert. These conscious daily choices have already helped me lose 13 pounds this year so far. Portion control was my biggest thing, I think I’m dong well with it. You can do it too! 😀

  • I’m eating reasonably well most of the time. I lost a lot of weight previously by only eating 1200 calories a day and eating healthy and unprocessed foods. My biggest problem is the snacking when stressed so I am focussing on not doing that. I also have just started doing gluten free so I am hoping that will keep me from diving for the biscuits and cakes. I need to pay more attention to portion sizes too as that may have krept up a little lately. Thanks for the reminder and I have taken it on board.

  • My three things:
    1. I will not eat after 8 pm.
    2. Drink 64 – 100 ounces of water a day (hunger is usually dehydration for my body).
    3. No lattes this month – only americanos for my special treats.

  • I have been using smaller plates and trying to focus on purchasing low-fat items. I am going to try to watch a few other things on this list in the future. I generally only cook with olive oil NEVER have dessert after meals (unfortunately that doesn’t stop me from snacking later). I siimply need to find a way to stop the mindless snacking.

  • OK for Day 4. Been eating less lately, partly because I’ve been sick and don’t have much of an appetite – but hope I’m on a bit of a roll. Actually turned down a treat I was offered today: homemade Oreo cookie ball with cream cheese as an ingredient. I know I would have liked it! Had ONE chocolate chip for a treat last night.

  • I already buy foods with “light” , “reduced fat” or “low-fat” on them. I can’t drink skim milk but I do drink 1%. I have already stopped drinking anything with calories in it. If I want to snack, I pick up an orange or banana instead of chips…but what I can’t seem to get away from is the sweet stuff! I definitely need to cut back on sweets, chocolate especially. I have tried to replace my chocolate with fudge pops that are 60 calories. I will also try harder on portion control. Those seem to be my biggest problem areas.

  • I’m a weight watcher girl so a lot of these I already do but the 10% post it might help. I remember reading awhile back about leaving just a little something on your plate, as a member of the clean plate club I would love to discontinue that membership starting today.

  • I forgot to say that one of my biggest challenge is reducing the amount of milk I drink from 4 cups to 2 cups:(. I love milk cause I don’t drink coffee, tea, herbal teas, pop ( once in a blue moon) or alcohol. It doesn’t leave me with much choice but water, juice and milk. I am giving it a go though and pushing forward:)

  • instead of eating a few pieces of pizza, on pizza night I eat a salad and only 1 slice. I was just full enough and I didn’t feel like I had to double my workout for today. I am so thankful for all of this support and ideas, I just started a workout routine two weeks ago and I am hitting that 3 week slump not wanting to do the videos so seriously THANK YOU! It could not come at a better time 🙂

  • I don’t take sugar in my coffee but am prone to the odd can of coke (not diet or zero) and am trying to remeber to add a glass of water with each meal, have recently discovered my favourite alcoholic drink tastes great with lime & soda so that’s an occasional treat, I can definately cut down on portion sizes, I already use low fat dairy and lean meats, although my diet is mainly red meat so I can add some fish on a weekly basis (just not the battered kind) ;).

  • I’ve been working on reducing portion sizes. The sticky notes are a great idea! Writing down everything I eat is key for me, although I do get tired of obsessing over everything that goes in my mouth.

  • How I plan to tweak my diet: drink tea instead of soda for caffeine, portion snacks instead of eating straight from the box/bag, eat a bigger & healthy breakfast to prevent extra snacking in the evening from hunger, incorporate proteins into snacks to keep blood sugar more even, use small plates for meals.

  • I gave up some big things, but I know me and little changes I waver on. But by going Paleo during this challenge I have told everyone, so I feel like my friends and family are keeping me accountable. My biggest tweaks: No grains of any kind, and no dairy.

  • My biggest challenge will be switching in water for my greatest weakness: Cherry Coke. Its my pick-me-up at work. However if I keep to an exercise plan I shouldn’t need a pick-me-up :-).

  • *using sugar-free creamer in my coffee.
    *picking healthier snacks (fruit, etc.)
    *reducing portions by using small plates.

  • 2 things I’m trying to add from today’s challenge: replacing my regular-sized dinner plate with a lunch-sized plate and packaging snack-size portions of healthier options to improve journaling and to help avoid the ‘must-eat-now’ pitfalls.

