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Mission 9: Fit Exercise Into Your Life

Until now we’ve been marshaling our resources for exercise – getting prepared.

In this mission we’re going to translate our plans into action and begin our starter exercise program – for realz.

If you’ve tried to start an exercise program before but had trouble sticking to it, or struggled to fit exercise into your busy life, then you might be wondering what the fitball will be different this time.

This time, you won’t be scheduling exercise around your life.

Instead, you’ll be taking two crucial steps that will entrench your exercise program into your life.

Even you won’t be able to argue your way out of it this time!

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23 thoughts on “Mission 9: Fit Exercise Into Your Life

  1. Nikki Cooper says:

    Its hard when you have to work around someone else – aka my husband. But basically I book myself in for excercise either before he goes to work, depending on what day it is, or when he gets home from work, again depending on what day it is. He works 12 hour days four days a week, then 8 – 4ish the other four days. As long as I have everything ready to go, then its easy.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Going to do my already planned, but then forgotten, exercise plan for next week and then reconvene. Hopefully this will set the ball rolling and then it will keep on rolling :o).

  3. Liz Porter says:

    Will start the Turbo Fire on Monday and Wednesday and then the Zumba class on Friday nights and then will go on a walk (weather permitting) on Sundays, if weather will not permit a walk then another TurboFire or a session on the elliptical at the gym.

  4. Nancy Meffen says:

    I’m committing to 3x a week Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 9 am because mornings work better and if I have to change a time for what ever reason I’ve got time to do it.

  5. Amy Lee says:

    I’ve already gotten into a habit of doing 30-60 minutes of cardio a day. I will usually workout on my elliptical or do a kettle bell workout, while my son takes a nap. I’m gonna keep that up.

  6. Liisa Jay says:

    My nine year asked me to ride my bike with him to school, I committed to three days a week! Its a 40 minute round trip! Plus 45 minutes of aquafit twice a week! Now to bed so I can do this!

  7. Gail M Helgeson says:

    I have to exercise when I start the day or the day gets away from me. I’m doing it along with a daily reading program 5 days a week. The two commitments together are a more powerful incentive than either alone. Makes for a daily habit that is harder for me to put off than three days a week.

  8. Danielle Desjardins says:

    I already have my exercise schedule. Tuesday- Sunday, I usually walk around 6.30 am til about 8.00 am and then I do 1 hour to 1 1/2 hour after supper. Monday morning, I start later cause I have prayer and breakfast until about 10.00 am so I do my walk later:) If it’s raining, then I will do a 3-4 mile DVD walk video with Leslie Sansone. I usually start my work day around 11.00 am so I can do the mornings, and starting next week I will have more time on my hand since I am finishing with my families of twins and waiting for the next family.

  9. Deb Horne says:

    Well, walking with the boys to the bus top wont be a biggy, and I could take my baby with me too. That first stretch in the morning makes my body feel warm and even slightly motivated, so that before a walk will be good, and then when I get back, maybe do the dance after I feed my baby girl 🙂

  10. Frances Bassett says:

    I have a small problem with this. I had knee surgery done and now doing physical therapy. Very limited with walking, no jogging and won’t be able to kneel for at least 6 months! What’s a girl to do?

  11. Pencie Newton says:

    The recumbent bike will be a daily and I’ll throw in some walking outside when the weather lightens up. I’ll have to keep my own diary as I have diabetes that needs blood sugar monitoring. I’ll do in a small book and track food, exercise, blood sugar and whether I got them done that day…I tend to fall off things.

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