Take Advantage Of Reduced Prices For Your New Year’s Resolutions!

Do you have a New Year’s resolution to lose weight?
Are you setting goals to eat better, exercise more, and get your mindset right in 2013?
Then you’ll love this!
To help you kick-start those New Year’s resolutions and weight-loss goals, we now have reduced prices on 52 Weight Loss Missions for a limited time.
I wrote 52 Weight Loss Missions for […]

4 Ways Your Mind Is Keeping You Fat

Do you want to lose weight, but feel like you self-sabotage?Maybe you do.Maybe your mind gets the better of you, despite your good intentions.Here are 4 ways your thinking may be sabotaging your weight-loss goal.1. Your Motivation Is FakeIf your reasons for losing weight don’t excite and inspire you, then it’s no wonder they’re easily displaced […]

I Don’t Want To Go To The Gym Today

I really don’t want to go to the gym today.
It’s a very hot day here in Sydney.
I feel stressed by all the tasks on my to-do list.
There are no classes on that I like, so I’d have to do my own thing. Which I don’t feel like.
I’m not in the mood.
However, it’s Christmas Party season, […]

Declutter Your Closet And Flick The Fat Clothes

If you’ve recently lost weight – whether through my 52 Weight Loss Missions program, Kindle e-book, or iPad app, or some other way – then you probably now have some too-large clothes in your closet.
What a great problem to have!
So then – what do you do with those ‘fat’ clothes? Keep them, just in case?
What you do […]

To Weigh Or Not To Weigh – That Is The Psychologically Torturous Question

If you’re trying to lose weight, should you weigh yourself daily?Is the bathroom scale a helpful gauge of your progress? Or an instrument of mental torture?For many people trying to lose weight, it’s the latter.A disappointing number on the scale can undo your day, your diet, your determination to exercise and eat well.So it’s worth looking […]

Is There A Thin Person Inside You?

For years I had a thin person inside me, struggling to get out. I constantly sedated her, which had its rewards.But eventually I let her emerge, a process I share in my 52 Weight Loss Missions program.Letting her out meant finding ways to stop overeating.Do you have a thin person inside you, struggling to get […]

3 Life Lessons From The Gym

Recently* I started doing some new things at the gym.
I raised my bicep and shoulder weights in my weights class, and I began doing cycling and combat-style classes to replace my treadmill walks.
The lessons I’ve learned from these changes have surprised me. And I’ve realized that they apply outside the gym, too.
Here are the 3 […]

The Good-Girl-Bad-Girl Diet Dilemma

Recently I tried to give up some of my favorite foods for a week. Just one week. An apparently simple challenge.
What do you think happened?
Did I discover newfound joys of tofu treats? Did I revel in the thrill of a blood-chocolate level below the legal limit?
No. I most certainly did not.
Instead, I became obsessed with the things […]

Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone

This week I’m continuing the Health and Weight-Loss Action Challenge with something extra-challenging.
This week I’m stepping outside my comfort zone. So far out, I think I’ll need shots.
Take a breath, and come with me…
How I’ll Step Outside My Comfort Zone
Starting today I’m doing something I’ve never done before. I’m a junk-food-aholic, but I’m going to eat healthy. […]

I Did More Of This And Lost Weight

How are you coming along with your Weight-Loss Action Challenge habits so far?Are you staying away from foods on your What NOT To Eat list?Have you upgraded your weekly exercise program to burn more calories?Have you added some lifestyle exercise to your everyday life?This week I’ll be focusing on something that made a significant difference […]

Weight-Loss Action Challenge – Starts Next Week!

Starting next week, I’ll be running a weekly weight-loss action challenge here at 52 Weight Loss Missions.
What Is The Weight-Loss Action Challenge?
Each week I’ll focus on a particular diet, exercise or mindset challenge. Because I’m all about taking action, it will be something we need to do differently.
I’ll share with you what I’m doing for […]

I Lose Weight But It Always Comes Back… Here’s Why.

I keep trying to lose weight… but it keeps finding me!Does this happen to you? You can lose excess pounds, but you just can’t keep the weight off?Most of the time there’s a simple reason why this happens.It’s because you make short-term changes.Short-Term Changes = Short-Term Weight LossMaybe you:Go on a diet, drop some poundage, […]

Weight Loss And Being A Good Mother – Can You Do Both?

Losing weight requires a certain amount of focus on ourselves.
We need to make time for exercise, put thought into our diet, nurture ourselves so that we aren’t constantly seeking comfort in food.
But for some people, perhaps especially for mothers, this can feel selfish. It can seem wrong to prioritize our needs when we have a […]

Shock Result! Study Finds Women Worry About Their Weight

A recent study looked at the things Australians worry about – and number three for women was weight.Despite my facetious title for this post, that’s not a shock to anyone. We all know that most of us girls think about weight somewhere on the scale between a crapload and obsessively.What’s disturbing is that for 60 […]