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Take Advantage Of Reduced Prices For Your New Year’s Resolutions!

Do you have a New Year’s resolution to lose weight?
Are you setting goals to eat better, exercise more, and get your mindset right in 2013?
Then you’ll love this!
To help you kick-start those New Year’s resolutions and weight-loss goals, we now have reduced prices on 52 Weight Loss Missions for a limited time.
I wrote 52 Weight Loss Missions for […]

4 Ways Your Mind Is Keeping You Fat

Do you want to lose weight, but feel like you self-sabotage?Maybe you do.Maybe your mind gets the better of you, despite your good intentions.Here are 4 ways your thinking may be sabotaging your weight-loss goal.1. Your Motivation Is FakeIf your reasons for losing weight don’t excite and inspire you, then it’s no wonder they’re easily displaced […]

Success Story: Cathi Found Humor, Motivation, And A Strong Inner Voice

Hi everyone. It’s Kylie Browne, 52 Weight Loss Missions Community Manager here.I recently connected with another of our inspiring community members, Cathi. Cathi is a top commenter on our 52 Weight Loss Missions members’ forum and has also participated in the 30-Day Organize-athon.Cathi’s StoryKylie: I love reading your check-ins for the 52 Weight Loss Missions program. How would you say the program […]