  • I haven’t had any pop since starting day 1 sticking to only 2 coffees a day and water / crystal light And eating chicken and fish brown rice and salads mmm

  • I’ve given up alcohol completely (at least during the challenge, drink tons of water and read the calorie and sugar content on juices. I was easily drinking 520 calories of lemonade in an afternoon. Every thing is measured now so I have a much better idea of what a portion truly looks like.

  • When I was thin, I used to eat tiny bits of anything I wanted all day long. Now that I have a family, I eat three meals, but I still want those yummy foods I used to eat. Not sure how to fix that. For now, I think I’ll just try the 10% less idea. On top of that my family was planning to switch to a whole foods lifestyle this month anyway, so I’m hoping that will help too.

  • Hi all, I have started reading day 1/2/3/4 but have not started anything. So I have to say no more excuses. Motivation is what I need. I know it is one day at a time for me. I have tried everything. but keep on failing. What I need to do is start my 10 minutes a day. Just get started and catch up to day 4. Can I say to my mind and thoughts. This is my life and I deserve to be happy and healthy. Not Fat and Flabby.

  • I was brought up in the age of “clean your plate” It has always been hard for me to leave food on my plate, no matter how full I am. Using smaller portions and leaving just that last bite to begin with and knowing it’s okay is helping me move in easier portion control as well.

  • I’ve made most of the above changes in the past several years, but the scale keeps moving up and up and up. Even went to dessert only once a week, but that didn’t help. OK, Nancy…I’m going to have to try your deal, I think. Write it down, and going with more Japanese meals…

  • I have already implemented most of these things…my biggest issue is butter. Can’t stand to cook with the fake stuff. I’ll just have to cut it in half…and not bake all the yummy things I see on Pinterest! 😉

  • Posted signs in my kitchen, in my fridge at work, and even my purse that read “Do you really need that?” Hoping that will make me think twice about mindless eating, and the food choices I make.

  • I am keeping a food journal. I am measuring out my creamer for my coffee. I am alternating drinking water. The journal, in particular, is a new habit I started this need year.

  • Yay! This is a great idea!

  • another great exercise. I’m going to aim for:
    after dinner chocolate alternating nights instead of every night.
    coffee 3 times a week max.
    stop snacking on weekends (unless it’s fruit).

  • I read this post yesterday, but am a day late commenting…I’m cutting back on carbs – grains & refined sugars.

  • One cup of coffee a day…not two. That’s where I start. Sticky note on the butter and my husband’s candy stash. Hopefully, the sticky notes with remind me to buy less of those things in the future.

  • I stopped drinking sodas about two months ago and I don’t miss them at all! But this is so true! You have to make changes you can live with in order to make weight loss permanent. Smaller portions here I come!

  • Got an app for my phone that helps me keep count of calories in and out. It really makes me aware of how every little bite adds up. As well as how every extra movement made also adds up. Thanks Michele!

  • For some reason I feel the need for a small piece of chocolate right after dinner. Even when I’m full. I’m going to stop going for that, waiting until I’m really hungry to enjoy the chocolate.

  • Joine Fat Secret great tracker.

  • I must have read your mind! Just got back from grocery shopping and read Day 4 – just bought some small crackers for my evening snack.

  • Tweaks:
    Halve after dinner snacks.
    Alternate wine with lime and soda.
    Alcohol free days Monday, Wednesday & Thursday (increased by 1).

  • Perhaps I need to pack and plan ahead for my “after school snack” time. That is when I tend to load up on carbs.

  • I actually need to eat more… more often and stop skipping breakfast! Because by evening, I’m ravenous and over eat. So eat small meals and when I do get to the evening meal, I’m sticking with less fat and 10% less!

  • I am a big chocky fan and the last few days I have made one block last and shared it with the family and there is still some left so pretty pleased with myself.

  • Smaller portions, less fat, and less snack—- DONE!

  • Portion control! This is a huge problem for me, so the sticky notes will be so helpful!

  • I’m following another program diet and exercise as well as this.. has me eating the right things more often since I never ate till dinner.. so my tweaking is well under way..

  • I didn’t do so good at lunch but I used a dessert plate at dinner and had a huge salad to fill me up. Need to get more water today.

