Monthly Archives: May 2012

‘My Idea Of Exercise Is A Good Brisk Sit’

That Phyllis Diller!Yep, a good brisk sit is a wonderful thing. Especially after a busy day, or during a relaxing weekend, or with a lovely cup of coffee in the afternoon.But for those of us whose idea of cute is a good firm body, we need to balance sitting with lots of moving. Some regular […]

Shock Result! Study Finds Women Worry About Their Weight

A recent study looked at the things Australians worry about – and number three for women was weight.Despite my facetious title for this post, that’s not a shock to anyone. We all know that most of us girls think about weight somewhere on the scale between a crapload and obsessively.What’s disturbing is that for 60 […]

You Asked For It: The 52 Weight Loss Missions E-Book, All By Its Little Lonesome

You guys asked for the 52 Weight Loss Missions E-Book, separate from the Action Pack and all by its widdle old self.So here it is!But just for a limited time, as it might get lonely.BRAND NEW: 52 Weight Loss Missions E-BookWell, it’s not totally by itself – the 200-page e-book also comes with the 52-week […]

How Long Till A Binge Becomes A Bulge?

You know how sometimes you overeat? Um, theoretically, I mean? Ever wondered how long it takes for that burger-fries-and-shake combo to turn into your very own personal wobbly bits?
Well new research from Oxford University has found that the whole process takes less time than you think.
In fact, in just 3 – 4 hours a binge […]

30-Day Weight Loss-athon: Winners, A Favor, $4.95 Offer!

Hey everyone!It’s been just over a week since we wrapped up the 30 Day Weight Loss-athon. What a fabulous journey we shared!Seems a good time to announce prize winners, ask you a little favor, and let you know about a very cool special offer.30-Day Weight Loss-athon WinnersCongratulations to the winners of our 30-Day Weight Loss-athon […]