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Mission 5: Detox Your Space

In Mission 4: Choose Smart Diet Actions you decided on specific ways you would eat less and eat differently.

While that resolve is still fresh on your mind, let’s clean up your environment.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to:

·         Take the actions that serve you, and

·         Avoid actions that undermine you.

A little strategic space detoxing now can save you a lot of angst in moments of distraction.

And if you live with others, you need to find ways to detox your space without incurring the wrath of the rest of the household.

So let’s do that now.

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39 thoughts on “Mission 5: Detox Your Space

  1. Dessie M. Stafford says:

    I am going to clean off the top of the fridge. I have some foods up there that I shouldn’t really eat. I feel guilty throwing them away, so I continue to nibble at them. I will not miss them, and I will be relieved to stop worrying over wasting them. I will organize my cabinets and refrigerator to be sure I have and can find what I really need to eat.

  2. Judy Fitzsimonds says:

    I like the concept of wasting food either by throwing it away or storing it in the body. That helps to let go of this stuff. I cleaned out my 2 fridges. I do have to leave some things alone and just learn to manage myself. Having another person to consider is another challenge for me.

  3. Cathy Beale says:

    I don’t have much of this food around (just did a detox of the pantry after christmas) but I do buy them occaisionally for my skinny husband! (but end up indulging as well). If I buy flavours I don’t like that seems to work as a barrier for me.

  4. Amy Lee says:

    All done! I actually did this last night after I went grocery shopping and I replaced the bad stuff with the good stuff. It’s nice to open my fridge and see all these healthy foods and vegetables. Makes me feel like a health nut. Lol I just have to remember about the veggies. It’s easy for me to forget about them and they end up going bad. So, my goal is to eat more veggies, so that doesn’t happen.

  5. Donna Hampton says:

    I’m generally pretty good about keeping my hands off the snack foods and such around the house. Mostly I don’t even notice they’re there. However I do need to avoid turning to those because I’m too lazy to make myself a sandwich. I will actively say no to eating any of the foods I honestly don’t care that much for. And if I really want a cookie I’ll stick to one!
    And NO shopping on an empty stomach!

  6. Nancy Meffen says:

    I pictured the little fat cells in my body as little trash cans and it’s a visual image that will still with me. Then I can think of which trash can I’d rather put the food in. This will work well for me even when leaving food on the plate when I’m full, or clearing out junk food left by friends after a visit.

  7. Erin Christine Ryan Elias says:

    Questionable food is out of sight or has been D/Cd (a little nurse lingo for fun). Not too large of a task as we keep mostly healthy food or “treats” that I do not care for around the house. I also per-prepare most of my food for the workday. Per-preparing food for the kids & I as we travel almost every weekend will be the bigger step. More sleep and more exercise will also be key for me.

  8. Tracey Dionne Gubbins says:

    Have completed not too much in the house. But this made me think. If there is already not much junk food in the house already then why do I have a weight issue. Clearly I am eating the wrong foods somewhere. I have struggled with my weight all of my life. I like healthy foods and sometimes I even enjoy exercise. So I do need to really examine all that I am doing.

  9. Danielle Desjardins says:

    I have chosen to get rid of frozen entrees that are full of sodium. I have stopped eating white bread, but I can’t throw that one out cause the other ones are eating it. I have bought multigrain bread or rye and make everything out of it like grilled cheese:)

  10. Sheryl Lamey Miller says:

    I don’t have a lot of “junk” food around, but when I do…watch out. 🙂 I try not to buy any of my trigger foods, but when you live in a house with kiddos, sometimes that’s hard. I’m not tempted by salty foods, so no problem there.

  11. Pencie Newton says:

    thought about throwing out the saltines which I eat with PB but decided I’d keep them and try to limit the PB. Not much in the way of carbs as I ate all the sweets last week. I’m also a binge eater when I have snacks in the house, for some reason I just buy in quantity when shopping sometimes and then its a free for all. Maybe stress, maybe just spoiled.

  12. Narelle Dew says:

    Our household dynamics means that I can’t get rid of everything. I will have to exercise will power on this one. However I am making sure that I don’t have any banned treats in easy access for me. We are mostly healthy though.

  13. Pencie Newton says:

    Another cycle of buying crap and eating in binge mode. I fell off reading and doing these workbooks but I’m back on to them and see that Kylie gave me a tip to go to. I’ve got to keep with the readings, postings and stop buying crap. Thanks for the direction Kylie.

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