  • doing most of these already, post it notes will be a good reminder, BUT won a 3kilo easter egg today mmmmmmm 10% less of that wow I can eat heaps ONLY joking.

  • I have a meal plan that goes with the boot amp that I’m doing right now. So that makes this a simple task 🙂

  • Snack size ziplocs work well…..and I may have to make a habit of the smaller plate. Thank you! Done

  • I have a set of smaller plates at home that I will try and commit to using, maybe try and cut out the snacking as well!

  • Just cleaned the fridge. Now the challenge…fill it with fresh foods.

  • I use a sandwich plate and a bowl. My meat and veggies on the plate. Salad in the bowl. Helps with portion control.

  • Already doing some of these suggestions… Can certainly do a few more…

  • I am already on a diet and still working on smaller portions, less fat.

  • I alrready do most of the things on the list, but what seems to work for me is write down EVERYTHING I put in my mouth…accountability to the max!

  • Day Four Mission is done. I’m cutting down on bread and sweets.

  • More water, more veggies, smaller portions!

  • Ok, this I can also do. I will put my sugary candy behind my fruit and nut bowls. I have had the mistake of thinking fat free was free calories 🙂

  • Perfect task for today as we needed more milk…got 1% instead of our usual 2%. So far, I don’t even think anyone else notices 🙂

  • Gosh 3 days in and I am behind already! However I did go for another walk yesterday and I have cut back on cheese!

  • Good tips today! Like baby steps. I’ve done most of those small things already.

  • Doing great! Tracking what I eat and using Weight Watchers Plus Points System. 🙂

  • Had a “down” day at WW. Using all the tools at my disposal and will be working on smaller portion/portion control for day four.

  • I need to eat less sweets. This will be hard but I will give it my best shot.

  • Done – Will rethink what I am snacking on and pick healthy snacks.

  • I am going to cut up some raw veggies so when i am in the mood for crunchy food they will be easy to reach for.

  • going to avoid fast food row when I am out driving and hungry. Avoid the temptation.

  • Didn’t do so well today. Will make a priority tomorrow…

  • getting out my small plates and bowls…………..less is best! 😉

  • I like the 10%less idea….

  • I am going to stop drinking on weekdays and use smaller plates.

  • Already did most of these at least two years ago… got to work on sweets and desserts.

  • Smaller portions and less sauces and condiments!

  • sticky notes done! I’m going to try the chromium tablets as well for my sugar cravings.

  • portion sizes and stopping the snack foods are what I’ll try.

  • Mine is to stop eating/buying desserts!!!!!!!

  • its the snacking when I get home from work, before I make dinne, that I need to cut out.

  • I’m cutting back on my Dr Pepper and adding water and a good breakfast

  • smaller plate coming up! I do alot of the other things already.

  • Well, I have started some of these, I guess I will have to add a couple more! =)

  • ok…I will watch my portion sizes and cut back on snacks.

  • Mine would have to be less pop and less mindless snacking.

  • I really got a lot out of mission number 3, I believe this will help me a great deal.

  • I need to stop buying junk at work. Take my own snacks. That is my goal.

  • This one seems do-able. Thanks for the tips.

  • A little at a time – I can do this!

  • Dessert is my friend and my enemy!

  • Now to keep going with this:-)

  • Already done but good to see I’m on right track 🙂

  • Cutting out the late night snack.

  • We are accountable.

  • Simple enough -done!

  • This sounds like a plan!

  • Checking in!

  • I can do this!

  • 10% less

  • 🙂 done

  • done

  • So much of this I am already doing….bake or broil, no sugar but I do use a lot of artificial sweeteners, never use gravy and I have been drinking skim milk for years. I fall down on the desserts because if I eat one bite I will eat the whole cake…switch has been to keep fresh fruits in the house and only dark chocolate Dove squares, it’s hard to eat more than 2 dark chocolate pieces. I also bought a kitchen scale last week so I could get a better visual of what a realistic portion size should look like. I like the idea of luncheon plates too, especially since I am one of those kids who was forced to clean her plate at every meal.

  • For me, diet isn’t really the problem. I eat well. Don’t drink often. My problem is that I need to find something to keep my hands occupied when I finally hit my “down time” in the evening. After the kids are in bed, and the dinner dishes are done. When I sit on the couch to relax and watch a show or the news, I inevitably grab something to much on. Last night it was pistachios. But it might be pita chips, or Twizzlers, or popcorn ( the whole bag of micro popcorn, because those mini bags never make it out of the micro unburned!). Should I take up knitting?

