Should you weigh yourself?
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To Weigh Or Not To Weigh – That Is The Psychologically Torturous Question

If you’re trying to lose weight, should you weigh yourself daily? Is the bathroom scale a helpful gauge of your progress? Or an instrument of mental torture? For many people trying to lose weight, it’s the latter. A disappointing number on the scale can undo your day, your diet, your determination to exercise and eat well. […]

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Success Story: Danielle Lost 40 Pounds, 20 Inches, 6% Body Fat

Hi everyone. It’s Kylie Browne, 52 Weight Loss Missions Community Manager here. I recently talked with Danielle about her inspiring weight-loss success. Here’s what she had to say… Danielle’s Story I had lost about 20 pounds a few times in the earlier years, but something in me happened when I reached 79 kg in November. It triggered something. I knew […]