  • Wow, mebbe I’m doing better than even I thought. After reading thru this mission, I realized I’ve been doing most of what was suggested. However, looking back, the one that stands out the most to me is that I noticed that I had begun drinking more carbonated beverages than I need to during lunch so that is where I’m starting. No more soda’s for me (diet or otherwise)! I do my best to get in 2 litres of water a day so I’ll have to increase my water consumption to replace the soda at lunch.

  • I’ll be tweaking my diet by adding in better snack foods. A soda and candy bar do little for me besides add extra bulk. If I don’t have a snack, I tend to eat a larger than necessary meal and/or snack on everything in sight.
    I will be purchasing grapes, strawberries, carrots, and celery to clean & portion into baggies. Instead of ranch dressing, I’ll pair my celery with peanut butter for some protein. Almonds, some sort of healthy crackers, and string cheese will also be on my list of purchases.

  • I am going to incorporate more fruits and vegetables for my snacks instead of cookies, chips or whatever is handy from the vending machine. So, my plan is to designate one day each week as my “freggie shopping day” and stock up for the next week. Also, I need to stock my desk with healthy snack options so I won’t even be tempted to visit the kitchen where the vending machines are!

  • I have a snacking problem! Nothing better than watching Biggest Looser last night eating Cheeto’s out of the bag 🙁 I am going to swap out my unhealthy snacking for healthy options like fruits and veggies! I already watch portion sizes at meals and try to eat more protein at dinner time than carbs to try to stay fuller longer and fend off night time snacking too.

    Oh and what happened to Day 3?

  • I love the idea of choosing something I can live with, starting small and working my way up! I usually try to give up totally the stuff I think is causing me problems, then I gorge on them later. So I will be giving up junk food every other day. And controlling the portions on the days I do allow a treat. Also cutting back on Soda to only Friday or Sat (whenever we have pizza or tacos : ).

  • When I drink wine, I am going to cut my wine half and half with sparkling water…a wine spritzer is a treat for me! I will also make my mid-afternoon snack a healthy snack rather than an unhealthy one. I already bake or roast more than I fry, and don’t use butter on sandwiches, and use low-fat dairy products.

  • putting a use less sugar sign on the coffee pot. Try to remember to not ask for “extra” condiments such as ranch dressing, or mayo at the cafeteria at work or better yet make a lunch for me at night when I make hubbies for the next day. I could put that sign near the coffee pot (set up morning coffee at the same time as I do the lunch) or on the fridge…

  • Yesterday I appreciated the voice in my head…. asking..”what could you do different. Instead of the voice that condemns…. Today I’m looking for the things I will do less of or leave out… just because I can. The ‘all or nothing’ mentality just destroys me.

  • One small change that I can make is to drink more water. I used to drink a lot of diet soda and alot more coffee. I have been replacing some of the soda or coffee with a bottle of water. I am going to try to work on portion control. I just can not seem to curb the hunger in the middle of the night. Any suggestions?

  • This won’t be too hard for me. My diet has been pretty good. My issue is being a “mindless snacker”. So simply, I have very few snacks in the house or if I do they are already are the 100-calories snacks or individual versus a full bag.

  • Portion control is a big issue for me. I think I do a lot of mindless eating. I am planning on eating smaller portions, and then putting my plate in the kitchen so that I won’t be tempted to eat 2nds when I don’t need them.

  • I do all these things and cutting back farther only shifts my body into starvation mode. For me it’s really about exercise and building some muscle mass. @ Teresa, my MD put me on chromium and it really has had an effect.

  • This is a tough one, cos I don’t have morning tea or dessert, live on a dry campus, am lactose intolerant( so no dairy) and I snack on 12 almonds or a piece of fruit( 1 portion a day). Ok I will switch to smaller plate and cut down carbs by 50%

  • I find when I am tired I crave more sugars and carbs, be sure to have a scheduled sleep pattern and don’t get dehydrated which makes you tired. I am still working on this advise for myself.

  • Decided to cut portion sizes for me & DH, use less fat when cooking eg. grilling, boiling & spray fat in a non-stick pan, fruit or low fat yogurt IF I’m hungry between meals 🙂

  • Why does everything just come back to Good Old Common Sense? =) Today, I’m going to skip the Syrup in the coffee and buy 1% milk instead of 2%. Tomorrow I’ll add another small change!

  • My husband likes the sweets and I love the salty chips and between the two of us, we have quite a pantry full of temptation! Maybe the sticky notes will help me keep my focus.

  • Portion control is the strategy I need to work harder on. Proud that I have already made many of the other healthy choices suggested in today’s post.

  • I love that it is a tweak you have us focusing on versus a drastic change or entire food group elimination. Thanks for motivating us so well!

  • Already using smaller plates, have cut dessert every night. Now just have to reduce portion size and stop after-dinner nibbling.

  • Got it! Cutting fat and halving snacks. I was kinda glad to see I’m on the right track with desserts, portions and not drinking! On a roll!!

  • I’ll stop going back for seconds and cut my desserts in half. I know better than to give up sweets all at once…I will never stic to it!

  • My goal is to cut back on pasta and potatoes, switch to whole grains and really pay attention to my diabetic diet again.

  • Thanks… I do all of that and more…. its the hidden calories / kilojules in the foods I like such as beetroot chips that do the damage for me!

  • My sticky note had “Filled with Joy” printed on it so added “and not so much food, use smaller plate”.

  • I think I missed getting Day 5. How do I access this mission?

  • Smller portions and smaller plates should be a winning combination!

  • ok – decreasing portion sizes and increasing water consumption.

  • I already do most of it but I am committing to 10% less of everything everyday.

  • My plan to eat 10% less! I will leave something on my plate!

    Good luck everyone!

  • I discovered the proper balance for me. It’s time to make it a regular practice again.

  • Done. Also, went to the gym yesterday. 25 min on the elliptical.

  • Easy and sane, yes. Keeping smaller bowls in front of the bigger ones is a great idea.

  • Fruit instead of brown sugar in my oatmeal…well ok. 🙂

  • Well, I chose mine:
    – DON’T buy any chocolate 🙁
    – Reduce nuts I eat.

  • Drink more water. I love the sugary drinks and snacking at night.

  • I’m going to eat half of the dessert instead of the whole thing!

  • Desserts & portion sizes are def my downfall!

  • I’m cutting back,on my sugar by 10 percent

  • 🙁 already cut back

  • Sounds like a plan!

  • Great ideas!

  • Done!

  • check

  • did it!

  • 🙂

  • ok

  • snacks at jobs or at home in portions instead of the hole bag… and no money on me so I can’t go to the vending machines! Those are my.

  • First I´m going to organize my kitchen with the post-its cause sometimes I don´t realize that I have healthy food in my fridge and I run to buy something sweet! No more excuses!

  • Bye bye big-pasta-bowl…

  • Fortunately I’m used to these good practices… but I’ve always used normal or big plates. Until now! Ill start reducing my serving sizes as well. Great tips, thanks!

  • oh that´s easy. I enjoy my coffee black,
    ~ püree some potatoes in soups instead of taking cream.
    ~ eat smoked pork chop instead fat sausage… but the potatoe chips…hmm ;).

  • Done. Although I don’t like notes all over the place… 🙂

  • Ok! I want to drink a glass of water before meals, eat slowly and leave some food on plate. Let myself tune into I am satisfied! Less sugar and only small bites of dessert when available. I commit

  • My main problem are cakes and mayo, I like to’ have a piece of cake with my coffe and some mayo at dinner so I’ll try to’ avoid it.

  • Done. Going back to smaller plates, “taking 10” seconds before I eat anything to ask myself if I am really hungry? Will this be helpful or hurtful? Lastly, starting my meals with salad rather than at the end.

  • Done, one dish and one plate of smaller size and one less glass of wine. And no Easter eggs!

  • Michelle

    Done! I am doing 10% less, and cutting down on my snacks and desserts.

  • Rute Fernandes

    Comprometo-me até dia 21 de Março, dia da próxima consulta da nutricionista a só beber água, chá, café e coca cola zero

  • Jocelyn

    It’s very much about the snacks and sugar (cookies /chocolate) for me. So, I’m giving up the sugary treats, at least for a month. I’m also working on a commitment to track my food, because I’m sure I’m just overeating in general, and I need to figure out where and what.